Anti Trump

There are so many unpleasant words said to describe about us who are Trump supporters, yet the worse is from that of Hillary Clinton, "basket of deplorables".

Does it matter? I don't care what they call us, so for those of you on here that are anti Trump, have fun calling us anything, he is our President until he is impeached or voted out from office.

So suck it!cheers


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Absolutely true! Hold your course,... he is in general doing a good job and tries to keep his promises... some of his predecessors did forgot that just after their election.
Dont let them bother you!
Best regards to you!
GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP.............................
Thanks Swiss.handshake
Ted, thank you.handshake
My friend! I believe President Trump is doing a good job! Much better than some of his predecessors!thumbs up thumbs up
Thanks Jim.wave
Yep C.wave
At the rate he is going, it might not be that long before he is impeached or resigns. So far he has done everything that the other party has done and faced the same thing. I think that soon it will be demanded that equal justice for all perpetrators be used.

On a new note, I have heard the author also berate and call names to those that she is now complaining about. The bottom line is people in glass housed shouldn't throw stones. I also believe that intelligent response is always welcome. We must all agree to disagree.
Yes I have. I'm not saying I can't say what I want when I need to defend him.

You're on my blog, say it in my face.
Agree to disagree. Fair enough.
Trump was chosen to lead the country. he won, you don't like it tough beans. the people have spoken. he is doing great if only the demoncates wake up and help run the country instead being obstructionists.
Lindsay , good day to you. Many people are either pro or against. There just seems to be so much name calling when somebody says something against Trump. Even if it is just that they would not vote for him.

As for Hilary Clinton. I rarely use the world Evil but I use it here. Get what I am saying ?

God bless and wishing U.S. well as it is the Superpower and we need a good brain and a stable personality to run such a huge stress filled job.

Melania is one of my favourites. I love her style, her clothes, she is very very chic. I know this is not that important, but in my books, she is every bit as beautiful as Jackie Kennedy. She has her own style.

Dear Lindsy, I'm really glad to hear that. Yes, I know that we are at the opposite politically but being an intelligent adult will do more for your side than all the false claims and name calling could ever do. If you think that something is unfair or just plain untrue, the give real reasons why you think so. I truly love intelligent and respectful debates. . . . cheers . . . handshake
Absolutely John.

If they care about our country, they should cooperate.
Thanks GG and I do get what you are saying. I sometimes can't help but being bitter on how we are treated and respond in the same fashion of name calling. I must learn to avoid that.

I love Melania, too.

I have hope that he will be able to finish his term and even be reelected.teddybear
You are right Grouch and I agree with you wholeheartedly.handshake
wave linds!

This is your blog; you may take it where you will.
But may I suggest you herewith invoke 'The Hitler Rule Of Political Discourse'.

To wit -

"The first side to mention 'Hitler'...automatically loses." moping

I reckon that alone would raise the civility bar a few notches.

If more people would stand behind Mr. Trump instead of accusing him of things he never been guilty off, things would progress.
Trump IS is president so work with him not against him............
I believe there are some, no name mentioned, who are out to destroy this man.
Hate, revenge etc. wave Jenny
Mic, absolutely. My intentions are clear Mic. It is as it is. Nothing can change the fact that we voted for the most needed and capable president. If he is going to be impeached for heaven's sake get on it already. I am so sick and tired of the media, commentators repeating the same words over and over again. geesh.

Enough already.

I love him as a leader, no matter his fault.
Exactly Jenny. So many are so anti American Jenny and they are capitalizing on this to have our country sink to the

No foreigner is making Trump presidency sink to the bottom...Trump did it by himself along with American citizens who voted for him...other countries are cringing at his own words not biased media...Fox news was friendly towards Trump but it is unlikely they can keep it up...just to let you know...if Trump made good on the promises such as Healthcare for all and good paying jobs...then maybe I would say good job...he sold out to the big companies such as the pharmaceutical companies not to mention flip flopping on abortion right to gain those evangelical republicans...

Green technologies is another area where he could have created new jobs and promised training for those in the coal mining industry who lost jobs...instead he touted clean coal and forgot that other energies out there are less expensive and better for the environment including the health of the workers...

Having sex with Stormy or the other affairs just show us who he really is...paying off people...allowing Cohen to become cannon fodder...the list goes on...too much chaos for making America the priority...alledged shady deals with the Russians...pee gate...

Make America dull again would be a welcome relief to people...and no more tweets would help...

Lou, we are aware of his imperfections and we voted for an actual imperfect human being, not a saint. Ok he had sex with multiple women or so many women, for heaven's sake are you that naive? Everyone does. Now if it is a rape that is a different story. That woman, Stormy knew what she was getting into. It is not like she was force to have sex with him, is it?

Clinton was accused and impeach for worst situation so leave that to the beaver will you?

He is doing a good job and you can't simply ignore the progress he has made. Listen to his SOTUA and don't pick and choose what serves your anti Trump propaganda, will you?
Trump impeachment, Linds...

A couple weeks ago, a thought just popped into my head...
If this year's mid-terms result in a Repub House & Senate, OJ will simply arrange for Mueller to be canned...let the chips fall where they may.
And since Repub control would essentially take impeachment off the table, there would be no chips!

Then I rethought it.
OJ would be a fool to get rid of Mueller.
Here's why...

He and the whole Russian thing is a fiasco.
The conclusion - repeatedly: No Collusion.
Even Mueller isn't really looking into that anymore.

It's become an albatross around the Dems' neck.
It's a distraction for them; it's an issue Repubs can exploit - and already are for the mid terms.

And the Dems cannot rid themselves of it.
It's like a political Vietnam. They can't win. And they can't quit.
A quagmire, if you will.

It's going nowhere - they can't win.
They can't quit - it'd de facto admission that it's always been what OJ has said it is...
A 'quiet coup'. 'Political jihad'. 'A witch hunt'. 'An attempt to overturn the results of a duly constituted election as is done in banana republics'.

Those phrases aren't mine.
They're being floated by cons & Repubs to rally their base for the mid terms.
And I suspect they're getting traction with 'em.
Dems may get blood bathed at the ballot box. Again.
We'll know more the 2nd week of November.

If the ploy works...
All OJ/Rpubs need do is leave that albatross around the Dems' necks and continue to beat hell outta 'em to get OJ his 2nd term.

That scenario seems well orchestrated for the reelection then Mic?

I love it. Wow, that is actually giving me a better light that illumines our future, isn't it?
John keep them coming. I love Janine...More power to people that are as smart as her. She is the best.

I will not take your word for about some stats...just because Clinton was a naughty man does not make Trump'so actions okay...remember a piece of work...a cheater making Clinton pay for his indiscretions... laugh

How many lawsuits can a president have?...what about Trump University? seem to have amnesia...Trump is a well known snake oil salesman in New York...and remember Trump mudd slinged way before others...lock her up...ring a if you do not like the heat Trump quit whinning...fake media...witch hunt...not to mention inviting Clinton's accussers during the debate...Trump is fair game...he is most definitely the most unstable President to date...

I doubt he wanted the Presidency...he was just wanting to show Obama his rath...thin skinned tv reality showman that he is...he wants loyalty...why else make the Presidency a family affair?...and respects dictators...hmmm...

Enjoy your fantasy...

Enjoy your witch hunt, that is our Lou. lol...It is the leftist Dems that are investigating right?

You are now confused Lou. Nevertheless your wishful thinking of him being impeached or voted seems to be a hopeless case. Have you read Mic's post?

Enjoy yourself being miserable while is our President
trump will be pres for another term no doubt about it. let the good times roll.
LJ, If you think Trump as your hero, then so be it...No politicians are my hero, but I tell you who my hero is? My dad...yes he and my mum brought me up to be the man I am....

A politicians why has always what I say and not what I do...One rule for them and another for us...You see the law always protects the law people like Bush and blair never will spend time behind bars for their war crimes, because too many other have their hands soaked with the blood of innocents

How funny it is, that we vote for these people, but never get a vote on important issues, such as going to war and immigration...they treat us like fools and they think we don't see through their lies, their fake news, their PC speech etc

People in the UK voted for Brexit, but may stalls and stalls...she is one of the globalists and don't want the UK to leave the European union...They talk about their agenda in secret societies...they are all members and secretly all agree on the globalists plans

Your English is a second language so I forgive you for not understanding the depth of my comments...

Enjoy your fantasy...

That is the spirit John. Let him be.. So suck it.
Lee that is very nice of you to consider your dad as your hero. More power to him.

I am considering Trump as my hero because of the things he has done to a country that has almost lost its luster and trying to gain it back is a very strong reason for me to call him my hero.

I admit he is not perfect but he is good enough for the job that is so hard to do.

I am very proud of his accomplishments.
Lou, lol...whatever is your fascination of the fact that my English makes me incapable of understanding you is so inane. I think I can say that I can write better than you and can understand everything you say. You are standing in the exact opposite of my fence and English has nothing to do with my understanding of your statement or opinions. You have always been opposed to Trump and that is a fact. So don't make any excuses that I don't understand you because of my poor use of English. You are so ridiculous. And stupid for saying that.
Thank you for this blog representing your support for our President
Under the obama administration our country has taken a nose dive straight into the gutter!
Never have i seen such blatent disrespect nor ressistance to any POTUS besides Trump
The very ones causing the opposition are the ones destroying and dividing our country! On the left it seems anything goes and they hate when anyone disagrees with their destructive agenda! ! These decency loathing hatemongers are in a speeding hurry to see our country go further into the garbage dump that the obama administration took us in for
8 yrs so now they hate Trump for standing up for whats right! They are just mad because now we have someone in office who puts AMERICANnnnnns 1st!!!!!
...And that makes them sooooo angry :) If Dems are going to talk about impeachment they should have pursued adulterer Clinton for getting a bj from Monica lewinski and LIED about it WHILE IN OFFICE
when he should have been running our country! Dems are so thirsty to get rid of Trump that they 're delussional and obsessed with finding anything wrong even if it doesnt exist! He is in office so deal with it! If you dont like nor support your own President then why dont the anti-American complainers just get out & blow yourself at rocket speed out of this country along with Stormeeeee Daniels to the nearest dump your trying to see our country rot in !.. Republicans are tired of your tantrums . Its not the Repulicans fault that your beloved crooked hillary lost the election because her lack of honesty.. ( too bad so sad :) get over it

Trump is doing an Excellent job
Rebuplicans we need to continue to support Trump and speak up against these haremongers who will do and say anything against against Trump just to make themselves feel better! I guess losing has been a hard pill for them to swallow

Pink good morning from California.

You couldn't have said it any better.

Hear that Anti Trumpers?

Thank you for saying it as it is.teddybear
a** kissing is so blase...the real truth hurts...teddy bear kisses won't make the truth go away...why don't you leave it up to the white grey men...after all they are representing America are a minority so in their do not count...keep America white...might be the slogan for 2020...your Christian roots won't save you...the real truth is that Trump does not are cannon fodder to him...greed is king...

Lou first of all, why are you here on blogs when in fact you accuse me of not understanding you because of my English language deficiency?

Second, you never read any valid points we, the supporters have and you insist on your own bias and prejudices. Which to me is so ridiculous because you are not even an American? Or are you pretending to be a Canadian when in fact you are actually an American? I told you before that your opinions are just that, OPINION. Which doesn't count. Now if your wealth and investments are affected by our policies initiated by the Trump administration, that is understandable.

Blog about your politics. Don't be participating on my thread or blogs anymore because you have the audacity to insult me by claiming that I have a poor command of English.

Now do I make myself clear? Or you don't understand this comment because of poor English writing structure?
I am not a kiss a** person. You should know by now that I don't kiss nobody's a**. How long have you known me? If anything I am a very astute person in my belief and the values I stand strong. One of which in supporting Trump not to let any Muslim come to my country. I am not racist as you claim, I am only exercising my option to protect me and my family as countrymen as well since only the Muslim are the ones that openly want to kill all Americans. Having said that, I am not discrediting the fact that there are so many good muslims out there. 2 billion and 10 percent openly claim to want to kill us. Do we know who is who? Of course not. Now don't tell me that my explanation doesn't suit your high standard of expressing the English language. Accusing me of having a poor command when in fact I find you very stupid in not understanding what I am saying.

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