Bite Me!!

I'm a happy camper tonight! After four very frustrating days trying to download a new operating system on my Mac laptop, I finally broke down and took it in for servicing. Turns out it's pretty much on it's last legs, which I kind of knew but didn't want to admit.

After pondering whether to invest the $$ into the old laptop, I decided that a new-to-me model was worth the investment. It just gets written off as a business expense anyway, but I'm still careful. After leaving the store, a few km down the road I turned around and went back, figuring I may as well retrieve the hard drive out of the old laptop and just buy a pre-owned one.

So here I am tonight, happy as a clam (where'd that come from? how do we know clams are happy?), doing the happy dance on my new laptop, with all my files from my old one intact. Yes! There is a computer god, and he was looking kindly on me today.

I'm just home from a late bike ride, and off to bed so I can get up early tomorrow to take more photos. Our photos have to be in by midnight tomorrow night for Monday's exhibition and I haven't decided which one's to submit. Decisions, decisions.

At least the computer gods didn't bite me in regards to my hard drive that wasn't backed up. I will forever be in their debt.

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That's awesome lady...its always good when a plan comes together and a negative turns into a positive...I recently got my first smart phone and I love it....wave
Hi imp wave I am like an alcoholic when it comes to computers and modern technology, Hello my name is Goldengloss and I am a technophobe.

The information does not go in. I can read philsophy, Interpretation of dreams, you name it , but ask me to learn to use a smartphone or a laptop and the information does not go in .

The laptop I have is old. I keep it under the couch, as the Cottage is so small. I have forgotten my passwords for here, my email, my Blog, and all the bills that I pay online . I am just not a technical person.

I am seriously thinking of getting a new Laptop and would love to get a decent one. I would love an Apple but they are so expensive. Hard drive means nothing to me. I can type, write emails, send blogs, put up photos on emails but not on here which is very frustrating.

I wish you the best with your new laptop. Last time I bought a new one [7years or more ago ] the guy in the shop who is really nice gave me some money off on the old one.

Have a good day Ms. Imp.wave
Imp ~ 'tried to post you on here and could not coz you've blocked people from my part of the world.
Just to send you a few words of encouragement re your previous blog [trolls etc., ] hug
That worked out wonderfully for you. I think buying a used computer but saving your hard drive was a great decision. I hate it when the computer I use every day develops a problem because I have limited knowledge in regards to how to repair it. It's either take it to someone who knows more than I do or buy a replacement.
Mischief - thanks! It is awesome when something comes together and I bet you're enjoying your smart phone as much as I'm enjoying my new computer. How nice to have one that boots up right away! banana
GG - I'm not technically inclined either, but due to necessity, I've made myself learn some technical stuff. My natural instinct is the creative, so it's like I have to really work at switching my brain over. That's probably why I've been frustrated the past few days - I haven't had the opportunity to be creative or take photos.

I'm off this morning to enjoy a bike ride, camera in hand. applause
Kicks - yes, it was the wisest decision I believe. If they'd tried to 'fix' the other one, there was no guarantee they could save what was on the hard drive. This way, I have everything and just have to plug it in to the new computer to access it, or transfer it over if it's something I use all the time.

I really didn't want to spend the money on a new one, but at the same time, putting money into the old one really wasn't feasible either.
Imp ~ Enjoy yourself and looking forward to seeing some of the photos... if you feel like sharing. thumbs up
GG - I'll post them on a new blog. Just haven't had time to write one today. What with a new computer and 3 SD memory cards to download from, editing my photos has taken up a good portion of the day. I still have to send in my photos for exhibition night next week as well before midnight tonight. wow
Oh no! Not another Mac Attack?

I have two laptops. A Lenovo Think Pad I paid $200 for on, and a refurbished Samsung Chrome book I gave $100 for. Both work great for what I need. Going online, email, and basic photo editing. I'll never buy another expensive computer or laptop again, but I do like my IMAC pretty well, but hardly ever use any more.
garlands - Afraid so! I've never owned anything but a Mac, and bought every single one of them from the same guy. rolling on the floor laughing
Miwagi - I use my laptop for my businesses as well as everything else, so it's important I have one that can do all the graphics. I've always had a Mac, and wouldn't trade them for the world. Everyone has their own preference, Mac happens to be mine. grin
You are fortunate you have a MAC. With a pc running windows it is not always easy to swap a hard drive and be able to access it via the OS operating system. MACs are in my opinion much more user-friendly once a learning curve is reached.
cgotwater: - I've always had a Mac, mainly due to the graphics. I've used pc's but not easily or willingly - lol. I feel exceedingly lucky to have been able to save my hard drive. banana
MrRick77: "Funny !!"(meet us in the puzzles)

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