Actress dies due to AIDS......

Nisha Noor
-- September 18, 1962 (age 55)..........

, Nisha was rediscovered outside a Dargah, sleeping on the streets and reduced to nearly a skeleton. Nisha’s condition was such that she had worms and ants crawling on her body.She was rescued by a few members of the Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, a Tamil NGO, and political organization. They admitted her to a hospital in Tambaram, Chennai. On being examined, it was discovered that the actress was sick with AIDS, without even being aware of it. Later, she died in the hospital.It is also said that a producer was responsible for her condition.......

blues ..........she was a very beautiful ladycrying

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dimplesimple ~ was she a well known Bollywood actress? I must look up her picture. So so sad. What that mann did was murder. If you know you have AIDS or the HIV virus, it is murder not to go and tell all those who you have had sex with.

I am glad to hear she did not die on the streets. At least the Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, rescued her and she was in a proper bed in hospital.

How come nobody helped her? how does somebody go from being a well known Actress and then get very sick and just end up in the streets.

Very sad. thank you for sharing this sad news. sad flower
dimplesimple ~ I googled her and yes I did see her in some Bollywood movies. They say she died in 2007?
She was bullied by the film director in to having sex. It seems there is alot more to the story and I felt they should not have taken photos of her dying, a skeleton on the streets, dreadful. So sad.
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