idiot savant

Every one has something that they are good at even an idiot savant
No offence to any idiot savant's here
So what do you consider you can do better than anyone else confused

Mine would be sarcastic and cutting remarks
banana .
rolling on the floor laughing

Comments (61)

Says you,shit for brains! Ejit.
FFS crest of the wave.You
spent up what's left of that water logged noggin to dare to come back with that one thinking you'd trick
It made us all
Happy as a tin o worms
gone fishing.

Close,not quite.
rolling on the floor laughing hug
Wait, it comes.mumbling
And writing pathetic 5 word blogs full of emojies

roll eyes conversing
frustrated sigh
Ash I can't argue with you because I never understand any of your blog comments
I don't concern myself with competitions.
"sarcastic and cutting remarks"
It's just an example of how I "hear you":
that special talent you use here.

If it echoes back to you,dont you recognize it.
I'd give it a second shot but the next commenter might do you a service with a better impersonation.
I think it had a touch of Lansnips.
rolling on the floor laughing Mercedes ! Point taken.handshake
ash handshake hug
You honestly think you make sarcastic and cutting remarks “better than anyone else”? That’s adorable...
GT,its like a magic trick.
You provide a few words,he ruminates and then ..barf there they are all jumbled and ,and well ..sometimes the longer he waits the more projectile they are.laugh
rolling on the floor laughing adorable,like

belching the alphabet?.
Ash, when you can fart the alphabet I will be impressed!
Ladies, Would you like a bit of dramahmmm
get your fixrolling on the floor laughing
Hi there, Lee. You could be an idiot savant if you learned how to be a savant.
rolling on the floor laughing
H, You remind me a lot of someonetroll another time and another placehmmm
you made it too obvious and you never seem to give it uprolling on the floor laughing
excellent guys keep it up


but the idea was to list your special talent
not try to outdo me at mine

Ok op...My talent is charming the ladies and making them feel on top of the world...well the one's that are worth itlaugh
It's not a competition - just mentioning what each of has a knack for.

Molly once directed a comment to me...
"Mic, if sarcasm was a drug you would've overdosed a long time ago."
It was on one of Boffins's blogs, as I recall.

drink pouringdrinking
Not out doing at all.
I didn't get that from the OP at all dunno

And certainly, more than one person can have the knack for doing the same thing.

drink pouringdrinking
See macs go the idea
you assume your being sarky is so suave refined cultured? arrogance is stupidyawn
Mine would be LOVE. heart beating
some people/a person (on this blog!) would make a good liar of themselves with their over inflated ego & imagination of what they think they really are & how others view them dunno
Hunei, you post blogs with comments disabled because people are unpleasant to you, then go on other blogs to make unpleasant comments? confused Guess it takes all sorts.

Blue, I'm happy for you that you found your bliss. Still, the best comment so far on here is Harbal's savant one laugh
I am good at making imaginary friends. I live in a world rich with interesting amusing people who don't exist. I think I am probably better than anyone else at it if only because no-one else does it ... help
I'm good at Art. I sell some even, [nowadays it's tough].
I would be Idiot savant in the broader sense of the term as I am severely technically challenged, and have Numerical Dyslexia [I can't spell name of the medical term for that ].

I have a high IQ [medically tested] but Banking is a nightmare for me with numbers, anything with numbers, it effects everyday life, so does being bad at computer. Anything technical.

Art however is what I am good at, Growing veg, and being nice to unlikeable people.grin
Hunei ~ ~I think we have no right to expect perfection in other people when we are far from perfect ourselves. hug

Yes. I'd have to go with memory.

Fact is, I have greater(!) than total recall.
Yes. It's true!

I often remember - in minute detail - things which never actually occurred.

drink pouringdrinking
miclee ~ you have Walter Mitty syndrome.laugh Great asset for writing Blogs and books. typing
I'm on a trivia team. It started last November & competitions are held monthly.
We've done well! Two First Place wins & two Second Place grin

I haven't been there for all the competitions.
When I'm there - they win!
Both First Place showings & one of the Second Place.

Some folks have told me I'm incredibly trivial.
Must be so - I got the medals to prove it batting

drink pouringdrinking
miclee ~ you are quite the deceptive genius /intellectual me thinks.
ps Thanks for scaring the sh-t out of me about snakes and alligators where you live.
uh oh
Miclee ~ meant to say is the Trivia team called CS by any chance?laugh
I forgot my knack of winding people up
You mean the truffle rooting blog.rolling on the floor laughing
Enlightenment is a wonderful thing ash
Look how the sarcastic comments flowed from so many.with no response they just "sprayed and walked away "

To be sure,it was swiftly posted and she has "blogging talents" in that she did not getting jailed.applause cheers
I'm brilliant in health blogs. laugh
I wouldn't have thought deliberately winding people up and belittling them is a talent to be boasting about? confused

Who, in their right mind, enjoys cutting people down?

Have you not any warmth or compassion at all?

Legitimate question.

I have music ability btw. I can play the piano and guitar.
My idiocy is far too great to have a savant.rolling on the floor laughing
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