When will Bacteria take over and be the top of the food chain on planet Earth?

Bacteria will use more of the energy from the sun to go from chilling-out to actively dividing trillions of times a second even on ceramics and metals until they cover everything. No plants equals no animals. Red and blue light will no longer exist on earth because bacteria will eventually suck it all out of the sun.

Eventually, CO2 and Non Methane Hydrocarbons at ground level will replace oxygen providing more energy for bacteria to accelerate dividing even more until they no longer need a separate nutrient rich starch based food to survive. POTUS endorses this science.


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Sounds like you can still make microbrew!!rolling on the floor laughing
Nice, aslander. Sweet beer to feed more bacteria ... perpetual drunk bacteria laugh
hug glad you endorse it.we'll put kombucha out of business.peace
Ash ~ Even Kombucha is unhealthy, I give up. Does this mean I should bin my probiotics ?uh oh
Bacteria are plants. LoL
Galrads ~ Medical science has found that all Depressions and inflammatory disease in the body, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, etc., are caused by inflammation due to sugary and acidy foods too much and an imbalance of Bacteria in the Gut.

so it's the Gut that the Scientists say we should be treating ~ Acidopilus, Biodophilus, etc., all bacteria
"History of Halloween"(meet us in the articles)

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