Been thinking, again

Yes, it’s true. I’ve been thinking again. The word Karma has been on a few blogs. Although I am not waiting for someone to feel the impact of their actions, I have to ask “what have I done to arrive at this most desperate situation?” Lol. I haven’t any idea. I should have murdered someone or something to be livin’ This dream.

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Have you ever done charity work ? Like helping out in a kitchen that feed the not so well off. Maybe your life might not be as bad as you think when you see what others are going through. Also a complete change of life style and place can also uplift your spirit. Karma is something you actually have control over. Eg clothes you wear, things you do, the style of yourself that you project towards others etc. Maybe try something like a happy photo on your profile ?
rolling on the floor laughing A happy photo. rolling on the floor laughing
Dears,I have seen hers and it IS
dazzling.head banger
you're so nice, Ash kiss
Good question, Palm.
Or, "we attract what we are". laugh
i attract men with no income or home or ethics or honor...yeah, single for life now. no prob.
That is true Ash. I can remember from couple years ago when Palm had different pics up. I just feel a different vibe radiating from you now Palm. hence my comment. Only being caring that's all.
If I give you an exercise will you promise to try it Palm? wave
It's not karma....bad luck happens to all of us. Some we cause ourselves and some just happen without any contribution from us. Wish good luck to come your way soon as you surely had endured enough crap over the last couple of months.
Karma is misunderstood. It’s not an eye for an eye. It’s about what we attune to, mostly on a subconscious level.

A feeling of guilt, for instance, may bring some “punisher” to come in. Since subconsciously we feel that the guilty need to be punished.

Thank gawd the lovely Lady Gypsy is back.
We've all been needing more Ginger in our diet. ( Especially me kiss love )
Doc!! *tingles

smitten kiss
That's the early seeds of your undying love for me Gypsy.
Soon it shall burst from your chest like that scene from Alien.
Palm, being attracted to the same type over and over again is not karma. It is simply not learning from past mistakes, and thus repeating them.

Decide what you want, and what you don't want, and then don't accept anything less.
Welcome back, Gyp wink
Doc, these seeds are long past sprouting. smitten There are shoots and buds and everything!

Hi, Molly!wave cheers

Take two asprins and get some rest...tomorrow is a brand new not be hard on yourself...


You're strong Palm.

...and a survivor.

With all your trials and tribulations, you've been able to hold down a job, albeit the demise of your current employment which was though no fault of your own. There are many people who, in similar circumstances would be unable to do just that.

Give yourself some credit girl.....hug
*snif* *snif* I thought I smelled smoke! j/k

Just kidding around. Sometimes it does feel like we're under an endless black cloud, but somewhere in this is a silver lining for you. You probably won't recognize it until this is all over, but I'm positive there will be one for you. It sounds like you've been through the wringer, and still going through it. Kudos to you for your honesty and how hard this is for you. I hope the support you've received here helps ease a little of the stress. bouquet
I'm glad you'd been thinking, it made me do the same and I've read Keepers on Karma, need to reply to that but yes, we are the architects of our own misfortune.
But should we see it as misfortune or another learning opportunity? I choose to be positive and not let outside influences mess up my day.
Dont let those kinda garbage guys into your done with the users.
I've been thinking about the same thing just the other day...
I haven't seen a blog from you for sometime.dunno Hope it's just that you don't have internet again and everything else is okay with you.heart wings

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