The man who did not have a computer

Bob Doesn't Have A Computer
Bob is unemployed and applies for a job as a janitor at Microsoft.
A manager at Human Resources interviews him in detail then asks him to wipe a few floors as a test.
"OK," says the interviewer,
"you're hired. Just give me your e-mail address and I'll send you the necessary documents."
Bob says that he doesn't have a computer, so obviously has no e-mail address.
The Microsoft interviewer tells him that without an e-mail address he virtually doesn't exist, so the company is unable to hire him.
Disappointed and frustrated, Bob leaves the building with only 10 dollars in his pocket. He decides to go to the nearest supermarket and buy 10 pounds of tomatoes.
He sells the tomatoes door-to-door and within two hours has doubled his capital.
He repeats the process three times and ends up with 160 dollars.
Realizing that he can make a living this way, Bob works hard from early morning to late at night.
Every day, he doubles or even triples his capital.
After a short time, he buys a small van, then a truck, and soon he has an entire fleet for his deliveries.
Within 5 years, Bob has established one of the largest food retail chains in the USA.
He decides to think about his future and wants to get a financial plan drawn up for himself and his family.
He contacts a financial consultant and they compile a pension plan.
At the end of the discussion, the consultant asks Bob for his e-mail address in order to send him the corresponding documents, only to hear that Bob still does not own a computer and has no e-mail address.
"That's weird," says the consultant.
"You have built up a massive retail empire and you don't even have an e-mail address.
Just imagine what you would have achieved if you'd had a computer."
Bob thinks for a minute, then says:
"I'd be a janitor at Microsoft."

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rolling on the floor laughing
Jenny so glad to see you are bright eye and bushy tailed today!hug

That ought to confuse our foreign readers.grin
Have a blessed day.hug
Hi Jim, Hi Ash, don't think anyone would get confused.
Yeah it was time to lighten things up a bit here wave ................Jenny
I don t know why but every time i think about Canada i think about stupid people.Why?I don t know...
rolling on the floor laughing Well I am really born in Holland in Groningen

What makes you so nasty? Someone peed in your cornflakes this morning?
So very sorry that was not very nice wave
Prichino.......... So Canadians are stupid people?
Shame on you, they did liberate the Dutch from the war with Germany remember?.
They are the reasons that you are living in freedom today.
Great story! I found the moral of this story is stay away from Microsoft and buy a MAC! :)
Jenny,I was referring to my comment to you.."bright eyed and bushy tailed."
That probably doesn't Google translate
well.rolling on the floor laughing
Well it looks like this Dutch knockelhead has shut up rolling on the floor laughing
Yeah he forgot that those "Stupid" Canadians are the reason he is living in freedom today.
Cgotwater glad you like the story but don't agree to not buy Microsoft
I am still using Microsoft 7 until I can't anylonger
Why do you think Mac is beter? wave Jenny
Ash I have no problem understanding about this busy tail etc rolling on the floor laughing
Have not heard it for a while until you came out with it.
Oh and yes I am bright and busy tailed these days
Hubby is home but in bed after the operation where they took the whole gallblader wave
BC ~ Wow I really enjoyed that story.
I recently wanted to join a Bank. I had been in a Credit union, where you give in cash, and they give you a receipt from their computer but you don't have to have a computer to go there.

IF you like you can do online banking with them, but with the Credit Union, you can actually save, get a loan and still not have a computer.

Now I wanted to get myself a Debit Card, so I went to about half a dozen banks. Not one would take me unless I had email. At the time, I was saving up for some Dental work and had quite a few bob to lodge.

Most of the newer banks here don't even deal with Cash.
I think it is getting hard for elderly people who are astute, intelligent but not interested in having a computer. Believe me, there are many.
Banking is becoming a nightmare and in some ways we are being forced to have a Computer of some sorts.

Why? My email is 50% people trying to sell me something. laugh

It's one thing having a laptop because you want one, but not because you have to have one. It is also necessary to have a mobile phone or smartphone now as the hospital appointment reminders are all texted.
So, I wish i could live off the grid like that great man, and I am t aking it as a true story ?
GG. These days I don't like phoning it is a real pain.
We have a land line only and often have to fill in a mobile number so I give them my land line number to get them of my back.
No printer, got rid of it as I was fed up buying the ink.
Dealing with a credit union as we share in the profets, I also do online banking.
Don't know if this story is true but love it wave Jenny

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