Jobless rate at 17 year low


This is good.

Note:WSJ Sunday publication.cheers

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Hello Lindsy, wave (from north of the border) The Jobless rate at a 17 yr low is definitely GOOD NEWS,yay It s nice to hear good news for a change,
Are we sure that isn't a stats massage? There are so many reasons why it could be.
I told you a loong time ago that Trump was the best thing to happen to the USA, maybe not the best thing for the world and globalization, but for the 'man in the street' in your country, yes.... Time to accept facts... rolling on the floor laughing
Thanks Ito, it is a very good news.wave
Cest, of course, there are unlimited reason Cest.
You did tell me that Luke. I very well thought of it that way and that is why I campaigned and voted for him.wave

Thank Obama...

Trump is too busy with stormy weather and the Russian collusion

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

3 laughing men...

If you say so Lou..rolling on the floor laughing
Just want to add so obummer doesn't get the credit! It is the lowest it has been since 2000!thumbs up
Absolutely Jim.::wave:
Well that's good even though I don't like the orange face. redclown rolling on the floor laughing
It matters not which side of the political latrine you and I support, I like you as a person and feel you are more spiritual than most people. peace
LindsyJones ~ Great news, and a great lift for those who are still actively seeking work.
News like this is always welcome and gives the economy a lift too as overseas investors see that things are
on an up. applause
GentleJim ~ 18 years ! I did not realise it was that long since the Jobless rate had moved upward, that is very good news indeed, and I am always glad to hear some good news for a change. wave
America needs to clear you from office once the globalisation issues are dealt with. Inflation and wage growth is low, the quality of employment is terrible. Overall you're impoverishing people in an age of plenty the nationalism and protectionism for American workers is the exception that proves the rules.

You're cutting people benefits and wages aren't really going up but prices are not rising so exactly where is all this produce going? There's more and more being produced as people find it harder and harder to eat, America needs to rebel against trickle-down and the way you make people live down.

We all know Regan trckle down trick will not

But we do know Trump will boast bigly...about anything...his lies are huuge...

Interesting that the Trickledown-Trick was invented by the Dimmocrats!rolling on the floor laughing

Origins. The first reference to trickle-down economics came from American comedian and commentator Will Rogers, who used it to derisively describe President Herbert Hoover's stimulus efforts during the Great Depression. More recently, opponents of President Ronald Reagan used the term to attack his income tax cuts.laugh

Thanks for proving that this tactic does not


Yep I am happy.cheers
And to achieve it's 3.9% unemployed rate it declined by .8% since Dirty Donald took over, on January 20,2017.Less people have been employed since he took over than were hired in the same time frame at the end of Obama's 8 years.We actually just saw an increase in the workplace drop outs.heart1
LouLou, The best Obama did for a job rate was in the back of his limo with Larry Sinclair! Obama liked guys and Larry Sinclair was his choice of s*xual partner! So he did keep it low according to the world of BJ
BTW, the congressional probe on Trump has ended with no Collusion! Try to keepup with the fake news from the media who hates Trump and will spread all of the lies possible to destroy our country! Listen to Obama the other day and he still can not figure out we are a Republic and not a Democracy! Obama was suppose to be a constitutional attorney but it appears that he is greatly lacking basic knowledge.

Your hilarious...


rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Three rolling men...

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing pointing Three Men In A Roll.



Three GUYS In A Roll.

OJ's approval rating is some seven points higher than Barry's at this point in their respective Presidencies.

(Not sure if that rates a grin - sad - or confused So I'll use none...snooty )


rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Three rolling men...laugh

Too funny...

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