and this little piggie went ouch ouch ouch ouch all the way home

damn damn DAMN have broken my baby toe, how can something so small and utterly useless be so crippling?

I've straightened it **EINA** and tried taping it to the next toe but that was worse than leaving it to heal on its own but if anyone has any brilliant cures or comfort suggestions please fire away. help

Oh and if you could pop round so I can languish on the sofa while you supply me with coffee that would also be very cool. Ta.


I feel very sorry for myself. Just sayin'.

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This is my only day off every week and I should be out trolling the second-hand shops for furniture, aye, that'll be right. Guess I have a fun day of ceiling painting rolling up.
Oh feck it! That is a horrible thing to happen blues

I do have a brilliant cure, but I don't know if it is available there

The toe has to be in the correct position though, or it will fix in whatever position it is in at the time. So unless you want a toe permanently facing Asia, I would skip to the next helpful post laugh
Biff ~Sh-t, I know exactly what that is like, during the snow about 6 or 7 winters ago, I had a bad fall, I broke the middle toe. It was agony, it was Christmas. I kept saying to myself 'it's just a small fracture' it was not. I broke my toe, it was not fixed in time and I can only wear certain shoes now.

The pain is pretty awful, the little toe must be very painful. Be careful Biff and slow down a bit, be kind to yourself and rest that foot !!!hug wine Horizontal jogging for you from now on..
Molly, I will heap you in riches and thanks if your cure works, give, baby, give! The toe is straightened and pointing forward. Also plump and purple. Luvverly.
GG, a little horizontal jogging would completely distract me and be exceedingly welcome laugh

Middle toe, ouch, I certainly would be taking any toe but the baby one to a doctor as fast as I could hobble but I know there's very little they can do unless it is bad enough to need surgery, and this doesn't. It will come right, I know that, I just want it to come right yesterday. Or not have happened at all yesterday!
Biff ~ IBrufen or something like that, it will take the ouch out of the pain.
Meanwhile just 'Toe the line' sorry wink I could not resist that. hug
Get better soon. VitC will help with healing. Witch Hazel rubbed on to toe for swelling [ Imps recommendation for swelling] and it helps.
Trust me on this.

While your toe is healing you can do all sorts of things and avoid hundreds of obstacles.

But be warned, the only body part that you will bump is said toe.

just sayinguh oh

Ouch Biff!

There's not a lot that can be done for broken toes, which you haven't done already, in straightening it.

As GG suggested, regular doses of Ibrufen, keep foot elevated and try not to walk on ice pack will help....a pkt of frozen peas ideal for this.

If there is bruising underneath the nail, you may need to relieve the pressure with a sterilized needle.

I broke my big toe years ago, so can empathize with you.....sad flower
Touch the toe. If you can feel the bone moving inside, or if any movement in the toe feels odd (in addition to feeling painful!), then it is likely that the toe is broken. Know when to see a doctor. If the pain, discoloration, and swelling persist for more than a couple of days, you should go to the doctor

If your toe is crooked after the injury, the bone may be out of place and need to be straightened in order to heal properly. ... Most broken toes will heal on their own with proper care at home. It can take 4 to 6 weeks for complete healing. Pain and swelling will go away within a few days to a week

For the little toe (pinky toe) is injured you usually will still be able to walk. ... The fractured bone may not heal completely (nonunion), or heals improperly (malunion), requiring surgery to fix the toe. Treatment for a broken toe depends on the location and severity of the toe fracture.

You've come to the right place, boffins grin

YES! I most assuredly know a comfort procedure. A device, actually.
Get an old shoe. The thicker the sole - the better.
Cut out the area of the sole of said shoe corresponding to the afflicted toe.
Next, get an old chunk of rubber or other suitable substance 'bout 1/2" thick, 1" wide & as wide as said shoe.
Secure said chunk to sole of said shoe directly under the area of the ball of the foot.
Rubber cement is an option. Wrapping duct tape* around said shoe is another (I presume we aren't overly concerned with making a fashion statement at this juncture.)

Here's the operating principle -
The toe hurts when flexed. The hole in said sole allows the toe to hang loose - there being no shoe sole under it.
Said chunk raises the toe above the ground.
This further prevents flexion of said toe while simultaneously providing a rocking point for said foot, thus permitting a normal gait dancing

A friend recently had surgery on that portion of his foot & was provided a medical device for the same purpose. Upon examination of said device, it was determined to be insufficient for its intended purpose & 'The Miclee Apparatus' (yes. I have my very own apparatus grin) was substituted.
The Miclee Apparatus proved significantly superior to the previously state of the art device.

And get this, boffins - you got this without shedding a single dime (peso, shekel, whizbango or whatever).
If you never get any other benefit from joining CS - that alone will easily be worth several YEARS site membership fees! EASILY!

Should any of the above be unclear, you may PM me for a private tech NO extra charge!

BTW - You will become only the 3rd person on Earth to benefit from the cutting edge breakthrough technology of THE MICLEE APPARATUS! batting

I was 1st. Necessity (and excruciating pain) were the mothers of invention wow


*If the Egyptians had duct tape the nose would still be on the Sphynx.
GG, that pun hurt nearly as much as my toe does scold Comfrey would be the best thing, don't have any - witch hazel I DO have, will try, thanks!
Luke, that is so true, life is so unfair laugh loved the pic
A testimonial to the effectiveness of The Miclee Apparatus...

The friend was provided a supply of heavy duty opiods for his convelescent period.
None were required. NONE!
He still has the entire supply - unopened.

uh oh

By way of advertisement, if any of y'all junkies out there are jonesin' harsh, I can get what you need.
For a price wink

Ouch OUCH Berry on your big toe, now there's an attachment that HAS to be in good working order! And there will be no needle yikesssssssssssssssss *fading scream*

Hi Mercedes, you obviously speak from experience! Yes, faint and nasty grating click when I tenderly straightened it back to true and I'm the biggest sissy in the world but luckily heal really quickly so if it isn't significantly better in a day or two (and TBH it is already less painful today than yesterday) I will be taking steps - well, to ensure that I will be able to take steps laugh Thanks for your good and knowledgeable advice!
Mic, this elegant creation may not make it into my profile pics (I had to use packaging tape, even prettier than duct tape) but I thank you. You can still send me those unused drugs grin

BOFFINS! What the hell are you doing wasting your time on the internet?!

Fabricate youself a Miclee Apparatus!
Then you'll be able to get your @ss off the couch & get your own coffee.

"You can still send me those unused drugs"


You DID read the last part of that post, right?
The part about the price, I mean.
uh oh

I DO get my own coffee *hurt face*

It's just gone all tepid and yukky by the time I have made it back to the comfort of the sofa.

And I am already wearing my Miclee (patent pending) comforter, I had some of the basics going already, it was the matter of a few moments to perfect it to your design. So there. snooty
Mic - not even a sample? For a buddy? A buddy in pain? A ginger buddy in pain? A ginger buddy in a pain you know? A ginger budd - ah, what's the point. You're a cold and hard man scold

I've never had a fracture or broken bone I Googled.

I hope you heal very soon.
"The fractured bone may not heal completely (nonunion), or heals improperly (malunion), requiring surgery to fix the toe. Treatment for a broken toe depends on the location and severity of the toe fracture."

I knew an ol' timer - got a finger mangled in a piece of machinery.
The doc was fooling around trying to reposition it properly.
The ol' timer's suggestion - "Just cut the damned thing off & feed it to a dog." mumbling

Whyyy...that must be thirty - maybe nigh on to forty year ago now!
Ol' timers...Colorful sort they be, heh heh.
Don't reckon those times'll ever come again, by gum...santa

I'm all for Ginger loyalty.
But Ginger loyalty don't pay the bills mumbling

"You're a cold and hard man scold "



(Go ahead. Click the vid. It's less than ten seconds. You'll be amazed how useful it is.
AMAZED, I'm telling you!)

Biffy, how horrible!, but if its broken you should go to your local medical centre, You do need to keep off the poor bugger though, a rest will do you good.

The African man cure, bolt cutters and dettol, but we are in a more civilised country now.
Biff - It's too bad you don't have comfrey as I was going to suggest it as it'll help that bone heal. The anti-inflammatory I make (topical) has comfrey in a witch hazel base and also has an ingredient that will pull the blood away from the site to reduce the bruising.

If you can find some Traumeel, that would be the next best thing as it has similar ingredients to mine.
Mercedes, wow, never? I grew up round horses so I'm surprised I have feet at all, the sods kept stepping on them. And I cracked my pelvis (also courtesy of horses) but yup otherwise got off pretty lightly laugh
Mic, if you had to rely on gingers for income that would be fair comment. But we're, what, 2% of the peeps? wasn't that the final figure? Hmph. Well may you run away oinking rolling on the floor laughing
Mappy, make me coffee flirty

Can't take a rest, no time, the green ceiling is now a cloudy misty ceiling and I - I look like an appaloosa. But I'm winding down for the day now and taking back to my couch, like Elizabeth Barrett Browning. So the coffee would be oh so welcome.

The white rabbit from Alice was also hidden in that comment. I'm on a literary roll. cool
Imp, I intend to start growing comfrey again and will look out for Trameel and keep it in the first aid trunk (yeah, trunk, bit of a hypochondriac, me), thank you!
Ain't that so, map?
Whyyy...back in the day a feller'd set his own cracked ankle.
Pull his own teeth.
File rough edges off'n his own chipped teeth -
Always let yer youngun watch when ye file yer teeth wow
Scares hell outta 'em, it does...
Keeps 'em in line. On the strait & narrow. .

uh oh

Or so I've heard. From the ol' timers. santa


I appreciate you watching my vid, boffins tip hat

Feel free to use it as situations arise

Keepin' it on file, mate. Will be endlessly useful laugh
I didnt realise that you'd broken your toe, so engrossed in my blog that I was. Hope it feels better today. If not put your feet up on a cushion and read a good book. Maybe wrap crushed ice to your foot using a plastic bag. grin
Ta, Keepers, yes it is getting better by the day, I have every hope of shedding the elegant therapeutic jerry-rigged footwear any day now laugh

I still find it quite ridiculous that something so small can affect the way I stand and walk so much. doh
I had to break a window one day because I'd lost my keys. The glass cut my little finger, damn it was painful. It does seem with yours and my experience, the little things are more painful. comfort
But I have never broken a bone, even though I played outdoors in my youth. tongue
Ooops, forgot to mention that I got stitches in the little finger and the injection was very painful. wow
A glass coke bottle exploded in my hand once and cut one of my fingers really badly, it did need stitches but my brother was a medic in the army at that time and offered to do it for me. Let my little brother stitch my finger? Nooit! But I didn't want to hurt his feelings by going to the hospital so - no stitches. No feeling in that bit of finger, ever since ... doh

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