Chronic itching is torture trust me..............

Years ago I spend two weeks in the hospital because
I was bleeding from every pore, was itching everywhere.
My head, between my toes, you just name the place and yes
there too...........
Saw many dermatologist, but none had the answer.
Saw the last doctor ten years ago.
She is the only one in our town and it has gone to her head.
I believed that I saw on the internet some new ways to deal with
this horrible itching.
Made an new appointment............
Yep, the same arrogant person.
One question allowed if you have more, see your doctor.
If my family doctor had the answer he would not have send me to her.
She does not even say “hello” ignores you for awhile and then she ask
you what is the problem.
Chronic itching you tell her, you don’t get a chance to explain further, as she
goes to my legs and tells me dry skin.
She gets up and goes to her desk.
“Lets see when I will see you again” she says.
I piped up and told her, “lets me it another ten years”
Her reaction to this? “I will make it twenty years”
My family doctor found it difficult to believe she said that.

Reading reviews tells you; This woman is rude, rude, rude.
She does not care, as there is no other dernatiogist in town

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Change your washing powder and stop being so cocky to your doctorscold
Changed my washing powder several times
That doctor has a lot more coming to her than what I gave her.............
I often had itchy angles, some times i looked at and changed my diet, likely stuffed liver in my instance.

Try google you can bring up lots of pages like these:

Because of your weather I reckon it's a winter rash

The best way to prevent winter rash is to avoid cold climates and dry air entirely. Try these prevention tips if you don’t spend your winter in a warm climate:

Invest in a humidifier to add moisture to the air around you. Whole-house, single-room, and personal humidifiers are available. Find a great selection on
Bathe less often, lather up at little as possible, and avoid hot water. Consider bathing every other day during the winter, when your body may not sweat as much or get as dirty.
Use natural, fragrance-free soaps made from glycerin, goat milk, shea butter, or olive oil.
Wear clothes made from breathable natural fibers, such as cotton and hemp, to help reduce skin irritation and overheating.
Protect your hands by wearing gloves every time you go outside in cold weather. You should also wear protective gloves when you wash dishes, immerse your hands in water for an extended period, or clean with chemical products.
Prevent winter sunburns by wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher when you spend time outdoors.
Limit the time you spend in front of fires, which decrease humidity and expose your skin to intense heat.

Skip hot baths. Because heat can cause your skin to dry out, avoid taking very hot baths in winter. ...
Use a gentle soap. ...
Try a thick moisturizer. ...
Avoid contact with certain materials. ...
Try a humidifier. ...
Drink plenty of water. ...
Take vitamin D supplements.
Thank you Rob will check those out later.
I thought I had seen on Google that they had found something new for this problem
That prompted me to make another appointment with the dermatologist wave
Thank you Mercedes, my itching happens winter and summer.
It can start on my scalp and spreads.
This started about, would you believe this? 35 years ago
I take showers only,
Hubby puts oil on my back it helps a little for a very short time.
Have used different soaps and see when I eat something if it has an afffect.
I have never been able to find anything that makes it worse or start it again.
Sugar is the only thing that can make it worse so am very careful with that one hug Jenny
Rob the second url you send has some good points to follow.
My skin is not flaky nor anything to see what should not be there. It all looks normal
the itching can be bad during the day or night it makes no differents
Will ask my doctor to take some blood test again.
Doubt there is something as I recently had blood taken in the hospital and all was well wave
Perhaps in the mean time you could still google looking for other post while your arranging further blood tests because your the best doctor. You above all others is better equipped to determine whether your symptoms closely relate to someone elses's experience.
Generally we go to a doctor and the doctor attempts to work out what on earth is going on by listening to your explanation of whats going on...myself i try to take responsibility for my health both mental and physical and in general I don't place much trust in doctors...some things yes, but have shopped around online for many years...
carry on
Thank you Rob, it is because I thought to have read on Google that there was progress with people who suffered from Chronic itching, that I went to see this woman dermatologist.
Unfortunatly I was never giiving the chance to tell her details, like how long i had the problem or anything else.
But we are not giving up Rob but will keep on trying to find the reason wave
I recommend using Bactroban, it's an ointment (use very little on areas) as it will heal the skin instead of soothing it alone. thumbs up

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