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"Well,one day you will all have to grow va**nas."
Thats probably the one unprintable rant that Ill tell my JP male friends.With all that is going on,the seemingly coming extinction of the male here and the rise of the feminist movement that is encouraging women towards hyper-masculinity....if theres such a word....Anyway,the all too common narrative is, there is a man behind every crime committed by a woman.Murders her kids?Yeh, depression caused by the partner.Yeh,he wanted to leave her.Yeh,he had another woman.Yeh,It couldnt be helped.Etc etc.Women seem to be exonerated from complicity in crimes they commit.Female criminals are victims and male criminals are animals in need of the most severe punishment.My point?Mmmm....I dont have a point but remember Medea by Euripides whose suffering, instead of ennobling her, made her into a monster?A very tricky affair.The victim may just be the victimizer.......

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Oh geez, have women stopped bowing there? laugh Call the police. sir bobby rolling on the floor laughing Why so melodramatic today? confused
And they say women get hysterical. rolling on the floor laughing
Hi,Keepers!What you been up to?Ive been on a loong holiday.Melodramatic?Theres gonna be drama when the alpha dog sees all his mates become beta and descend to the bottom of the social heap.
Well,Im kinda the alpha with personality issues.....
It's not a competition. scold I've been fine, you have been away a long time, did some gal give your a hard time which brings you back? confused
Now, must shoot, I'll see your comments later. wave
Naaa,we had some long holidays and I took extra days off to do some travelling here.Glad to here from ya.Scoot on and Ill see ya later.
The more unusual a certain behaviour is for a certain person the more you believe there's some other reason for it.

If a male criminal is prolific and unusual enough they'll spend millions on understanding his backstory, people will be fascinated. What about Charles Manson? The shock value is the inability to accept what's happened. And it could be that some men really are that feminine and just weren't allowed to be in the days of patriarchy and kamikaze. But you judging them by the era of kamikaze makes it shocking for you and then you can't accept what's happening now.
The average person here is discouraged questioning themselves lest they might learn something other than the OFFICIAL line..Better they go to Disneyland or Starbucks instead.I question everything nowadays it seems.
And don't forget Japan is very advanced and civilised a long way away from chimpin' out, success and development is feminising. If it's ladies first through the door then it's rich man second, poor man third, cave man fourth and finally the dog.
Ahaha finally the dog,last!
Chesney, you can be very funny, laugh but the only one to go to heaven is the dog. Women teach equality, that's all. very happy
You cant lay blame on the women if they want to finger the system.Look at golf, the most backwards sport next to sumo in Japan.They keep women off the golf courses....its the 21stC for gods sake.Never mind the fat boys of sumo.As happened recently a woman mayor couldnt ascend the ring to confer the prizes .And in another case last month female nurses in the audience who rushed to help were asked not to ascend the ring to help a collapsed man.
It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself. -- Leon C. Megginson who was paraphrasing Darwin.
And women today don't look very mannish. They've never spent more time playing with their hair, getting their lips done and whitening their teeth.

What's really happening today is that women are not settling for their own rank but are swapping sex for a blip of approval from the higher orders which leaves the lower orders of men lonely and bored, dangerously lonely and bored. And whether it's porn addiction or the red pill the forgotten man is looking for an escape, in a state of s*xual freedom fewer men get laid and then yearn for the chains of yesteryear.
Darwin and his followers writings are speckled with lots of dung.Just read Darwins views on societal evolution.A pessimistic and depressing notion of nature and human history.My take.
ChesneyChrist,then how long will we..I..?... the lower caste(s )of modern men take the unbearable mockery and insult?Is it time for a firestorm of protest against the wonna be sheroes allover?
I want to explain my perspective on this through an author of Children of the Mind if you google this book the pages covering my thoughts are available about Japan p342-345 his afterword chapter addresses arrogance with no display(Japan) vs arrogance of other conquerers.Slow change is inherent.
Also is his depiction of how the military elite vs subordinates would view change .
Chesney, it's a real strength to learn control as we learn patience. Those who can't suffer, sometimes fatally. Life is not easy for anyone.
Please delete these last 3 comments, was just testing before adding to a blog. applause
From a book forum:

"From what I recall, Orson Scott Card didn't begin with discussing Japan soley in the WWII context. His thesis was that Japan had grown up an 'edge' nation to the 'centrist' China for centuries. Always perpetually viewed the barbarian and outsider. And like many 'edge' nations (Vikings, Assyria, Rome [which I dispute] and Medo-Persia, if I remember right), once they came to power over previous center nations, their cultural insecurity caused them to always overextend themselves- and to go to far. Both in the essay and in Wang Mu's discussion with Amaina Hikari, he mentioned repeatedly the center nation's arrogance and complancency- they passified only enough for what they needed and they presumed that everyone simply wanted to be just like them, so their will-to-empire was sporadic at best and more about national security. Edge nations, however, retained that cultural insecurity (or, if you'd like, a desire to show themselves every bit as powerful and legitamate as the center nation) and so their conquests were always larger than they could eventually hold and were sometime marked with more barbarism than normal (as the Japanese actions in WWII and before).

In the end, I believe the point was now (in the Enderverse chronology) that Japanese culture was dominant in congress- in other words, now that edge Japanese culture had control over a center nation- would they continue that same pattern with their treatment of Lusitania- the pattern that, to Amaina Hikari, required the gods to step in and chastise their people with the two atomic bombs- or would they counteract that tendency."
Really Ash I'm not sure you can compare any one nation to another. I've travelled to no two which are alike. And I'm sure Japanese people resent being compared to China even though there may be a few similarities.

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