Human Attraction

I notice I'm often asked by members on this site what I'm looking for in a partner and I find it an irritating question because as any mature adult has learned through dating experience there are no words/definition for human attraction. Its a unique feeling/sensation and u either feel it or u don't around another person.
I like the fact that humans are so complex attractiveness can t be slotted into a neat box, there s a mystic element there that can be exciting.
Nowadays I think some people want everything to be equivalent to ordering a takeaway- look at the menu and pick out what u would like.
Humans are not like food, yes u can say if u are physically attracted to a person at first glance but in my opinion u can't tell if u re attracted to them emotionally n psychologically until u get to know all those layers of a person which takes time.
Most people want loving, caring people around them so I don't see the point to stating that obvious fact.
I genuinely believe when u meet the right person, u just know it n there is no need for words.
It just is....minus the shopping list in advance!!

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I find it so boring as well as those who mail me saying tell me about yourself.

I've been telling them I just got out after doing 15 years.
"what are you looking for in a partner?" is a very formulaic question, and deserves a formulaic answer... "somebody who likes me for being me, a dependable loving partner".

If that fails, ask her if she likes playing playstation and world of warcraft, because she's a dropkick.
Mercedes::roll: rolling on the floor laughing
These guys are doing my head in laugh

What's been happening is I don't understand what some are saying especially one particular guy he drives me nuts sends me links to songs get's all snotty if I haven't listened to them I said I'm not your bloody wife laugh

Then he and others say things I have no clue what their on about so I just say yeah and laugh turns out he was talking about loving estrogen now he thinks I love estrogen so now I've been saying I just got out after doing 15 years for real laugh
pat8lanips: u have done exactly what I cautioned against in my blog - categorised questions of human attraction as formulac thereby putting it into a "neat box"scold
Not only that so many will send me like 5 lot's of mail all at once saying your light is on?

Where are you?

What are you doing?

I think gawd I log on here I feel like I'm bloody married laugh
i don't think it is a very irritating question really. It is not all to do with looks or attraction.

If they say they are looking for a shag followed by a bag of chips, then you are under no illusions that they are looking for love, marriage and the whole horse and carriage.

Similarly if they say they want marriage... super super super
Yeah its formulaic, but so is ballroom dancing. Imagine if we decided to have a CS ball, but did not allow any formulaic dancing... It would then be a CS interpretetive dance party, not a ball.
Mercedes: sometimes people use waffle to distract from real conversation that might lead on to an actual date in real life n for some people leaving the safety of their screen shield is just too daunting. To me the men u describe are time wasters in my book who seek light entertainment by winding up others. If I was dealing with people like that my approach wud be to call them out on their behaviour. Truth has a way of cutting through the bull n its very difficult to argue against the truth. It tends to separate the "wheat from the sheaf"....
Of course their time wasters I have all of Ireland in my mailbox I'm not even interesting to correspond with no way all these guys are single...I try to be polite nothing more..
Pat.... my blog is as it stands. I m not getting into a debate about how u interpret what I ve stated. Take it or leave it.U seem to be vying for an argument which I m not willing to partake in. To me the comments section is not for that purpose. U have a personal opinion n I respect the fact that its different to mine. Stating it repeatedly is unnecessary.
All good. Hope everyone meets your expectations.

If that was true, every relationship would last a lifetime. grin
Jim....: the most important phrase in that sentence u quoted from me is "the right person", obviously we meet plenty of people in life but not everyone is "right" for each other. When people aren't right for each other then they move on....if u have any better suggestion be sure to share it with the rest of us...
You forgot to disagree with Molly.
the most important phrase in that sentence u quoted from me is "the right person"

Well then, you've never met the "right person". So, you have no personal reference for your
supposition. laugh

I suggest that there is no "right person". But rather both people work towards making things good,
or they don't and there is no way to KNOW whether it will ultimately work out, except for time
and experience. Contrarily, we can instantly know in most cases, that it would never work out. laugh
You are so correct.I myself find many women these days think they are in a super market where they can pick out what they think suits them,they wonder why they end up hating men.
luukin I can reassure you that when I'm in a super market shopping and pinching all the fruit that I'm not looking for a man.Been there done that once never again .giggle

I know the drill "never say never".grin
Jim...: it would be nice if u cud abstain from jumping to conclusions about what experiences I have had in my life. Perhaps I just believe in human destiny being part of something mystic as I have explained in my blog. Live n let live or live ur beliefs n let others live their beliefs without throwing cynism of diverse views into the mix.
It;s hard being very attracted to some one but you have to keep it to yourself.
Mean't to add because it's the right thing to do just thinking about characteristics of certain situations
P - Since your profile says that you are "separated", it's not really a "jump". laugh
Jim...: a smiley face after stating u found out I'm separated says it all....shame u didn't add the fact that I m being that way 17yrs too seeing as u find separation so amusing...
When we stop looking, love arrives on our doorstep. banana

Hey Mercedes. wave Now I must get ready to leave.
asha69: "my ray of sunshine "(meet us in the ecards)

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