Scientists Say Don't Make Your Bed

Research from Kingston University has shown that making your bed in the morning traps in dust mites that have accumulated overnight and provides a breeding ground for allergens that can exacerbate asthma and allergies.

What To Know About Dust Mites

These microscopic bugs feed on scales of human skin, and they thrive in moist environments. When we sleep during the night, our bodies become warm and sweaty, making us a prime target for these dust mites to feed on our skin (and leave behind excretions that can give us asthma-like symptoms).

Making your bed first thing in the morning traps in this moisture, allowing your bed to be a home for up to 1.5 million dust mites. If you leave your bed messy, however, the mites are exposed to air and sunlight, which causes them to become dehydrated and die out.

Because mites can produce allergens that are problematic for people with asthma or allergies, it’s important to minimize the number of mites milling around in your bed.

To search for a solution to the problem, scientists at the university developed a computer model to track the number of dust mites in the home, and they found that leaving your bed unkempt throughout the day is the best solution to reduce the number of dust mites. Letting your bed air out to remove any moisture inhibits mite survival, so you no longer have to feel guilty about heading out the door in a rush with your sheets in a tangle.

If you’re someone who can’t stand a messy bed, at least consider leaving your bed unmade in the morning for a few hours, and putting it together later in the afternoon.

Combatting Dust Allergies

The American College of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology recommends the following to help combat dust allergies at home:

* Remove wall-to-wall carpets, particularly in the bedroom.
* Keep pets out of the bedroom, and preferably out of the house.
* Minimize household humidity.
* Use “mite-proof” cases on mattresses and pillows; wash bed linens frequently in hot water.
* Install a high-efficiency media filter in your furnace and air conditioning unit.
* Keeping your house cool and dry can also help reduce dust mites, as they thrive best in a warm and humid environment.

Other Benefits Of Keeping Your House Cool

Besides combatting mites, keeping your home cool (between 60-67 degrees seems to be the ideal) while you sleep has been shown to provide a number of other health benefits, including:

1. Decreasing Your Risk For Metabolic Diseases
In a 4-month study, it was determined that sleeping in a 66-degree room not only burned more calories while awake, but the amount of “brown fat” (or good fat) in the body increased. Brown fat allows your body to burn calories, not store them. Together, this could help lower the risk for metabolic diseases like diabetes over time.

2. Getting A Better Night’s Sleep
When your body isn’t too busy trying to regulate its temperature, you’ll fall into a deeper, more restorative sleep. Research in Australia has also proven that sleeping in cooler environments can help decrease certain types of insomnia. And, as we know, getting enough sleep is so important to our overall health.

3. Looking More Youthful
It’s been shown that sleeping in temperatures between 60-68 degrees will allow your body to release more melatonin, which is not only essential to a good night’s sleep, it’s one of our best anti-aging hormones.

If you and your spouse argue over the thermostat setting or your house just can’t seem to get cool enough for you, here are some tips for staying cool while you sleep:

1. Freeze your top sheet and put it on right before bedtime.
2. Sleep naked. Fewer clothes = less insulation.
3. Use a fan to circulate air around the room.

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Comments (16)

Keepers ~ What a co incidence, I was thinking about that today. this morning, I have left my bed unmade, I have the duvet cover turned back right back to let the air in [it is sunny and warm] on to the sheets.

It does not look untidy, but I have a Dutch friend living here, he is Gay and so so tidy and clean, he puts me to shame. He was showing me around his new apartment a few months ago and I asked him about his bed, beautiful Duvet and not a fancy Cushion in site. He has the entire Duvet rolled back. He shakes it with his french windows [he has a lovely apartment, I don't have those type of doors] and he shakes the hell out of it, and leaves the Duvet folded neatly back all day, until he goes to bed. Says it's healthier.

Interesting Blog. I may start doing same. I have mild to moderate Asthma. lightbulb idea
If it helps why not GG, happy place a good excuse to be lazy hey? laugh

Don't worry about the people, "who the people? We the people". very happy

See you later. wave
Keepers ~ I live on a very busy road so , living in a one storey Cottage, leaving the bedroom window open is not an option. [A lot of break ins] not to mention the river nearby with lots of little and bigger rodents. uh oh

I did read about sleeping naked and the benefits and it saves on washing laundry too. I think there is nothing nicer than soft skin against freshly laundered White linen which is what I use, plain white Duvet cover and under and over blanket, heavenly.happy place ~I could do with Melatonin, not a great sleeper at all.doh
I do not make a bed.

I don't have allergies or asthma.

Yep. I'm convinced. That's scientific proof enough for me grin

drink pouringdrinking
"...not to mention the river nearby with lots of little and bigger rodents."

We don't have that problem living near rivers in Murka, gg.
The snakes/gators eat 'em grin

The Coast Guard Air Station in Mobile, Alabama had an alligator for a mascot.
Alfred had his own pond & enclosure; he was 6+ ft. (2 m) long.
We never had stray dogs/cats either.
Not for very long, anyway. sad flower

drink pouringdrinking
miclee ~ I was just about to have my lunch, so I'd have Snakes sliding in the window and under the covers
for warmth......uh oh At least I'd hear the Alligator coming along and they don't climb [I think ]

Have you got a fan GG, to air your bedroom out. I used to love my duvet also, but we have no winter months anymore, so it's packed up. happy place

Good for you Mic, it's easy to keep the bedroom door closed I guess. laugh I agree with GG, you can keep the snakes and alligators. Joking, true is they rarely interfere with humans. grin
Keepers ~ It would be wonderful to just need a sheet, but I was thinking of getting one of those air purifiers, they are supposed to be good. I would buy a good one. I think keeping the bedroom cool and dust free and having a clean flow of air is paramount.

I also believe in not having thick curtains, blinds are better and healthier, infact, the Dutch people have it right with their wooden floors, simplicity of decor and the blinds and shutters and hanging Duvets over the balcony and out the windows to kill off dust mites. thumbs up
I change my pillow cover and sheets every week because I heard dust mites grow and I also leave the curtains open in the morning so the sunlight gets at the bed. I have a friend who has asthma, she told me she changes the sheets once a month, I told her to change it every week, I'm really convinced she got asthma because of not changing the sheets often and not exposing the bed to sunlight.
Yup FunnyChic, I also change bedding every week but still it's hot here and I'm not keen in those bed mites so I'll leave the fan on with the bedding open until later, or maybe I won't bother making the bed at all. laugh
I vacuum everyday and dust too.I'm allergic to dust anyway and things have to be dust free.I have fun this time of year regards to pollen and such.Fun Fun.
Me too Bearwoman, the pollen makes me sense. comfort hug See you later. wave
sneeze, not sense. rolling on the floor laughing
Why fight entropy ? laugh
"Have you got a fan GG?"

flirty love pointing GG & GG fan.

Why? you tell me Jiim. peace

Yup Mic, GG often misses my questions but no prob. hug

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