Get Real...

Many people seem to be oblivious and living in their fantasy world of fame, wealth , politics and religion, have no problem with that as long as they don't force others to believe their fantasies

I try to live in reality and do some self check from time to know...just to make sure that I'm still normal and sane , physically intact or if in need of some repairs or upgrading ...or if in need of mental and emotional support..

My life is not just about me, I have so much to live for -kids, loved ones, good friends, lovers, jobs and even little things that I love to do. I compartmentalize my life to make sure it's balanced, have a time and place for myself, time and place for my loved ones, time and place for work and other things.

Life is not perfect, it's not just about you, it's also about people you care about , people you touched and the trail you will leave behind when it's all over.

The world is a mess, it doesn't not revolve around USA nor Israel nor Middle East. It's full of hungry and abused children, women, elders and unfortunate people who also need media coverage and help to survive and live a safe life...these unfortunate ones could be next to you, could be living under your very own roof, could be your neighbors, if you look deeper you might see them and get to experience that wonderful feeling of doing so little but could be a life saver for others.

The system and the government is flawed, run by many scumbags, paedophiles, perverts, maniacs, thieves and people you can't trust and rely on so don't make them the center of your world and waste your energy on them they don't give a shit about will learn and receive more from ordinary people who work hard to earn an honest living.

Religion is not going to save you, it's how you live your life and how you treat yourself and other people...heaven is when you're happy, sleeping well and not having guilty conscience nagging at you, its' that wonderful feeling when you know everything is going great ...heaven is here now and not when you die. Hell is when you lost yourself and treat others like out for Karma, no one gets away from this life alive. God is watching, I believe He's around but if He's that great and perfect the we wouldn't be in this mess now...? It's frigging confusing so don't be too sure that the religion you strongly believe in is enough to save you from this miserable life...just be kind and do good.

Treat others with respect as you want to be respected...get laid and get a life and live it to the fullest...

Now, who's up for some fun?laugh

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Crazy ~ your blog is emotive, and true, and it shook me to the core. Nothing I don't know but to see it written so truthfully and raw, it is all you have said.

Why the bloody hell can't we all live in harmony. What is wrong with me being a christian, you being a Muslim, or a Hindu. Is there not room enough for us all ?

The greed, and the cruelty and the lust for power, the lies, the false news.

We can't take on all the problems of the world and we will go mad if we listen to the prophets of doom.
Those who think their brand of Washing powder will get them in to heaven, and not mine.

Yes, many live in a world of fantasy either because they are too shallow, or they can't face reality and the type of lives they lead.

I don't watch the news sometimes as it is so depressing but don't want to be living in Myopia either.
Have your fun Crazyheart. Enjoy your life , your family, your love life and have fun. Vote for the people who you think will change things for the better. Pray for peace if you believe in prayer. As I think you do.
Other than that, there is really nothing else you can do.

Take care and once again, happy Ramadan bouquet
Excellent blog, everyone should read it. thumbs up Society's downfall is that they live a life of illusion. They try to compare their own limited experience to what they read in the news. Then they share the BS. conversing Before the internet people honestly believed that lions walked the cities streets in Africa. How they came to that notion is beyond me, but to this day I still warn every visitor to not get out of their vehicles in game reserves.
Thanks, GG!

I could be emotional sometimes specially when I get fed up reading senseless things one after's kinda brain washing people and it's sad to say that many have lost their own sense of self and reality believeng all the BS they read, watched and heard from the media....there are so much things to do in life, even little things could bring happiness and touch many and happiness are contagious...

negativity is just that...negativity, bad, dark, meaningless, senseless...

I do read and watch news when I have time but I try to see it from my own point of view , make sense and just go for what is right for me and everyone else.sigh

I don't belong to any religion now, I believe and I pray...I do it my way, in the way I see it good and sensible...not according to what they say or what they wrote...I'm on my belief is just between me and whatever God maybe up there or around the corner.

Good to blog with you again...I hope you have fully recovered and doing great over therehug
Keepers ~ Before the internet I never encountered anyone who believed that Lions roamed the streets in Africa. Most people are relatively educated here in Europe. All cats are predatory, so unless the lions fed on a diet of humans,[and as you know Cats are shy creatures, even Big Cats.] their habitat suits them much much better where they can sun and relax in peace and procreate with their lionesses.

cats meow Irish version of the now, Domesticated Cat. good luck good luck good luck
Crazy ~ I am exactly the same, I pray to God, daily, but not in any particular church or religion. I take what is good from all, including Buddhism. I don't belong in any box.

I keep a sense of humour or you'd go mad, all the fake news blasting out.
I love music, it is the best thing when you feel as you do, overwhelmed by things.

Just be the person you are, and thanks for the good wishes.hug
What kind of fun are you looking for Miss.Crazy? A night club, drinks in a bar, a bag of chips, theme park, a game of snooker? I´ve got so many ideas it´s like a dream for you!wink
However, you will have to wait...according to google it takes 58 hours to drive or 961 hours to walk from where I live to Aman. Should my car break down I´ll surely die trying to walk the rest of the way so it wasn´t meant to be, tell my parents my body saved the local wildlife from starvingcrying

cheering You Dammmmnnn Right!

I hope you're having a fabulous day/evening there.

I have limited experience in life too but I try to see things from other's perspective and trying to have some common works for me most of the timelaugh
Already posted you XO.
(Difficulties Looming Blog/Miclee)

***Happy Ramadan to CH and many others.*****
2) When the shit hits the fan we are praying for your safety.
3)Same 'ole,Same 'ole not at the
pace he's reversing Obama's curse
4)The possibilities are endless and so
are my hopes for the future.
5) No predictions necessary, he is keeping his promises to America.
6) Prayers for Melania's recovery from
kidney surgery.

I'm on a short break.
Take care CH!bouquet

Yes, sense of humor can do so much...and music can make our day/night.

I'm here in the office, was feeling quiet before I posted this blog . I listened to Simply Red and felt some some kind of weird sad feeling so I texted my jerk " talk to me", he knows when he read something like that I'm feeling downlaugh Then we chatted...he asked why I'm feeling this way and I started thinking about my life and I really have to no reason to complainlaugh I'm so blessed, all I need to do is to make more time to enjoy life much lucky than many unfortunate people...

Then I read blogs here and felt some negative vibes...thus, the "get real" blog titlelaugh
Hey CH,

I'm living in a fantasy world of fame and wealth in my mind, and going crazy too. It's great!
Okay, kidding about that.. maybe.

By the way, really, I don't read or watch any news, except sports... some people tell me, "That's irresponsible" but I don't care. If the world comes to an end and I'm the last one to know, so be it.

I sometimes watch movies, read, go out and do lots of things more so... to just enjoy the air and people I know here and there, and I like dogs, cats, animals and so on.

If I pray or whatever and to whom or what I pray to, is my choice.. and that's how I see the world.
If other people don't like it? Then that's their problem.

Have fun, enjoy life! hug

my kind of fun are :

spending time with my kid and loved ones...

go out on a date...have a drink or two in nice pub or dinner in some fancy restaurant.

shopping, alone or with my son or friends...

spending passionate time with my special someone...

and some fun blogs too

By the way, CH, where have I been all your life? head banger

what are you up to these days?laugh
Hi Ash!


a bit disappointed, Ramadan won't start till Thursdaylaugh

Enjoy your break...
I been more busy and watching more tv. Especially watching a lot of movies.......hug

I'm over here....waiting for you all these yearslaugh
What's taking you so long?

busy is good...lots of movies are fun...I wish I have more time to watch movies...I can only do that after 2am when I get home from work...I'll watch movies till I fall asleep...wake up and would usually find TV still onlaugh
Wow, CH, really? You've been waiting for me? Okay, let me take a bath, and I'll be over right after.

Yes, I promised!

No need to take a bath I'll take you to massage parlor here called Turkish bath, they'll give you royal treatmentlaugh

for you....this was the song I was listening to before I posted this bloghug


I Have Retired Form Working!:....thumbsup:

And I Am Not Looking For Anymore Work. Those Days Are Gone For Me! I Just Set Back And Stands Up, Trying To Enjoy Life! I Have My Own Income. The Children Are Grown! One In College/ Works. And The Other Is In The Military.

Now! I Relax With My Time. And I Do Not Do Much Traveling Anymore.....hug

Yes, life is to be have done your part, working and caring and raising family...time to just set back now and enjoy the things you love in life with your loved ones.

I'm busy working , will be for many years more but managed to take some break from time to time and enjoy life too....laugh

Time Will Fly By Before You Know It! And Then You Will Be Retired From Working. Just Hand On IN There. Time Goes By Faster Then You Think!...........hug

yes, time flies! it's scarylaugh

I love being busy and productive...won't mind some needle work and cooking and gardening when I retire one daylaugh
I Have Went From Fixing A 3 Course Meal! To A 5 Course Meal.......laugh

why is that?laugh

Hail! I Don't Know! I Guess Just Because.......laugh

Good blog! Imo, ^^^ the above meme pretty much says it all. grin

you do have a good appetite laugh
Hello Ladyimp!

Thanks ! just missed blogging these days...laugh

Today! I Think That I Will Slow It Down A Little.

Brocoli, Smash Potatoe ,Mixed corn and Pull Chicken........cheers

feeling hungry here...broccoli , corn sound yummylaugh
Aww! Come By For Dinner.....thumbs up


Gotter GO! Undercover Boss Is On.......popcorn
Where are all the pervs tonight? Is it just me and Crazy?
yeah is important tpbe have to be willing to not listen to others and not conform to other peoples standards .were only here once and it can be shorter than we think .also never hurt others on purpose .then a slice of tart with nice coffee or wine does the rest a good woman is a must as well not a out and out headcase but a bit is good a bit of boldness
Crazy ~ Thanks for the song. I love Simply Red. I'll give it all up for you... Something got me started.
Love his voice. Music just can cheer me up , or give me energy, sometimes makes me remember relationships and stuff. Take care .hug
Hi Crazy, I do keep it as real as I can.

Life is pretty real.
Good blog. handshake

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