look out! Palmfrond's online

ok, day off, lower back pain, no desire to do laundry or pull weeds. entertain me, please, begging

i would so appreciate a comment that is thought-provoking, naughty, or fantastical

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Sex is good for relieving lower back pain.
May I point out that you spelt your own name wrong in the blog title? And if you want naughtiness I´m pointing it out naked with my nuts swinging in the breezelips
Molly, if i felt like showering and shaving, i'd make the call. i think i'll veg and seek fulfillment tomorrow
lol BN lol thanks for that. i need to edit. lol i think i have a crush on you, ya hot Spaniard

Put a heating pad on your sore back!thumbs up
GJ, i have a Lab on my back. he's sort of warm
Palm, I have yet to meet a man who has turned down sex due to a lack of shaving
Molly, even if that is the case, i like to be prepared. i'm "customer service" through and through
Put them on hold and have Je t'aime as the holding music

This is my lover and I never turn down sex with her
BN, i am at a loss

Molly, it the possibility is possible, pending responses
Palmfrond, most Mediterranean women look like thissigh
BN, admit it...the bristles turn you on
BN, am i not to your liking? please refrain from commenting if this is not the case. spare my heart.
Watch the traffic. peace rolling on the floor laughing laugh 45 seconds long.

Molly, okay I´ll admit it....I love the bristles reallysmitten
Now that is karma. rolling on the floor laughing The old lady got her revenge. applause
Keepers, i'm a lose cannon but am feeling sleepy, to launch at a later time. :)
Yes Palmfrond you´re still to my liking, I´m ready to do the pizza guy scene with you one daylove
BN, are you all talk and no walk? message me
It's only 45 seconds which will give you a wonderful belly laugh. rolling on the floor laughing
i like you, Keepers
lips teddybear peace
BN, next time I will bring my pet hedgehog with me wink
Keepers, i have a story I was visiting my elderly parents and discovered a new found, custodial bull-dog kind of protection a motorist was verbally abusive to an elderly person. i walked over to the car and asked " what is your fcuking problem?" i continued to tell him that he should be ashamed for his actiions..
I can send you a naughty story cut from one of my mainstream books.
go for it! Cast
Cest sorry
Can´t wait to see that hedgehog Mollyapplause
Okay Palm, bear with, can't put it here I'd get banned for sure, I'll mail it.
It's a different world we live in today, everyone is in a rush which means more pedestrians injured than vehicle owners, where I live.
Keepers, that is the perfect analogy.
Palm, only thing that came to my mind is your visit to the adult store. Your back pain must be due to the....laugh laugh
Cestmero, can you just show me the pictures that go with the story?
Who is that guy that kept repeating your name over and over again in his first blog? Do you know him Palm? confused
It's not your name, just checked, it's "Fnord". doh
BN, sorry pal, there were none, it's all in the mind.
@ BN,
If there's one thing our lovely palmfrond is good at, it's spelling.

"Palmfrond's" in the title, is perfect English and is the abbreviated "Palmfrond is".


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