Marching to Jerusalem Promise made Promise kept

70 tears ago today Israel was recognized as a sovereign state. Today President Trump follows through on a promise made bu numerous other presidents to move our Embassy to Jerusalem but never followed through with.

Israel regards Jerusalem as its "eternal and undivided" capital, while the Palestinians claim East Jerusalem - occupied by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war - as the capital of a future state.
Mr Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital broke with decades of US neutrality on the issue and put it out of step with most of the international community.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the embassy move was a reason for celebration and called on other nations to follow suit.
"I call on all countries to join the US in moving their embassies to Jerusalem," Mr Netanyahu said, adding: "It's the right thing to do... because it advances peace."
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has described Mr Trump's decision to move the embassy as the "slap of the century".

“Thank You President Trump.” That was the message projected onto the ancient walls of Jerusalem, together with the American and Israeli flags, on the eve of the formal transfer of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem on Sunday evening.

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Jerusalem: A Cup of Trembling

It is about time that it happened.

Yes, it does show that we live by the code of our words. It was only necessary to prove that we can deliver what was promise.

For the other side, they can feel it is a slap but the truth is, when it is promised it should be delivered, right?

He only did what was expected to be done. cheers
This should have been done years ago but at least the move has been made!
"The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 is a public law of the United States passed by the post-Republican Revolution 104th Congress on October 23, 1995. The proposed law was adopted by the Senate (93–5), and the House (374–37). The Act became law without a presidential signature on November 8, 1995."
- Wikipedia

The Don followed through on the Jerusalem Embassy Act Of 1995.

f*ck you and f*ck all israelian
If u man enough why u live in usa
You tell em, Khalid.
Holy Moly,Khalid,what Eloquence,what style!wow uh oh comfort

You are an idiot!thumbs up
Being an idiot hardly makes him stand out round here.
I really couldn't care less where the capital of Israel is located. Does this mean even more Palestinian families will be dragged from their homes so Jews can move in? confused
Any chance of Trump giving America back to the natives? Well, one option the Palestinians could do is open up a bunch of hookah pipe and pot shops like the Native Americans opened up casinos.
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