Update on my store closing. The Liquidator is onsite, 7 days a week until the space is empty. I missed the day of his arrival. My female associate commented on how nice he is. I have heard Chinese Whispers about how rotten and evil a Liquidator can be, so I took this as good news.

It was my female associate's day off on Day 2 of liquidation. When I arrived, I met The Liquidator and his henchmen. He had instructions, marking everything 10% off. After completing my task, he informed my department that it should be 30% off. No problem, I thought, I will do what is instructed as efficiently as possible in case it has to be done again. When I finished doing another, labor-intensive task, he shook my hand on 2 occasions. Later, he told me I was too efficient and that he owed me a beer. Then, on 2 later days, The Liquidator told me that he likes my style. I always say "I got it here!" (you know, the place your gutting and leaving a shell with jobless people).

Later that evening, my very reliable associate texted to come to the house. This could only mean one thing, but that is another story. He began telling me what a creep The Liquidator is. It was then that I told my V.R.A. about how Creep treats me.
When I mentioned the "like your style" comment, my V.R.A. informed me that Creep wants to fcuk me. This initiated a plot, to tease Creep. This would be a secret game only my V.R.A. and I would know. This is a sort of experiment of human behavior. By sheer luck he witnessed my wrap skirt blow wide open outside. I was wearing tights, fortunately. Yesterday I wore a very tight, short black skirt with heels. My V.R.A. alerted me of Creep behind me. That was the queue to spray the wood polish and rub the end table, paying particular attention to the base.

this is, of course, to be continued

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It sounds like your 'very reliable associate' is the one who really wants to f**k and is jealous the other guy might. Weird that you decide playing head game is more appropriate than actually starting a positive relationship with the liquidator.
dohKen,not if he is creepy to her.
And is cold hearted to the only employees left trying to avoid going on unemployment.

Wait,he may offer to make her Dept
discount less severe,for favors.
I think it was the after hours " beer"
that is his inappropriate response.
Palm,be careful.hug
You have gotten this far by not
following the others.bouquet
Keep focused on your own plans.
Sounds like "cat fish " for dinners or as we say your acting like a "pick teaser"

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing How far did you bend? You'll be in his dreams, no wonder you say.... to be continued. laugh
rolling on the floor laughing Keepers,must be how that saying originated..." Therein lies the rub".
What color panties were you wearing with the black skirt?
Miwagi.. banana to be continued means it is way past your bedtime
young man.scold
wink but that was yesterday.
You're probably right it is after 8 here. Besides if they were thongs the color wouldn't make much difference anyway.happy place
This blog has clearly sorted into two groups of interests.
Please continue Palm.applause
Ok, Creep was a little bothersome today.

I have 2 days off. Maybe something interesting will occur.
Have fun then,you deserve some.
brandonkav: "hello everyone"(meet us in the USA forums)

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