Top 11 in no particular order

If porn is illegal
Why are jesus and Mary
Marching to Jerusalem
I guess human attraction being what it is
After a while you just get sick of the value of rejection and start to look at the big picture,and wonder when bacteria will take over the world and why I fell asleep the first time.
And all the young ones have gone to the Opra show to be sure


Comments (25)

Just a simple questin for the Muslims in Europe
Why did the acress die of Aids?


Your pic has been driving me NUTS!
It reminded me of someone. But I couldn't think of who.
Then it hit me...

Jack Palance with constipation maybe, Mic dunno
Judge for yourselves, y'all...

Tilla your comments reek of bnaughty
Mic and also
Iain Glen
Perhaps they look like me confused
Oh my old blue, looking good in that picture of yours smitten
If i didn't know any better I'd fancy you... lol

the older you get the more you become your you know who look alike wink
okay, Blue, I'll ease off, you look very worried in your photo smile
like I always said roll eyes

Itchy how was jail time ?
Rumours of your death even reached these far lands
Good to see they were greatly exaggerated
And ditto to your comment

Thanks to jail time I finally got round to extending that rockery I had always being meaning to do wink

Not long back from a long weekend in Yorkshire...
the country side.... just breath taking, so beautiful wine

Anyways gnite

OMG,it's been a few days and not a happybirthdayblog is posted for our president unending source of blogging.


happy birthday OJ!

now we need someone to post this

Smart blog. writing idea
Alas keepers it's like throwing pearls before swine
I doubt anyone even noticed roll eyes
If it ain't porn, religion or politics it ain't gonna fly

HAHA, you gave me a great belly laugh. laugh

Everyone probably noticed, they just chose to ignore YOU because they all have a bone to pick with someone and they choose your blog to do so, Wave. rolling on the floor laughing peace
Yoo-all. comfort laugh
Its all a bit much really.

funny how you always read and comment

pat is a nice guy
Is he tilla
Google " bad boy Bubba "
And get back to me on that sleep
You have your pet troll and I have mine

there is worse, Phil, try Bnaughty! But, even saying that there are trolls who are worse even, try the one on your latest deleted blog, Fallen Angel or Gordonski for example

Pat is kinda cute in a devious sorta way
A troll is a ;troll: is a troll

You think he's cute I find him a pain in the arse

So let's agree to disagree


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