Our first time & I fell asleep!

The setting was perfect, relaxing on crisp fresh, white sheets with lots of cushions, the mosquito nets down, the blinds closed. Soft music in the background, everything was set for a relaxing hour or so.
....................."are you ready now" was the question....'yes', I replied nervously as I nestled into the cushions.

My first sensation was a blinding headache followed by such pain in my eyes as if you had your fingers pressing hard on them.
The head pain subsided as you moved gently towards my neck & shoulders. I relaxed even more then, taking controlled, deep breaths & fell into such a deep contentment that I felt myself drifting, all I was aware of was the gentle sound of the music in the background.

I think it was at this point I started to drift into sleep, I was aware at one stage of my hips hurting as if they were being stretched & my leg muscles were being pulled. Nothing else mattered, just the sensations of the present & the music lulling me into deeper relaxation & sleepiness.

Forty five minutes later I was slightly aroused by the words "I've finished now, are you awake?" I couldn't even answer, such was the depth of my relaxation & contentment .......................

I woke an hour later only by the dog crying to go out for a walk & then you phoned me to discuss the treatment...............

Thanks Daniela for our first distance Reiki treatment, it was wonderful. xxxxx

WHAT?????, What else were you all thinking of? ................. mucky minded buggers!! rolling on the floor laughing

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You lost me at blinding headache but hey, long as you were having fun rolling on the floor laughing
Haha - I figured it was your Reiki treatment. tongue
Is there a waiting line?
Can I schedule a Reiki Swap! hug
Omg!!!wow hole

Glad you enjoyed it! comfort

Ash...yes..there's a long waiting list. You need to take a number.
Tilla ~ heaven.happy place sleep
I thought Reiki had retreated to the highlands of Papua New Guinea by about 1995.
BN...scold laugh
I have just deleted a comment from BNaughty. I will NOT tolerate his filth on my blogs, it is bad enough seeing him pour out his dirty little filthy minded comments all around this site but I WILL NOT tolerate it on my blog!
I thought you were having a stroke at first.

Very relieved hug
hahahaa, Merc, no, no stroke smile Fantastic distance Reiki treatment from Daniela, just had to relax & listen to the music while she did all the whatever it is she does. I felt great after, need 2 more treatments. It is definitely worth it xx
Good morning C. I hope you have a lovely day. And this goes to all the denizens of blogland.cheers teddybear cheers
I guess my mind just went straight to the gutter i found myself yellng no Cerv wake up lol..
i thought maybe you had a date with Bill Cosby and his infamous qualudes it was turning into a suspense movie Cerv good one lmaorolling on the floor laughing laugh cheers
Just as a reminder...this should have been followed by another 3 or 4 consecutive treatments in order to get the full benefits.

The problem is ...most people feel good after one session and can't be bothered after that but...it doesn't work that way I'm afraid.scold

teddybear heart wings
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