idiot savant

Every one has something that they are good at even an idiot savant
No offence to any idiot savant's here
So what do you consider you can do better than anyone else confused

Mine would be sarcastic and cutting remarks
banana .
rolling on the floor laughing

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berry i suggest you re read what you said to keepers on your blog and apply that mindset to yourself

I felt Keepers was out of line....and rightfully stated so.

There's a difference between stating an opinion and deliberately and callously knocking people down as a sport.

You are a cold man Phil.
Rarely, if ever, have I seen you show compassion for others on here?

Why is that?confused
You come on everyone of my blogs and stir trouble .yet I have the decency and manners to stay away from yours
What i's it you want from me?
Here's an idea !
You blog as you want and I will do likewise

You're exaggerating.

I don't come on to ALL of your blogs.

I only comment on blogs that interest me......and not to make trouble.

Only just the other day I was offering to help you out with a loan.

I'm not sure you know what love actually is?
whats love got to do with my blog
or more interestingly us sigh
we have never met as far as i am aware uh oh conversing
Love for your fellow human being.....compassion....caring.

As soon as I was aware you were in a predicament without cash, I wanted to help. I would with others on here, because I care about people.

Do you not care about others at all?

If it had been me in the same predicament, would you have helped me out?
I don't think you have it in be kind.

Why don't you try lifting people up for a change, instead of dragging them down?

Maybe your life would improve.
Coming from a woman who said men like me need a Bullet to the back of the head I have nothing to addbouquet
I can't actually recall saying that...dunno

What I did say was: you're lower than a low-bellied snake.

I'm done here....teddybear
you mean your done until the next timecomfort
I didn't knock Berry on her blog, in fact I was offering support. If she chooses to misinterpret my comments then there's no further need to open her blogs. peace
And I am not callous person, I'm a loving one. hug
And I am not here to argue. wave
I felt you overstepped the mark at the time Keepers. I may be wrong.....and if so, I'm sorry.

I know you're not a callous person.

"As soon as I was aware you were in a predicament without cash, I wanted to help. I would with others on here, because I care about people."


Berry, how about a few thousands for my next trip to NZ ? We could actually meet for a coffe in Aukland, then.

No....I AM done Wave.

You so conveniently forget the way you demeaned me.

....but I remember.

....and I don't put up many blogs, though you DO comment on every one I, stop telling porkies.

I'll agree to leave you alone and you and Bloody leave me alone.

There are exceptions Bloody....rolling on the floor laughing
Is this where the party is?
Thank you, Lee bowing
I'm feeling very validated wink

My talent at the present time, would be wrecking fishing gear. Last night I caught a nice grunter at the river mouth, but busted a runner off my rod and the reel mount when a low hanging branch impeded the progress of the 4 wheeler. Time before that I had the drag too tight and some shiteater headed for the Solomons. Time before that lost a few crab pots through overcelebration. It goes on and on, I'm going to have to reinvest.

I guess my talent is to not really care, and still be keen to hit it every other day.

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