The Value of Rejection

Like it or not, we will all face rejection at one time or another. To fear rejection means you simply stagnate. Fear holds us back. Rejection makes us stronger, not weaker, and those who reject us move on with their lives anyhow, with no more thought about us, so we should and can do the same. Also it's worse to appease someone just because you don't want to hurt their feelings, hopes, and dreams by rejecting them. Do that, and the crocodile will turn around to bite you back. Besides to my understanding most people prefer rejection to pity.

Rejection can bash our ego badly especially as it is so personal, at other times it makes us question ourselves and it's okay to dwell for a short time because the rejection might carry a teaching of some kind. However after all due consideration it's wise to think of, or do, something pleasant like taking a long walk which gives us a great opportunity to hug a tree that is often taken for granted, which is much worse than rejection.

It's true, after hugging a tree you feel stimulated by its tingly energy which creeps up your spine and right through your veins. Don't believe me, just try. Trees love us. After all without trees we would die a miserable death short of the oxygen they provide, and they appreciate a hug once in awhile, just as we do in our daily lives. People in traffic laugh if they catch sight of me hugging a tree during my daily walks but it's no bother, I continue because the trees' energy is so swell, S W E L L, it's to die for. These are just some of the little things that really count if your minds eye can see the value.

Go forth and hug a tree to feel its life force and to maintain balance.


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If I'm rejected I don't feel bashed or think there's some thing wrong with me I'm just not what he's wanting and that's okay because I wouldn't want to be with someone who feels they have to be with me.

There's some one out there for all of us if not in this life definitely my next life.
Thank you for your wisdom Mercedes. hug teddybear
Thanks Keepers bouquet teddybear
I think there's been a misunderstanding?

This comment below was directed at Wave.....not you.

There's a difference between stating an opinion and deliberately and callously knocking people down as a sport.

If you choose not to accept my apology for my comment made to you on my blog yesterday, so be it.

There's nothing I can do to change that.
It's okay Berry, we all make mistakes. hug wine teddybear

btw this blog was posted before I opened Waves blog. It wasn't inspired by anything but practicing my writing skills. smitten

That's a nice photo of you Mercedes. peace
Yep, I've made my fair share of mistakes.

I obviously did wrongly misinterpret your comment.

hug bouquet
Keepers ~ What about the rejection felt by men and women who were rejected by their mothers? or fathers? a much deeper issue.
I don't see any rejection in this type of rejection.

I think how we respond to rejection has much to do with 1. How our life is at the moment, for instance, if we live with somebody, or other people, we can bounce it off them and maybe talk about it.
2. If we are going through a rough patch or suffer say, from clinical Depression, it can have a devastating effect on the health of those who do.
3. Rejection [on the low scale] is easy to get over and indeed Trees are highly calming and healing as you said.
4. For rejection in a long term relationship, it is not trivial and can cause great grief if there was deep love there.

Even in the animal kingdom, Dogs have died when abandoned, from sheer grief, even though they are fed and looked after by somebody else. sad flower
Quite right GG, but one should find a way to break free of any challenge because only by doing so are we open to a bright new day. Clouds and trees are my best in nature, and all the great authors including them in their writings, in one way of another trees are never forgotten. love
Keepers,, every day I go to a tree across the road in a tiny park. It was there since I was a child. Huge tree, beautiful, majestic. They cut it down overnight, leaving it's huge stump about 15 feet high. It was not blocking any light.
I literally cried when I saw it. Why? a magnificent tree. I used to, and still do, touch and caress the trunk and the different textures. I feel pain for this tree. Have you read Judy Dench and her experience with trees?

They heal each other give out healing and loving vibrations to each other [all scientifically proven] so we are not mad !laugh

Back to rejection, when rejected by parents,as a baby, and they don't want to know you if you make contact as an adult [ a good example ] let me say it is an extremely hurtful and probably the worst form of rejection as it makes one question the lovability of oneself.

Going and looking at blue skies and trees is hardly applicable there.
I personally have found Altruism is probably a good route. To study psycotherapy and counselling and try to help others in the same situation. Have a nice day, evening?

Oh, and if those who have suffered rejection can learn to love themselves again, then they can love others and love really is the cure.heart beating
Good input GG, very smart gal. bouquet But every picture tells a different story. For instance, but not always the case, those who come from a comfortable, stable childhood, often have a hard time as they get older. Perhaps it's their sense of entitlement which makes them frustrated. However I have noticed those who come from a tough environment do very well for themselves later in life. This type of scenario has become almost predictable in my lifetime.

We came from a background of instability, uncertainty, unhappiness, and constant upheaval, until we arrived here, but still didn't fit in to this country at first. If you know anything about the South African history they hated the Englishman more than the Blackman. After all we have a huge coloured population (mixed race) since the many explorers landed at the Cape in the 1800's. So little Trevor Noah lies when he says his family had to hide him under the bed. He lies often to make you gasp. We came from a British colony. Nothing was easy, I felt lost for most of my life and it really only began to come together in later life, so I'm also a reflection of my theory.

We don't go for counselling down here, we just get on with it and if it means rejection, so be it. I've had more than my fair share of rejection to toughen me up. So anyone who has had a tough childhood, it will probably all change as age creeps up. For me it was a gift which didn't seem like it at the time. gift
Thank you keepers bouquet hug
I have the feeling that I'm the only one here who's been rejected by a tree. sad
Harbal hug Take a Leaf out of my book and pack your trunk bring the dog and we will have a TREEsome.
dancing dog Walking in the Dales with you me and the little Dog.
Afdal lak Masalamawave
That sounds wonderful, GG. hug
Harbal ~ we will find a tree to hug you back and not to reject you. All above board you understand. rollers
rejection is just a part of life now bein in love with a tree and asking for love from it nonsense I has very big trees about 100 feet tall and they do nothing for me only cause hardship .soon maybe fell them and show them my love for them
JJ You fell those beautiful trees and I will go down an Graffiti your whole outside of your house.
Trees give you privacy and they also purify the air. Maybe the ones that are sick or have a disease but to cut down a health tree when trees are becoming a rare commodity is ecologically a crime daisy
Bit too cryptic for Harbal and John. laugh What was stated is, if you are rejected by anyone take a long walk and while at it, hug a tree. You guys obviously don't like trees, never met anyone like that before. comfort

Which brings to mind GG, they also chopped down a huge tree here recently. It wasn't in anyone's way, and in fact if offered shade to pedestrians. Sorry they chopped down your beloved tree in the park. crying "Take a leaf from my book", I wish John would love trees like you do GG. hug
Keepers ~ John lives in the countryside where people take trees and nature for granted. Johnjim is a good and kind man. He likes wood too. Me thinks he was having a go. laugh

Harbal is a highly educated man, well travelled and can speak many languages fluently some people like to keep their talent under their bonnet, .

As for me, Well I actually felt sick when I saw what they had done to that tree. The same as I cried when they cut down a lebanese Cedar over a thousand years old and beautiful, just to build a gym in Dundrum. The people stood around it protecting it. the men came back in the night and cut it down.I was devastated.

The place is being ruined with apartments, everywhere like a Rash. The habitat for animals is being wiped out and there is no grass. all concrete, and it has a bad impact on mental and physical health as well as the beauty of a place.

JJ would not like to live where i do and I am trying to move........ to where there are plenty of Trees.angel2

I am dreaming this is coming true.

I can't stand the thought of a concrete jungle and lights everywhere at night. blues As to the guys who commented here, it often happens that highly educated people can't see something that is enigmatic. Many people don't understand the Tao te Ching which simplicity is often lost.
Keepers ~ I am highly tuned in to nature, weather patterns, sky colours and changes , trees , sounds, and I need to be in greenery to feel grounded.
I don't think humans were meant to live in such close proximity, so far removed from nature and streams, water, natural light. Spending their down time in heavily lit Shopping Centres and obsessed with buying and materialism. Just my thoughts.gotta go Waiting ages for a Taxi, but after the my appointment, I will be near the sea and it is heaven to walk around and get the fresh salty sea air.
Couldn't agree with you more GG. conversing hug
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