After A While You Just Get Sick Of This Online Dating Game

Once upon a time i used to think this online dating thing was fun and entertaining and at times really believed it could bring me closer to a dream i once had of finding the real deal and a true love wine

Seems its just all bullshit. Too many damaged head wormy folks lurking in every crevasse of the inter-webs, just waiting for me to make the mistake of either responding or finding interest uh oh

There just must be something about me that draws all the fakes and Loonies dunno

It boggles the mindconfused

Ive tried being upfront honest and sincere. Never leading anyone on or multiple angles handshake

Ive even been completely open minded and fully considered people outside my race and language always with the same result frustrated

Ive never been lonely and i never had any problems finding people to fill my time and space. I just desired someone different and challenging. Someone Special hug

Peoples motives and frequencies are just out of tune with my reality. I guess it was just never going to happen. Cest La Vie violin

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A Good Morning to My_Lover purple heart

..... damaged head wormy folks are challenging, though.
hug Awww! My Lover.

You have plenty of time for that! Unless you are going somewhere else.

Anyway! Just be patient. At least hang on in there until you are 90 years old.

bouquet Hush! And Just Keep Smiling.
Bad attitude ~ Damaged people have something to offer. Very few perfect specimens out there, and would you want perfection, are you perfect yourself, just asking.hug
Even CS doesn't have a postcard rolling on the floor laughing

One of these days online will work out.
viking67 I told Lana way back in the "old" dayes.... I never date!grin

...stop dating, and youll be fine!thumbs up

cool wine
I get what you're saying op...a person can only look/wait so many years before they finally give up and try a different
Like most things in this world, its what you make of it. There's a very strong link between how realistic a person is and what replies they'll get. For example, if you said you only wanted a slim, non-smoker, with no kids, and 20 years younger... You'll be in for a long weight and only meet scammers.
Soldier on it doesn't mean the next person will be the same as the last person.

It doesn't cost anything to have faith so hold on to that faith and believe in yourself don't concentrate on bad experiences or else you won't move forward.
Head worms, even the fish wont bite roll eyes
There is a general belief, the Fool,is being deceptive to himself or others and therefore leads, even though he
is following his own heart and head.
But because the others are mere observers the game,the time is cumbersome and "appears" a waste-
unlike the parading peacock that will dance for its less flashy counterparts.
You are raising the bar yet again by
this post.Culling the herd.

I am amused at this,hard to get lament.

A musical interlude for the audience of gawkers.Sorry,well wishers at this
Epic Tragedy of small town boy man.Nothing a little Moog synthesizer
can't cure.GET UP!! and COME ON!!
Love that song wine
Love that you love that song.
Nighty night.

I will visit you soon.rolling on the floor laughing
Somewhere in a 10,000 mile radius. sleep

rolling on the floor laughing

Hope you got some rest.hug
A CS catch phrase perhaps...head banger
It nullifies the night from overkill.

John Mayall kind of day.Thunder 'n Lightening.

Totally agree handshake

for me its more about friends than lovers that always keeps me tuned in...

Plus gossip and drama as well roll eyes
This one is for the OP.

Best and easiest way to meet people is to go to a club/tavern/casino anything to do with entertainment it's natural it's comfortable online or anything to do with ads is all about blowing smoke up peoples arses.

I do believe those relying on technology need a wake up call because if your sincere in what you say you want in mail or have what your seeking on your profile all you have to do is get out in to the real world.. I joined sites for forums but have come to the conclusion that dating sites/ personal ads are best suited for those who blew smoke up peoples arses for far too long left their run too late.

I do understand those who had loving relationships/marriages only to lose their loved one's in death using dating sites/personal ads.
Alrighty then....(I love that songtrack- good movie too-Clay Pidgeons).


To the Lester Longs who eradicates bad lovers..We're safe,whew.

BTW The excellent lyrics are in the video info.thumbs up
Just saying dunno how's the fishing at Lake Lotsawanta buddy?
rolling on the floor laughing

It is farce.
Convinced all women are gold digger and all men are p*dophile.
rolling on the floor laughing that's just purposterous sir.
Learn to enjoy the moment with those around you, and then you might be deserving of love in all its glory. hug
You are totally right Keeper
"There just must be something about me that draws all the fakes and Loonies."

Keeper and Track,
I wonder what kind of inspirational mail you are both receiving that you might share for encouragement.applause

Mine has been 99% recyclable.rolling on the floor laughing
Mine luckily is easily binned,
rolling on the floor laughing
You have written your profile match well,young grasshopper.Put down the violin.Reap what you've sown.
Its Spring.

"Someone sweet, somewhat shy, a beautiful soul, someone to melt my heart when our eyes meet, my one and only, My Lover"

First Day of Spring:Lust Romeo

* All Romeo's buds are intoxicated by her too.Spring has sprung!

Ladies,ladies him some support
Give him your number:1-70.

blues banana blues

I personally am sending #4. rolling on the floor laughing WTF.
My-Lover then why play the game?

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