If porn is legal,

why isn't prostitution? In both industries, the participants sell their body (sex) for money.

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Is prostitution not legal? Probably easier to regulate the consumption of mashed potato than whoredom...
Prostitution is legal here
Only legal in Las Vegas here.
Could that be the reason for a higher crime rate here?laugh
It is legal, or at least not illegal, in many European countries.

But instead of improving the situation for prostitutes, it has turned them into even more of a commodity, with super-brothels in many European cities.
Off topic but just wanna share what I saw on FB the other day....laugh

Be great if they could make a porno with a soundtrack more musically complex than a doorbell chime, and I take my hat off to any man that can watch a Japanese porno with the sound on.
Pat, you do the action, I'll supply a good soundtrack
Technically, I'm not sure that would actually be a porno. A guy whacking off, and the Cardigans cranking.
I suppose no one ever got any STDs from watching. laugh
Pat, I'd supply some toys for you

And no, not lego
Tonka trucks?
Dinkies for starters
Dunno Molly, but I think we have slightly different tastes in skin flicks.
Johnny, some time back, a lady wanted to s*x chat with me. I went along with it, not that I really was into that kind of thing, but more so to please her. Anyways, I wore rubber gloves for protection. Just in case. cheers
Pat, it's not all about you

Think of the target market
What the heck has the archery club got to do with this?
It's not about participants selling the bodies Johnny. Who gets to use the bodies.doh

I am guessing all porn stars are not prostitutes. But what do I know.dunno

Herected in Canada...it is illegal to seek sex but sex workers have the right to sell...lol...sounds confusing but I think they want to discourage patrons and not lock up the prostitutes...go figure...lol...laugh

I guess they realized that prostitutes are just victims...but the John's (patrons) should know better...

I think its the same in Sweden, illegal to buy but not to sell...
I have no idea why they don’t want legal brothels in every country in the west? Sex is a massive money maker and many women could be on a great earner too, so why are the prudes allowed to prevent legal brothels? When you think about prostitutes are very responsible when it comes to sex and always make sure, that they don’t get pregnant, unlike a lot of single mothers, who had sex with the bad guy and not bothered to practice safe sex and ended up getting pregnant with a child that she never wanted and in a lot of cases ends up hating.

If legal brothels are not available, then sex robots will be in a man’s future and men won’t need women for sex anymore, so women will scratch their head and try to figure out how to attract men? Let’s face it if a woman can’t compete with a sex robot, then she has very little chance of getting a man.
There is also talk of artificial wombs being fitted to sex robots, so a woman won’t be able to hold that card in front of a man either…
The difference is you can crack one off for free watching porn whereas if you crack one off for free on a prostitute she will probably give you a ticking offscold
rolling on the floor laughing I'll not stir the pot.grin
Lee, I think it would be great if you got a sex robot. Firstly, it would give you something to shag, at long last, and secondly, It might stop you complaining about women all the time. Make sure you get one without artificial intelligence, otherwise you will probably get on its nerves.
H, You presume a lot from a man you do not know personally and it make's you look, so desperate, when you try to attack me personallyrolling on the floor laughing

I'm talking facts and the future of men and women...what you got? jealously and insecurity...so stop your jive talking, before you make a fool of yourself rolling on the floor laughing
too late for thatpointing
H, You presume a lot from a man you do not know personally and it make's you look, so desperate, when you try to attack me personally rolling on the floor laughing

I'm talking facts and the future of men and women...what you got? jealously and insecurity...so stop your jive talking, before you make a fool of yourself rolling on the floor laughing
too late for that
Drat, Lee, you've got me with one of those devastating put downs of yours, again. crying
Lee ~ In Scandinavian countries they have sex workers who are paid by the Govt. to come in and cuddle the elderly, who are bereft of friendship often and lacking in needing physical intimacy as for many, the s*xual urge goes on well in to the 90s [even in Wales] ~ Speaking here about old age homes. I think it is wonderful and the health of the elderly is greatly inhanced by some physical action and some affection .

flirty shimmy
Harbal ~ it is unbearable to see you cry. Lee apologise to Harbal he is an elderly frail man.crying
How can you be so cruel. He is poor and only has a little dog for a companion, and little else. dancing dog
I wish Molly was here to comfort you Harbal. hug Happy now Lee.
Johnny ~ it is utter hypocrisy that Call girls , call them what you like,, are not allowed pay tax, work in a safe environment, like they do in certain places. The EU largely turns a blind eye on prostitutes but they need the dignity of having a proper job and not looking over their shoulder.

Hard as it is for the lefties to accept, many women choose this business to work in to get through college, to pay for their childrens education, they offer solace to a lot of lonely men and men whose wives are very sick and men will always like the power that goes with paying for sex and paying for a woman for a half an hour or hour.
I hope that the whole business is made safer for the women, and that we stop being bloody hypocrites, it is the oldest profession and is not going away.

I am also referring to Gay prostitution here too. hug hijack Sorry for hijacking your blog there. sad flower
Golden, Like you say very old men still want the company of a woman and it would put a spring in the step of those men....

Why try to outlaw prostitution and make it seem shameful? It is a job for some women and they earn well from doing it....why not make brothels legal in the west? a lot of women could come off benefits and support themselves and a lot of men would fulfil their urges....

To some women sex is their holly grail and a man must do this or that and spend this or that, before they get any, so why not make things simple and make brothels legaldunno

What is better? sex robots or legal brothels? either way a man will make a choicewink
Golden, H always tries to get personal with me and presumes he knows me personally, when he knows nothing about me....I only give it back, when others attack...or try to c - block me, when I am talking to the ladies...I don't like shadows and one's who make me their agenda...if he comments on the subject, instead of making personal jives at others, then he might be taken seriouslyprofessor
Lee I just have harmless fun with Harbal.
Now about your reply. I agree with you. But in Scandinavia, women get men to call. Most women are sexually active well in to their late 70s and in to 80s. It is really the hugging and cuddles and that hour
of perhaps carnal bliss for them, keeps them well, improves immune system and they are happy and feel loved. Doesn't everyone need that?

I just wish we could do that. Elderly people are starving for physical encounters and hugs and physical shows of affection.

Hopefully the EU and UK [where I was born] will see sense and stop this hypocrital draconian behaviour and let these sex workers do what needs to be done, they use proper protection, are tested frequently and are safe. [as you said ] I am a romantic, but I still think there is a need for prostitution. Think of the lonely man whose wife is dying , he has his s*xual needs, so which is best, going to a call girl, or having an affair outside marriage? Take care , Lee.hug
Thanks all for the comments...and for the side drama. conversing

Usha....your comment might be the best explanation. It is kinda what I thought...the producers of the porn most likely have to have some sort of connection in order to get their stuff to market and in stores. Most likely, they are making the most money, over the participants. It creates exclusivity. I know that is sorta off the mark a bit of what I believe you meant...as far as who is using the bodies. But, the developers of the porn programs are most certainly using bodies....perhaps in a different way....for the dollar.

Molly....your comment with the brothels....isn't that interesting. It sounds like prostitution is legal there in the form of brothels. Of course, there has to be somebody who owns that brothel. In order to own a legal brothel, I am guessing there are many hoops one needs to jump through to own it (in form of licenses++). Again, most likely somebody well connected. I would not be surprised if the brothel owners are making more than the prostitutes themselves.


wave wave

I think it comes down to control and money. ....but, not sure.
Robert, did that result in you getting paid/laid? laugh

L.L., that is very confusing. Hmmm....good thing the laws are written clearly for people to follow. laugh

Pat and Molly...perhaps a toy industry for porn in the making here? :)
Mimi.....perhaps you could start a campaign for the porn industry. laugh

Jim.....very true. thumbs up

Ash....feel free to stir as you will. conversing

BN....I never thought of it that way. conversing

wave wave wave wave
Johnny, have you ever known any industry where the workers earn more than the bosses....

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