Let's talk Sanctions

The US shouldn't bother placing sanctions on the EU over the Iranian issue. peace

The EU, as well as other like-minded nations, will place sanctions on the US instead. boxing

How about that? redclown

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U.S. putting sanctions on the EU? I haven't seen the news in some time, I'm out of the loop.
It's just a threat from the clown Track, but he did say so. Even the majority of the GOP supported the deal, to work on improving, but Trump is all about himself and his right wing extremists. thumbs down
What is the face of the world going to look like by the time he loses power? Putin is laughing at all of this.
I shudder to think Track, because the same thing this country was sanctioned for, is now the US stance under Trump. frustrated
Interesting times uh oh
And we are far from the madding crowd. peace but at least moving in the right direction, as tough as the journey might seem to some. wine
Then to add insult to injury, the Iranians on the ground actually supported and loved the Americans, that was until now.conversing
Keepers, where are you getting your news from? We are imposing sanctions against Iran which is normal while under negotiations. Any EU company doing business with Iran with holdings in US banks will be sanctioned as well if we decide to do so, this is nothing new!
Okay boss. doh
Attached it the Iran Nuke Deal, read it and decide for yourself!
The point is, it took many years to put this deal together, Trump didn't have to discard it like trash. He could have brought them all back to the table. But more to the point, anything that Obama did Trump has to undermine, he started by lying about his birthright. Now look at Trumps men, they are warmongers with his many generals, that is not a democracy. So what does the US really want to do? They want to create another Syria, and the EU is expected to take in all the refugees, while the US goes barking mad. redclown
The point is Read the Iran Nuke Deal before you are so critical of President Trump! Obama created his birth certificate fiasco himself by not releasing it to the public! Hillary Clinton was the first to question his birthplace during the primaries! His WH staff them created a fake certificate and placed it online! They were caught and it was removed! Trump has been accused of a lot of unsubstantiated rhetoric! The lies from the media is outright disgusting! All of the so-called experts have weighed in on Trump's handling of N Korea, no war there and 3 prisoners were released! N Korea has agreed to give up it's Nuke program! When we struck Syria the news told endless lies about Trump and his warmongering but the People of Syria were partying in the streets thanking the United States and our President Trump! We are not a Democracy we are a Republic! Always have been and if Democrats do not destroy our Government trying to bring down Trump we will remain a Republic! BTW, the congressional probe into Collusion with Russia has ended and no evidence of Collusion! Democrats continue to lie about their evidence but failed to produce any evidence and the probe has ended!
What has all that got to do with the price of eggs? dunno By your comment above shows that you are a right wing extremist, motivated by fear.
North Korea is watching. confused
No fear here just a Veteran who loves my country and will fight to keep it free. There is so much hate from the left and it is not getting better anytime soon.
If the South African people had voted for Jan Smuts it would be a better country today, instead they formed and voted for the Nationalist Party, due to fear. I recognise fear when I see it, and it's written all over the US right now. comfort
They called Jan Smuts a soutpiel. laugh
There is so much hate generally, not just from the left. I can't ever remember any US presidency before where the winners were so obsessed with the previous administration. It's the sort of whipped-up emotion you usually see only in banana republics, not in civilized communities.

Anyway, that's by the by. Sanctions are evil. They completely destroyed South Africa because by the time the Nats caved - and politicians are the last to be affected by sanctions - the economy had crashed, unemployment had soared, and the most settled country in Africa, with the lowest unemployment rates, had become a wreck on the verge of civil war. The only people who benefit from sanctions are the dissidents - what's wrong with this picture?

Wish there was a way of directly punishing governments and not citizens, because whenever sanctions are imposed, the effects are from the bottom up and when did any government ever care about the man in the street, once he's cast his vote he's completely ignored until the next election.
It looks like cracks may be appearing in the western allience. What ever happened to free to free trade?
Keepers, the UK, US, all the allies, were all supporting the Nats and apartheid, Jan Smuts never had a chance. The Cold War had started and Africa was turning communist country by country. The Nats promised to stop the vast majority of the population from voting - and the reason the western world supported that 100% was that back then SA was the world's biggest supplier of gold and diamonds. If it had turned communist, the USSR would have owned nearly all the world's mineral wealth.

Once the necessary had been discovered in Australia and other western-bloc countries, the world didn't care what SA did. Sadly, the Nats wouldn't start the slow handover of white supremacy as they were supposed to, because Vorster wouldn't, stubborn old fool. By the time Botha came in and started the change it was too late and too slow for modern tastes.

Biff ~ Well said. I absolutely agree, Sanctions affect the poor. Governments never feel the after shock of sanctions. thumbs up
Apartheid ended almost to the day that the USSR dissolved and the Cold War finally ended. Check the dates. De Klerk suddenly did a complete about-face, Mandela was set up in a comfortable house and allowed international visitors, and his release was promised and soon followed.

That's true for the most part Elle, but it's generally peaceful here, more than you realise but that can change in a heartbeat if Malema is voted in, which is doubtful but because he makes the most noise (like Trump) he has the media attention. Ramaphosa is not all he's cut out to be either. I'm voting DA in 2019, and they won 3 large municipalities in the last vote. Chaos reins now and forever in Africa. wink

Back to Trump, he wants war, so he stokes the fire. Why would they be making all those missiles, aircraft, ships and weapons, at the expense of improving their influsture? Trump has threatened EU countries doing business with Iran with sanctions. It is what it is. Hence my question, perhaps it's time for the EU to put sanctions on the US. handshake
Yes I agree with you RRR. Thanks GG, and Elle the response above this was to your first comment. Your second is spot on. thumbs up
They should have just voted for the United Party, with Smuts who was one of the founders of the United Nations. It was fear that stopped them. The inevitable was coming all the same and everyone knew it, but fear made them freeze in time. Just like the US, going backwards will be to their own detriment.
Keepers ~ Trump would not be so stupid as to put sanctions on Ireland [as an example]. We do huge business with U.S.
Unfortunately [I am not in favour of this ] but we are [Shannon Airport] where the Jetfighters re-fuel on their way to Iran, Iraq, Libya, and any other war countries.
[people at the time came out and marched in protest at the fact we are a neutral country and allowed America to do this during the Iraqi war etc., ]
US did not mind selling arms to Sadaam Hussein but then went in when the oil supplies went down.... Sorry digressing !
Sanctions ~ Well US companies get fantastic tax breaks here and Irish people are good at IT in general so are employed. When they get wind of a cough in the air, they are gone back, and give little back the economy

It is not in Trumps interests [infact it would be detrimental] to put sanctions on EU countries . That won't happen. daisy
Biff ~ I remember that well, when the cold war ended and Mandela was all over the Media. It only seems like yesterday but so much has happened.
Back to Trump, he wants war, so he stokes the fire.

Thats what the Green Team wants you to believe.

Trump is a master at negotiations and a fantastic business man. The only reason NK was firing away the missiles was to gain more bargaining power at the negotiating table. Iran is different with more hatred embedded.

Dont believe all you read in the media.wine
Well GG you have more faith in Trump than I do. wow There's no reason to continue mass building of weaponry. In the least, the world will suffer another recession/depression, as is always the case under GOP leadership, at worst the world is at war again. doh
Luke we agree to disagree, he is no negotiator he is a bully. If EU companies want to trade with Iran they should be allowed to, without anyone's interference.
wave the "Green Team".I see,hmmm.
You are going to have to forgive my brief comment- it's 4:20 AM. I must get ready for work.lips
Keepers ~ you have got me wrong. Because I feel that Trump could not be that stupid as to kill the goose that lays the golden egg for him. [My reference to Shannon Airport as a re-fuelling airport which have been used recently to allow jets re-fuel on the way to bombing Iraq etc., ] and to our huge Tax Breaks given to American companies, which goes in to Billions, is factual, but does not in any way say I am pro trump.
GG. help Trump has made so many companies bankrupt, why not bankrupt the US too. doh
I might suggest that you specify his actions,by adding " Economic" to Sanctions.hug
Green team, irrelavent sh*t. Ash. tongue
You mean the EU should only impose economic sanctions on the US, Ash? dunno
Last comment from me then I'm gonegrin

If EU companies want to trade with Iran they should be allowed to, without anyone's interference.

That means you condone any rogue EU company that (for example) will supply Iran with enriched Uranium to nuke the daylights out of anyone that disagrees with them?

Not very smart.

The Green Team is BTW the 'Lefts' main mouthpiece. Very relevant to the commies.

I have work to dowave
That was not the intention Luke. The word "green" should be added to people who live a life of paranoia. If anyone wants to go rogue they already can on the dark web. sigh
EU companies want to invest into Iran, you know, set up factories, sell vehicles, franchises, cell phones, all the trimmings that go with a comfortable lifestyle as well as employment. My guess is they will invest irrespective of the US racist opinion. More than that I think the US wants to overthrow the Iranian government instead of waiting for them to be voted out, just like they did in Iraq. The world should not tolerate it, not again,
Ms keepers, "There's no reason to continue mass building of weaponry" Don't take your eye off the ball, China is your imminent threat as well as the worlds threat. China is building strategic strongholds at major seaports from Taiwan to Africa. So, you choose Communism or Democracy..

“The overseas troops will engage in regular military exercises just like troops serving [in China]. But their practice should soon have a different focus, rather than basic shooting training, because their mission in Djibouti is to protect China’s interests in Africa, as well as peacekeeping,” Zhou said.

China’s overseas military expansion was the focus of a July Pentagon report, which said that Beijing may soon seek to establish a network of similar facilities around the world.

Twitter rants that Iran will tell what Obama top officials to bribes to consummate the Iran deal....should be interesting if true. Iran has threatened the existence of America and Israel and we should just sit back and roll over? This is not the Obama administration...

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