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John "Let those who have ears hear, and those who have eyes see."

I now know what it means John.scold
Yes what a miracle, even if we just pick up the pieces from 1910, to 1948, to 1967 and what it is now.

I have watched the video and it confirms the legitimate creation of a miracle.

Anyways, I just want to emphasize the effect of the 6 days war. It is still a prevailing evidence of what strength and determination can accomplish. Of all the odds, they have accomplished what is impossible if only to conform to the miraculous journey they are made to tread.

Good video John.

ISRAEL'S National Anthem - HATIKVAH
wave Hey Stringman! Having good news unsettles many people.dunno
hi, ash.
so does the truth.grin
The War College of the U.S. military studies past wars to learn lessons from 'em.

I've heard that the wars of Israel since it's creation are NOT studied.
They're excluded because they make no rational sense.

Guess you might say the U.S. military regards 'em as...well...miracles.

drink pouringdrinking
Statistically Israel kills a kid every 3 days.. doesn’t this prick your conscience at all?

Or failing conscience at least be open in your monstrosity like Trump. After Harris, saville and Cosby we don’t like the aging monsters who pretend they’re not monsters and to this end you should post a video of you bathing in children’s blood. Don’t be scared of what people will do to you when they discover you’re a vampire, be proud of your vampirism.
And maybe once you acknowledge that you are a vampire you can take steps to stop being a monster.

But so long as you can continue to wrap your bloodlust up in bibles and flags you won’t take personal responsibility for what you do. You’ll wash the blood from your hands like Pilate.

how lovelylaugh

Israel kill a child / sacrificial lambs? I guess they don't matter, their lives don't matter as long as Israel survives , continue to kill innocents and fulfill the so called biblical prophecy...what a load of bollocks!laugh If the prophecy is true that God will come back and walk on this earth again, if He is a true and just God, then it will be to kick Israel and make them wander again in the wilderness...chosen people, my a**!laugh America's chosen people, yes... or maybe it's the other way arounddunno
Of course no one wants to talk about the so called children engaging in battles with the Israeli Army. The latest numbers reached 35 for the year and of course a 17 yr old engaging battle with opposing forces is still a child. Arabs have been fighting with Israel for all of recorded history and it will not stop until The Christ returns! The Palestinians do not want peace or even their own state, they want Israel eliminated!

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