Raju the chained elephant who cried when freed, is very happy today

February 20, 2017

NEW DELHI, INDIA 2/18/17 – The story of Raju the Elephant who cried real tears of gratitude during his rescue after 50 years of cruel abuse has a happy ending. He has almost completely recovered after several months at the Wild Life SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Center in India.

We asked if the abuser has been charged or arrested. As you can see by this update just received from the Compound, the government there has not yet taken action against the perpetrators of the totally inhuman treatment of this magnificent creature. Meanwhile, we are pushing to get a petition started to demand that arrests be made with proper punishment following.

Here is the original story of Raju with photos:

This is the toughest story this columnist has ever written. How could anyone do something like this? One thing for sure such cruelty can only come from savages not humans.

Below is the message just received which certainly brightened our day as it will yours
Greetings from the Wildlife SOS family!

Here's a little update on Raju for you :)

The veterinarians at the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre report that Raju's treatment has progressed leaps and bounds since he first arrived at the centre and was entrusted into their care. Although initial progress seemed painfully slow,

Raju is now a far cry from the elephant he used to be, walking around comfortably and engaging in trunk tussles with another bull elephant, Mac, even though there is a nearly 30 year age difference between the two. Raju's gait is no longer abnormal, as his hip and shoulder abscesses have all but healed, thanks to the regular draining and disinfecting process that the veterinarians prescribed.

A huge part of Raju's recovery has also been thanks to the target training sessions we have introduced into our elephants' routines. Since the process is based on positive reinforcement, Raju gets lots of love, appreciation and peanuts – all of which have resulted in a calmer and much more cheerful elephant!

Raju is an absolute delight to be around, and his calm and patient aura reinforces the idea that he is an exceptionally special bull elephant.

As for Raju's former owners, the matter is on-going and we are waiting for the government to take action against the accused.

Comments (12)

BC ~ I signed petitions for Raju. It is not unfortunatley an isolated case. Horrific how some so called humans can treat such an intelligent , majestic creature. These animals as you know are herd animals and need and crave company, which he has at long last.

I am sure there is still trauma there but with vetinary care and lots of love and companionship, all should be well and poor Raju can live out his days in happiness and the way and elephant should.

Sometimes I am ashamed to be human. Raju has much to teach us about survival and the strength of spirit these abused animals have and their ability to love and trust after such wanton cruelty.
I´m pretty sure my neighbours have got a wasp tied up on a piece of string in their back yard and it buzzes all day and night. Should I call the cops or attempt a rescue myself?
What I can not understand GG in all those years that this elephant was chaine with spikes going into his legs,
did no one of the public see what was going on?
It hurts to think about what this creature went through.
The owners were drug addicts and used Raju for begging
Bnaughty I put up a blog not long ago,.
It was about if you wanted to get to know someone watch hoiw they interacts on the blogs or forums

You, are the posterboy, I think you are a iijit for sure.
You meant to be funny? Sorry your very insentitve............
Watching how people interact on here says nothing about their real life, for instance, you´re probably quite nice in real lifeprofessor
BNaughty ~ That story is very sad, about cruelty, wanton neglect. You're getting sadder and an ageist , but ageing eejit, suck it up.
BC ~ I thought the same thing. Why didn't somebody do something. The elephant eating plastic bottles because of starvation. It is horrific. I would say that the legs will never be the same and a lot of damage to the internal organs from malnutrition /starvation but the thing is, the animal is happy now, pain free, has love which is healing, and will live out the rest of his poor life, peacefully and happy with the other Elephants.

It.s appalling that nobody went to a sanctuary and told them. IT tells a lot that those who did this are walking free. No disincentive for others not to do the same . So upsetting.
The pictures that I saw, the spikes that went into it legs, it is just so horific.I makes me cry.
People must have seen this......
Elephants happen to be one of my favourites.
This is mostly because how they can feel.
Mourn when one of their own dies, even going back to the spot where the one died.
They can cry..........unfortunately they also remember and in this case that is too bad
Look how gentle this animal is today, after what had been done to it for 50 years

wave Jenny
I remember the elephant at the Greater Vancouver Zoo - it was so sad, he was in a tiny enclosure on cement so his feet wouldn't rot with our wet weather. He did end up with foot problems anyway and they sent him to an elephant sanctuary in the US. Unfortunately, he didn't live very long.

He was so lonely, he used to hold his own tail for comfort. crying
Ladyimp, the same happened in Toronto. If I remember it right, there were three elephants.
Also walking on cement.
Bob Barker was instrumental to get those three freed and send to a sanctuary in the US.
Because of one woman, the animalls had been loaded in a truck already, they had to stand another 9 hours, until she finally let them go.
It was a very long trip and the animals could not join the other elephants right away, but at long last
they are together.
Climbing hills they never knew before, and grass under their feel. thumbs up
OMG I almost missed this. wine peace Elephants have a strong family bond. There was another petition I signed about two Elephants forced to live together even though they disliked each other. Apparently new homes were set up for them too, but the owners made money from them if I'm not mistaken. Human beings can be so stoooopid. crying
Keepers is was also money that kept Raju in chains and chains with spikes for 50 years.
He was "owned" by drug addicts who used him to beg for money.
I so love these animals wave

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