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An absolutely magnificent morning, and I was awake at 5:15am and on my bike by 5:30am. A strong breeze from the north east had me pedalling a little harder than normal towards the dike. Once on the dike, the breeze at my back, it was easy riding in the coolness of the hour.

On my way to the dike.

The sun hadn't risen above the mountain yet, producing a yellow glow in a dip between two peaks. Usually I ride the country roads towards the river, but decided today to take a little bit longer route, which turned out to be fortuitous. A man walking the dike asked me if I was taking photos of the bear, and I asked if there was one. He said he hadn't seen any on the dike so far, this year. He said wait until the corn is up in the summer, and the the bears are in the corn fields.

On the dike.

He told me that red foxes, bobcats, coyotes and other wildlife lives in the copse of trees and bushes that was just off to our left, surrounded by farmer's hay fields. He pointed to something way out in the field and said he thought it was a red fox or coyote. I didn't have my zoom lens on the camera, but when it started to bound through the field, it's colouring and bushy tail had me thinking it was a red fox. How cool! I can hardly wait until I go again and maybe get a photos of it!

He pointed out a path where he said bobcats come out of frequently so it sounds like he walks the dike all the time, early, and has been graced with glimpses of wildlife. Lucky guy!

Other than the fox from a distance, I didn't see any wildlife this morning, it either being too early, or too late. Back on the country roads, a nursing calf in a small field stopped long enough to turn his head and look at me, his mother watching my every move. The calf's name is Joey, judging by his ear tag, an apt name for the cute little guy.

Down to the river, and it's steadily rising, more than half way up the former road to the ferry. Passing my favourite bench, I noted the river is even higher, and had no desire to be that close to the edge of the river.

Former ramp to the ferry, more than half covered in water.

Riding through the foliage, the rushing river could easily be heard through the bushes. Coming out near the farmer's blueberry fields, I stopped dead. Directly in front of me the two track dirt road was flooded. Not wanting to find out how deep it was, I was able to walk up a small berm and around to the other side. It wasn't exactly comfortable, as the river was racing by on one side, and the slough had flooded the road on the other. One never knows how stable the ground is underneath.

Looking back towards the path - no idea how deep it is, and didn't want to find out.

I won't be doing that 'tour' again until the river has abated, unfortunately. I really love that circuitous route, but safety is the priority. Cycling by the heritage home, her Iris are out, along with some other pretty yellow wildflowers. She came out the door just as I was taking photos of the iris and gave me permission to go on her property and photograph a gorgeous gold iris that was just glowing in the early light.


Love the iris 'tongue'!

Cheery flowers - no idea what they are.

Photography has made me 'see' so much more of life. What could be better?

Comments (13)

Imp ~ you certainly had an early start, best way to travel, when the sun is gentle and coming up slowly. I love the photos. I just love your photos.
Particularly the Iris magnficent, and those colours.
Wow there seems to be a whole load of animals around there. Why don't you bring some food to lure the foxes and other animals out, Stay well away as they're nervous but you'd get your photos.

Glad you had such a marvellous day, away from all the doom and gloom on the news. That is the way to live life.
GG - thanks! I don't think the farmers would thank me for attracting the bears, as that's what it would do, unfortunately. I will have to be content to run across them when they are out and about. They have lots of food in the area (jack rabbits, etc), so I feel it's best to just let them be. grin
There's a 5.30 in the morning too?


Vicarious living laugh thumbs up
Haha Biff - yes, there actually is! rolling on the floor laughing

IMHO, the best time of the day - when very few are even awake. banana
Imp ~ It is the time when you look out the window this time of year and see the foxes playing in the back garden with their cubs. Adorable.
The birds are chomping worms from the grass and nature is fully awake.

The early photographer, gets the good picture !!wave
Good morning Ladywave

You certainy write good, expressive blogs!thumbs up

You are also a talented photographer!

Can't wait to see the pics you take of the various animals!

Lady, you have a wonderful and beautiful day!hug
Gentlejim - Thank you! And you have a great day, too! Have you been biking?
Good Morning LadyImp wave Nice pics, thumbs up enjoyed them Thanks The one pic of the bridge, I had to do a double take on that one, Looks just like one of our bridgeswow that crosses one the N sask river here. (same type bridge, landscape, and scenery)
It is amazing the different types of wildlife a person sees in those early morning hrs, definitely the best time of day. Once again Thanks
Imp ~ I met a friend today and she has Badgers where she is living. I could not believe it. Again, shy creatures, but it is a built up agrea. Maybe they feel safer where people are too busy to notice them ?
I hope you had a wonderful day. I would also like to see your animal pics. Up close.

I hope you had a lovely day. The sun shone in Dublin all day but cold for this time of year, still happy to see a blue sky for a change.rose
Good morning 1to1! wave

Isn't that bizarre, when a place looks like it could be in your own city? Glad you enjoyed the photos. grin

You see so much in the early morning. The animals come out at dusk as well, but it's a different 'feel' as the day winds down, but still a lot of people around and human activity. The early mornings are so peaceful and quiet. heart beating
GG - Wow - you have some cool wildlife right on the back doorstep. When I had my farm, the deer would wander through the pasture as if they owned it after the horses were gone.

While the horses were still there, Nick thought penning the deer was a great game! They'd jump into the pasture and he'd start penning them, I never laughed so hard in my life. They never came back after he did that, while he was there.

The coyotes would often hide in the long grass on neighbouring properties, and sadly, killed Sadie's sister, Amy. I didn't see too much other wildlife there, though.

Doesn't the sunshine make you feel so good? We've got an overcast day here, but a good day for my car to be detailed and to head to the store later to buy more pots for over-purchasing plants. Lol

I haven't biked yet but will be going this week!thumbs up
Jim - awesome! Enjoy your ride! thumbs up
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