Let's talk Sanctions

The US shouldn't bother placing sanctions on the EU over the Iranian issue. peace

The EU, as well as other like-minded nations, will place sanctions on the US instead. boxing

How about that? redclown

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Sea, Trump won't rule forever either. I wouldn't worry about China, who is opening business to the West which also makes the US feel threatened. Too bad, the US doesn't give a damn about climate change, it's taken 40,000 off health care, gives 87% of tax breaks to the wealthy instead of draining the swamp, and the drug industry will carry on as usual, nothing will change. Tariffs will be the pain of every US consumer within a few years after all the prices soar, to where that small tax break for the man in the street will be worthless. But hey it's not my reputation on the line. grin
Ms keepers, another China peacekeeping event at the Horn of Africa?

Ok, if you say so.....
Oh and let's not forget the FED is going to increase interest rates. The US consumer won't have much money to spend once Trump is finished with them. hole

That's okay Sea, if it's for peaceful means why not? Don't go green on my now in paranoia, China wants to invest everywhere in Africa, the more they can help with the unemployment the better. peace
And why is it okay for the US to put military bases on every continent on earth but not okay for China. That's hypocritical. If you approve of the US why not move there? wine
Ms keepers, good question, let me ponder.....oh!!! I got it, the US promotes Democracy, while China promotes Communism.....yes, that's it I'm sure..... :) Like I said you choose which ideology you wish to live under.....

As for the rise in US interest rates that is a loonnnggg overdue situation. Rates have been too depressed since the recession of 08/09 and the interest income the elderly had to rely on was not nearly enough to survive. In a thriving economy oil and interest rates will rise, makes pure economic sense.
That's all I have time for, but go look at your Africa pics, I found them soothing.. :))
Ms keepers, my home is in New York City, I'm on contract here for a little while longer...
You have missed the point Sea, consider it longer.

As I said and obviously you have done no research, China is opening its markets up to trade with the world. wink
Look at an earlier comment, according to one of the right wing extremists, the US is a Republic. We all know it's not a democracy any longer.
Ms keepers, ok one more.......And you probably also believe islam is a religion of peace...correct?
No I do not, in fact all religions are troublemakers in my opinion. And I resent your mockery. sad flower
Ms keepers, stop have to get back to work.......the US has for some 242 years has and will remain a Republic, practicing Democracy.....
And just short of 300 years of warring, and making money pitting nations against each other to keep selling arms. frustrated
Keepers, I could sense that you are one of the Anti Trump. First of all sanction is well practiced political mode to moderate and or create leverage over an issue that needs to be resolved.

Second, Trump has nothing to do with all these issues. He inherited them and believe me, he is doing a good job in turning the world into a better place by his policies.

Third, if you think that sanctions work against the US, you should read why sanctions are used for any negotiations. You seem to be ignorant on the goals of sanctions applications. It only works for countries that need anything and if a sanction is used then the goal is to make them accede to the demands because they suffer the consequences of that sanction. So let me ask you this, what is US short of that can make that happen?

Nada. So read the facts before you blab about anything. And I am saying this with respect. Therefore, Cgotwater and Seaworthy wouldn't have to explain for your ignorance.

Luke also had a very good reason.

Now for GG and Elle, yes almost always, the ordinary citizens are the ones to get affected and if the leader of that country then yes, he will have to change his position so sanctions are not used.

Now in addition to all the explanations given. Trump is doing a good job on all these mess that were started by previous leaders.
"And just short of 300 years of warring, and making money pitting nations against each other to keep selling arms"

Google when all the wars started Keepers. History will show you that war was always in the overdrive for any history of mankind.

The worst were the invasions by the muslims after 300 AD. Read all the facts and then stop blaming the US as the war monger.

In reality, war is used to solve a conflict and most likely, the reasons are pinned down to only two things, greed and power. The US has acquired its power not by cessation and or using war to obtain it.
Well then Linsay, let the US sanction those EU companies who do business with Iran, which will also create employment for the Iranians, it's far better than creating another Iraq or Syria, and then be expected to take in all the refugees, while the US folds its arms and stomps its feet. Perhaps every American should be forced to live in those countries for a while to teach them compassion
No Keepers, the goal of the sanctions is for the culprit to accede and most always it works. Look at North Korea.

And for your information, we have taken in a huge number of refugees, thanks to Obama and yet also donated 4 billion 4 years ago to take care of those refugees from Syria.

It was supposedly the creation of a camp in North Africa or Jordan so that they can easily settle back down to their country once the war was over.

Also Saudi Arabia didn't ever participate on accommodating these refugees but openly flaunted that they will build Mosques on any countries they will settle in. That is what is going on right now in France and other European countries, I believe.
Naturally this blog is a friendly debate peace

Lindsay, you count your chickens before they hatch, let's talk 3 years from now. I am not ignorant in world affairs. wine cheers hug
No I didn't say you are, but your leaning on being contemptible to Trump is showing that you haven't gotten all the facts about this particular issue.

Cgotwater and Seaworthy as well as Luke had enlightened your contempt a bit by their posts.wave

But you are right, all these events that are taking place right now will either show an immediate effect for the world's benefit or the opposite. For right now it is showing that it is working for the benefit of the world.hug
btw Lindsay, half of those 300 years were spent in civil war. No war is good war, as Sun Tzu would say. wine
Keepers, any war is not good, but the goals as generally set up is to end conflict. Why can't we just do it in arguing with words? I wonder.::comfort:
KeepersOP•3 hrs ago•Durban, South Africa
Look at an earlier comment, according to one of the right-wing extremists, the US is a Republic. We all know it's not a democracy any longer.
Lol, we were founded as a Republic and we are still a Republic! We have never been a Democracy! Right-wing Extremist?
Hey Water, you support Trump and you must admit, if nothing else he is a right wing extremist., nothing like the yellow bellied men in the GOP. Having said that, I'm not impressed because anyone can be a bully, it takes a real man to negotiate. Maybe you can answer this, why do so many Americans have no life? They only life they have is political, there's so much more to life than politics which just happen to be dirty and self-serving to those who are politicians.
Republic, form of government in which a state is ruled by representatives of the citizen body. Modern republics are founded on the idea that sovereignty rests with the people, though who is included and excluded from the category of the people has varied across history. Apr 11, 2018

That explains a republic well enough, but a democracy offers more freedom and more rights. One area that comes to mind off hand is a woman's rights to control her body. hug
Ms keepers, "China wants to invest everywhere in Africa, the more they can help with the unemployment the better" yes, that's what these former Soviet Socialist Union countries once said; Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Ukraine.

Like selling your soul to the devil....literally and figuratively....

Maybe your time would be better focused on the ideologies of socialism and communism vs the ideology of a Republic.....
It is unfortunate that you have such a fear of thing that have not yet happened.
Perhaps the following video will help you overcome!
Putin is a friend of Trump's not mine Sea. frustrated ASSUME = don't make an a** out of you and me. Anymore comments here please stay on topic.

Water, I have no respect for Trump, you are the one who voted for him out of fear not me. doh
Ms keepers, all my responses were a direct 'quote' from your comments, so explain how I can be off topic. If I'm off topic that would only say that you were off topic. So, in the future, I ask you to stay on topic. :)
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