Anti Trump

There are so many unpleasant words said to describe about us who are Trump supporters, yet the worse is from that of Hillary Clinton, "basket of deplorables".

Does it matter? I don't care what they call us, so for those of you on here that are anti Trump, have fun calling us anything, he is our President until he is impeached or voted out from office.

So suck it!cheers


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Wow, 10 full pages on what's good and what's bad about Mr. Trump. This guy must have really many good as well as bad qualities with so many pages...laugh bouquet
For as long as he's sitting in the WH, yes Luke it might go on forever. wave
Oh yeah, Judge Janine just put the loony Democrats in their corner last night. Obama, shame on you, she said that right up to his a** on defending his failure to do good for the American people during his reign.
Why do you need so many blogs about Trump?

Why can't you discuss the same ole same ole shit on one blog?

Do bloggers win a prize for blogging about nothing?
They've got some elections coming up in Lindsyland, Merc. I think they are desperately trying sway opinions.
Harb you only have to read Trumps embarrassing tweets.

Yes the economy is so great..The rich received a tax break..Jobs went to some and many jobs were lost where he stuffed up with he's trade deals.

He's a sleaze bag to he's wife and other woman and the list goes on.
You don't have to convince me, Merc, I know what he is.
Thing is I don't try and convince people because my country is sane we mind our own business and vote quietly..I wouldn't have a clue who my family or my mates vote for..It's our way of blissful life.
Joe and Hillary are out campaigning , do they not know their kind were rejected last time . They will be the best team to make damn sure GOP retains the house . There is nothing like reminding people of what an uncharismatic crook of a candidate Hillary was to get the voters out . Maybe the both of them will be running in 2020 .

standing by for Trumps tariff announcement ...........
Who knows why Americans do anything, Merc. dunno
Because i can. There's so many issues that concern the world right now, all major ones and they affect the world. Trump us the center of it.

No there's no prize.
Really, ever seen how many books are written about Hitler, Mao, etc.etc. Not many spoke about the good siderolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Let's face it, Trumps sycophants all follow lies without a clue, more Republicans believe lies than Democrats, kind of explains the state of the USA today.
This makes for interesting reading, not sure of the validity, but certainly makes a lot of sense.
Good morning everyone. Morning Ray. wave

Yes it makes sense.
Good morning to you toowave
Luke wave

How's your neck of the wood?
Its interesting, simple and Spring applause in these parts, fortunately not as complicated as where you arelaugh bouquet
Hi Luke wave
If only all these hatred can be changed.
Most people do not hate...Trump is an a**hole...he is a symptom..,.America needs help.,.
Cwave laugh
Hi Lindsy, miss you in the Forums.

Those who bash Trump calling him an a**hole or moron is a reflection how they are assholesss and morons themselves! They are just super stupid, boring imbeciles, crazy donkeys, painfully blind fools, who are clueless of reality! They are extremely dumb to wake up and see glaring facts. I wonder what they’ve achieved and how many millions they’ve made. Perhaps they feel great trashing the President but at the end of the day, they are still with their miserable selves!! For me Trump is the best US president ever in this lifetime, fighting for America!! Trump supporters not only value freedom but they have dignity not to go for the most corrupt presidential candidate in American history . MAGA 2020!!applause peace
Looks like they're having trouble at MSNBC reading the Teleprompters through their tears. rolling on the floor laughing
steady on Joy , a lot of his supporters think he's an arsehole , most understand he knows what he is doing , that is the important bit
Absolutely Joy.

I'm busy and can't have much time on here.
Conrad, the time has come when all that the stupid and moronic Democrats can do is to sing their blues from failing to understand that majority of the people in this nation can't tolerate their demonic agenda anymore.
E what I can't understand is the so called erudite people who claim they are professor somewhere in China thinks he is a moron.

I can say he, the so called professor is the moron.
Wow, it looks like the Trump haters are taking a low profile at the moment.
A lot of emotional capital was invested in the reds stop Kavanaugh campaign , guess theres some wounds being licked or more likely all high as kites or pissed as farts . They will be back uh oh
I am sure they will never give up E. Just like that moron woman from Australia. Anyways, they can rattle all their empty heads and let us see. The truth is that none of their predictions ever happened. They said WS will collapse as soon as he becomes the president. NK will nuke the world. Economy will spiral down. Jobs will disappear. Who is wrong again?

The worst part, these suckers and morons said they will move out of the country, the likes of stupid Streep, Jackson, O'Donnel, Cyrus and Goldberg. They are still here. Shame on all of them.
This moron from Canada will never see how Trump has exceeded our expectations.
Lindsy, Trump is doing great, the best US President in this lifetime, so the evil elements are always active to destroy him. I really hope Republicans will win this election.... All the negative forces are working full force to make his administration look bad. But he's doing the maximum for Americans despite all the challenges. sad flower sad flower
Joy you're one brilliant person.

Trump Admin. Tallies 289 Accomplishments In First 20 Months, Surpasses Reagan Admin.
OAN Newsroom

UPDATED 1:49 PM PT — Fri. Oct. 12, 2018
Just shy of two years in the White House, President Trump could be making history with a record number of accomplishments.

Thank you String.

The blind professor from China should open his eyes.
There is a conspiracy theory that the Queen trolled Donald Trump with her brooch.. laugh

Who knew that Queen Elizabeth was actually 'queen of shade throwing'. Yep, you read that right - there's a conspiracy theory that the Queen of England subtly trolled the Trumps when they visited with her choice of brooch.

What the hell...

Here is something to read:

You will not know how deep and poisonous the swamp is unless you want to: you will not see the following on any of the tv channels: possibly onYouTube or csp

Subject: Dr Ford

I knew there had to be some hidden agenda in her background, and secondary gain for her desire to "come forward". Politics are crooked and
the liberals take it to the nth degree.

Saul Alinsky's 13 th "Rules for Radicals". Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it..."in a fight almost anything goes..."

Everyone needs to do some homework tonight....You ask why Dr. Christine
Blasey-Ford would do this? I’ll give you 4 reasons: 1) she owns a major
portion of the company that makes the morning after abortion pill and she is
afraid Kavanaugh will overturn Roe v Wade, therefore making her million
dollar empire go kaput. 2) She’s a professor at the same college (Palo Alto
U) where Diane Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, is on the board of
directors, she has worked with Blum on the “resist Trump” movement for two
years. 3) Dr. Blasey-Ford’s brother, Tom Blasey, is business partners with
Peter Strzok’s cousin Jill Strzok for a company called Exelis Inc. enough
said there. 4) Feinstein and Chuck Schumer appointed lawyers set up three
GoFundMe pages for her the week BEFORE she testified, which are currently up
to over a million dollars for her to keep as payment for her testimony. I
can go on if you would like... Don’t believe for one minute this “professor”
came out of nowhere.confused
I believe it Jim.

The corruption is endless.

Their goal us to destroy us all.
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