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I woke up this morning with a strange sci-fi movie playing. I had misplaced the remote so the TV was on all night. Work was brutal yesterday. All of the employees are drained emotionally because of the liquidation. I joke about having a Resume Party with a keg or barrel of something.

I woke up feeling hungover even though I went straight to the couch, remote in hand. I was groggy but happy my jaw didn't hurt from clenching my teeth. I was too tired to grind. I get a text from my V.R.A. He was up for the Adult Store and invited me to come along. So excited, he expressed that he should relieve himself in order to last longer. I groaned. I was sleepy and grungy and so not feeling sexy. I sighed and replied, ok...It may be like exercise, I'll get into it after I start...

I bathed and shaved, everything except my hair on my head. I left it all tangled and mussy. I selected a peach tank top and short vinyl skirt in pale pink. Then I dug out a pair of high heal gold sandals. I topped it off with a yellow and purple satin bomber jacket.

to be continued.

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You leave us hanging in anticipation now.... rolling on the floor laughing laugh banana

See you tomorrow, have a relaxing evening. I know I will. hug
Aww. Now I have no one to play withtongue
Ash will be here soon and surely she will love your blog. comfort I'm on the dark side of the world so must sleep sometime. sleep
Sleep well
Palm, is this fact or fiction? Are we allowed to suggest the next scene if it is fiction?
Its fact. I dont BS
I shall await the next installment then...bedtime here soon so I´ll be nice and comfy in my bedcool
Well reading all that i can say very interesting.I do however like how you woke up to a strange sci-fi movie and the way you look in your picture i seriously feel like what you wrote is like a gothic,strange,sexy kinda story being told.I think that alone is pretty awesome.
I like the way the story is developing

@ "I was too tired to grind"......clever.....thumbs up
Greetings Silent
Berry, there are some plot twists!
You go a good thriller....applause


...I need to find a room....laugh
My toy is fully charged
Mine is in a state of disrepair.....thrown at wall in frustration.....when the batteries a crucial moment.....blushing

That outfit is the same one I saw in a sex toy store but it wasn't a woman
wearing it.

Do people clothes swap there too?
I heard it's a dressing room trend when shopping with a partner.laugh wine
BTW I have never bought anything there.
Couldn't even find Roberts DVD set.sigh
Ash, my house is my closet. The guy on the motorcycle liked it
conversing do you remember Map and Molly's vlog lingerie shopping.thumbs up
The guy on the motorcycle found something too.( Wear).rolling on the floor laughing
Your mask and stockings perhaps.devil
If, if you are writing resumes and having a kegger I'd love to here how you all have described your most recent job.cheers
Ash, I don’t know why, but, I’m feeling quiet
I thought I heard someone humming,oh well.
I just realized while driving home it was my phone.rolling on the floor laughing
We were both quiet.purple heart
Hmmmmm..... When should I log in next to read the rest about your liquids? rolling on the floor laughing Sorry, liquidation I mean.doh
My toy is fully charged

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Are you gonna give it to the Creep?

But I do so look forward to the next episode. wine
Hi there.
U have a new nickname ?
Long time no c ?
Yes Snook. I lost wifi for a long time to created a profile for my phone.
Good to see you
Contact me and tell all ?
The weather is warm and lazy. Im enjoying this change, considering a few weeks ago i was cold without a furnace.
Our fireplace is closed up. I'm thinking of reopening it.
I c ur still writing stories ?
Any published yet ?
How's home life ?
Here it is well for the last two months.
Lets hope it continues.
"PLAY NOW: Color Balls"(meet us in the games)

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