Well, well, well..... The Republicans FINALLY admit.....

The Republicans FINALLY admit that the Russians influenced the election
in the favor of Trump. sigh


Who knows, maybe after the impeachment trial, they might even admit that Trump
was a HUGGGGGGGGGGGGE mistake.

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"...attempted to sow “chaos and discord” in the United States."

...And if the did - how could we ever tell the difference? dunno

laugh But seriously, it worked. America has been much more in conflict since Trump's election,
something Trump himself fueled with his blame on "many sides", his fake news accusations, and
his personal Twitter attacks on a variety of people.
Heard on the news (9:00 pm CDT) Mueller won't try for indictment.
I imagine he put it that way because that sounds better than saying he can't.

Goes back to a '99 Justice Department ruling that they wouldn't indict a sitting Prez, and they're not going to reverse it.

Mueller likely can't challenge the ruling.
As an employee of the Justice Department, he wouldn't have legal standing to challenge a ruling of the department for which he works.

My take?
Suspect Dems wanted it called off.
Didn't want to hand the Repubs a campaign issue in this year's midterms.
It'd look like it was what OJ has claimed it was - a political witch hunt.
Whether or not it was is irrelevant. Perception IS reality
Repubs could spin it that way & make political points with it

Could be wrong dunno

First of all, that came from Guliani, who has screwed up a lot of statements.
Thus, I don't necessarily believe it.
I've heard that Mueller may test it.
Secondly, it doesn't mean Trump won't be impeached and then indicted, or indicted after he resigns.
After the Republicans lose the majority in both the Senate and the House during the midterm elections,
that's when impeachment will be pushed.
Until then, even more evidence will come out of the Manafort, Cohen, Jared, Don Jr, etc. trials
and more guilty parties will flip & cooperate. Manafort will be next.
Trump is a convicted criminal. His (alleged) crimes may be different. but his attitude is still that he is above the law. Instead, justice must prevail. head banger
You have to show knowledge and an act of knowing conspiracy. The statute is poorly worded otherwise we could charge Hillary with her own acts influencing the election in favor of Trump. Was not her role in Whitewater something that ultimately slid the future election towards Trump? What about the strange death of her lawyer, Foster? That alone was enough to influence voters to choose Trump.

If tomorrow Trump said he intentionally conspired with the Russians you would still have to get the Senate and the House to vote in favor of impeachment. That is IF the Justice Dept. wanted to charge him. LoL, there are a LOT of Americans who would vote not guilty if put on a Grand Jury against Trump. So, if no True Bill, you got nothing and even if you somehow magically got a True Bill you would still be light years away from the two impeachment votes you would need (Senate and Congress) to do anything about it.

Kinda on hold. Counsel for the Special Prosecutor was seeking info from another case to turn the screws on him.
Info presented to the court was 75% redacted; judge inquired why.
Counsel informed judge it was a security issue & not relevant.
Judge reminded counsel a Federal District Judge has security clearance & as regards relevance, "I will be the judge of that!" (His Honor's words).
Counsel - "Yes, Your Honor."
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Hillary's complicity in OJ's election - true that, Ken! cheers

Here's a tune to go with the words...

rolling on the floor laughing

Jimnastics ~ This is scary stuff. So the Republicans have at last admitted the Russians influenced the election? Do you honestly believe for one moment that the Trump-ites will believe that for one minute?

It very much reminds me of the Hitler Era, he could do no wrong and they followed him blindly and those who disagreed with Hitler....very mad

I guess there was not the great amount of Media there is now but there has been a lot of False news and his followers will claim that is what is is.
I doesn't matter if the Russians influenced the election. That has nothing to do with Donald. That he may have won because of a 3rd parties actions does not invalidate the election results. There are no do overs.

For the record different countries attempt (and often do) to influence election outcomes all the time. Heck sometimes they simply shoot or blow up the leaders or would be leaders they don't like. Rigging or destroying ballot boxes (in countries that still have primitive systems like ballot boxes) is legendary.

In any case the actual impact of the Russian meddling was negligible. Trump would have beaten Mrs. Satan with or without the Russian attempts to help. LoL, even if there was a do over Hillary would still lose, and probably by an even worse percentage the next time.
Ken ~ love him or hate him, Trump is charismatic to many and quite the showman. I do have respect for Americans on this blog as they tell me more about the Trump situation and what is happening in US than the News can. Thanks.thumbs up
Jim, surely this is asking the wrong question confused should the question not be "why would Putin want to influence the election toward Trump" , he's hardly a natural Republican, the answer possibly lays with his claim at the time that a Clinton victory would make WW3 almost inevitable wow

I also don't understand why there is so much concern over whether Trump had contact with Putin at the time, is it not the job of any presidential candidate to have dialogue with other leaders dunno surely that can only make the world a safer place.

As a bystander it seems to me the same "project fear" was deployed by the Clinton camp as was used in the Brexit campaign in the UK, didn't work in either case & now is unraveling like the house of cards it was built on, I recall reading a Trump victory would see the US economy fall off a cliff....didn't happen, it fact quite the reverse judging by jobless figures released last week. Trump will invade counties all over the place in weeks.....didn't happen, even the fat boy in NK appears to be playing ball.

Is it not true that whilst it would be nice to feel ones leader could be a friend, the fact one feels quite the opposite has no bearing on there ability to lead a country dunno
I am glad you are the laughing stock left on this discussion. That is if you understand all the logic presented by Ken, Mic and specially Zmountain.

Here I will give you the emoticons to confirm how stupid are the arguments you are presenting. Huge mistake is for those liberals like you, Jackson, O'donnel, Cyrus and Streep to be still here and have not fled the country as you guys promised should he become the president. A proof that all of you are liars.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Are you saying that there is intelligence within the House Intelligence Committee?

Well who would think that?rolling on the floor laughing
Yes, linds...especially z.

What z said thumbs up

Except that last part z.
Nothing wrong with what you said. But you omitted that we also expect them to be celibate godly persons. And they must never...EVER...say naughty words.

POTUS - One spends 2+ gruelling years trying to get the damned job...and four years trying to stay outta prison.

"Given the choice of the Presidency and four years in the penitentiary, I would take thd penitentiary, thank you."
- Gen. W. T. Sherman
(Spoken circa 1880. This crazy shit has been going on for a long time.)

Perhaps the most asinine method of selecting a head of state yet devised by humankind.

"In Murka, any child can grow up to be Prez. It's just a chance they have to take" hole

POTUS - One spends 2+ gruelling years trying to get the damned job...and four years trying to stay outta prison.

Mic, that is so hilariously true. lol...

But the truth is, if there is anyone worth investigating and go to prison, it should be that damned Clinton. She started all these mess long before Trump is in the picture.
I've actually had uber libs tell me things would be going swimmingly if ONLY Murkuns had the wisdom to coronate Hildebeest 1st BAPOTUS (Broad @ssed Prez).

YES! They really said it.
They said it. And they really MEANT it!!!

Can you conceive what fun we Murkuns would be having with HER?!?!

I once remarked that if Murka wants to get rid of Li'l Rocket Man Kim Jong Fat, all we need do is put the rumor around that he has dirt on the Clintons.
Even the uber lib got the point & laughed
The VERY SAME uber lib who told be that all would be going swimmingly under a Hildebeest Administration.

Sorry for the hijack nastics.
But seriously?
Given the rapid sequence of breaking news...I suspect the topic of driving OJ from office is dead as Caesar. sad flower

Could be wrong dunno

Note that we Murkuns are Equal Opportunity Witch Hunters...
Dem. B.J. wink Clinton.
Repub OJ.

Barry was witch hunt immune - pursuing him would've appeared racist.
The only way anything criminal could be pinned on him, is if someone produced a vid of him burying his mother-in-law's dismembered corpse in the White House basement.
And it'd have to be a very clear HD vid, too!

So we badgered him for six years because he was born in a mud hut in Kenya.
On account of Murkuns wouldn't want to appear racist, you understand scold


BTW - Being born in a mud hut in Kenya did NOT automatically disqualify Barry from being POTUS scold

The Constitution is unclear as regards being born in a Kenyan mud hut.

Z - Obama put economic sanctions on Russia for the invasions they did. It hurt Putin economically.
He knew he could control Trump because Trump has long wanted a Trump Tower in Moscow for the Russian elite. Apparently, he also has Trump on video in compromised positions. He also knew he could not control Hillary, That is the truth, even though you won't likely accept it.
M - even Trump, the starter of the birther movement, finally admitted, that Obama was born in Hawaii, as verified by the governor of Hawaii. Yet, the deluded still hold onto this false assumption.
K - the fact that you actually believe that Hillary is evil is proof of the effectiveness of the Russian meddling, which brainwashed those of lessor intellectual capability. The Russians flooded the internet with false stories about Hillary, that the dumb simply accepted without critical thinking, or thorough research.
OK, boys and girls. So far the Republicans have finally admitted what everyone else has known all along. Well, almost everyone! Now if your own political party can admit to foreign interference it looks like the vast majority should hold hands and sing:

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to
Cry if I want to
Cry if I want to
You would cry too
If it happened to you

rolling on the floor laughing . . . rolling on the floor laughing . . . rolling on the floor laughing . . . rolling on the floor laughing . . . rolling on the floor laughing
The birther movement was started by Obama's literary agent. And this is from leftwing Snopes
And was picked up by the Clinton campaign long before Trump entered the picture.

Obama’s Literary Agent Said He Was Born in Kenya?
A 1991 literary promotional booklet identified Barack Obama as having been born in Kenya.


A 1991 literary client list promotional booklet identified Barack Obama as having been born in Kenya. See Example( s )

In May 2012 the web site Breitbart published a copy of a promotional booklet produced in 1991 by the literary agency Acton & Dystel showcasing their roster of writers, among whom was a young man named Barack Obama. This booklet was of particular interest because it included a brief biographical sketch which described the future President as having been born in Kenya:

Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. The son of an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister, he attended Columbia University and worked as a financial journalist and editor for Business International Corporation. He served as project coordinator in Harlem for the New York Public Interest Research Group, and was Executive Director of the Developing Communities Project in Chicago’s South Side. His commitment to social and racial issues will be evident in his first book, Journeys in Black and White.
OK. I'll correct my statement to say that Trump was a main proponent of the birther movement.
Regardless, substantial evidence resolved that Obama was born in Hawaii. Yet, still, there
are some who hold onto the false assumption that Obama was born in Kenya.
Ji, Hillary was/is not nasty? rolling on the floor laughing

Real estate dealings, political dealings, and a long string of bizarre, inexplicable tragedies have dogged the Clintons for decades.

As President Obama's Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton ran a "pay-to-play" scheme, trading access, favors, and her influence for multimillion dollar donations to the Clinton family's charitable foundation. From the foundation, the money was funneled back into the Clinton's pockets, a classic bribery scheme.

Hillary Clinton also oversaw the sale of a significant portion of the U.S. uranium supply to Russia. At least two people have gone to jail over the deal.

And as a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton reached peak performance, cinching the nomination from the Democratic National Committee just months after announcing she would run for president again. Clinton lost her first primary bid to Barack Obama in 2007.

All of these were lies, according to her campaign and many apologists who believed Hillary Clinton would be the first woman president of the United States. Except, they were the truth.

It took one of her insiders to turn on her to prove it, but now the truth has finally come out. Hillary Clinton is a scandalous hypocrite who lied, cheated and stole her way to a near-win in 2016.

According to Donna Brazile's book, Hillary Clinton's corruption began with her takeover of the Brooklyn offices of the Democratic National Committee, and her subsequent deal with the party. In a contract she compelled the party to sign, she had the rights to much of the money the DNC brought in. This starved downballot candidates and explains why Republicans steamrolled Democrats in the House and Senate.
Despite all the nonsense claims, there is no evidence of any of it.
Indeed, millions of $ were wasted on investigations that turned up nothing.
Some people have a vested interest in making people BELIEVE that Hillary is evil,
because they benefit from it. Apparently, you were one of the ones who were fooled
by the scam.
For instance, if you would like to learn the actual truth about the Uranium One approval,
you will see that Hillary wasn't even present for the vote.
It was a merrger after a merger that was approved.
The Uranium has not left the USA.

Unfortunately, people do not investigate, and end up believing whatever crap that people with
political agendas want them to believe.
11/8/2017 (6 months ago)
Catholic Online (https://www.catholic.org)

In addition to being opposed to life, she is also scandalous by every other measure.
For years, critics of Hillary Clinton have accused her of corruption, dirty tactics, lying, deceit and more. Her apologists have dismissed these claims as nasty rumors intended to discredit an honest, capable candidate that is entirely fit for office. The rumors were labeled as rightwing smears and conspiracy theories. However, in this case it appears the rumors were true, as former Democratic chairwoman and insider Donna Brazile has published a tell-all book that suggests the rumors are true.

Don't know what it takes for you to see the truth Jim.............wave
It would take the truth. Not what someone writes in a book to make sales of that book.
Where is the evidence for her claims ?
Here's a thorough evaluation on Brazille's book. Yet, no mention of what you say.
Have you actually read the book ???

The Catholics (of which I used to be as a child), the richest church of all, have their own agenda.
Hans4711: "Creative 197"(meet us in the puzzles)

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