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One of the main benefits that photography has done for me is get me exploring new and different places. With our assigned topics, it challenges me to find and photograph something different, but also to utilize my camera to it's ultimate capacity.

In February, I was lucky enough to be at the wetlands for a walk. I was facing east, towards Mt. Cheam to take a photo when I heard this strange huffing noise, much like a horse working. Didn't see anything so I turned back, and I heard it again. Looked again, nothing. Turned back again. The third time I turned around, the noise was quite close and I was a little unnerved.

When I looked into the water, an otter had pushed his way up through the ice and was trying to pull himself up onto the ice. His mate popped her head up shortly after. Although I did get some photos through all the branches in front of me, they aren't that good. I did manage to capture a decent shot when he dove back under the ice and popped up elsewhere.

Then, when I was riding the dike at Harrison Mills, a former hub for trade before roads and bridges replaced the need for boats, I was fortunate enough to see three blue birds in a tree. I was thrilled and took numerous photos of them, although I had no idea what they were, having never seen them before. It turns out they're Mountain Bluebirds and migrate from Mexico to the Yukon every year, and are in this area only a briefly, on their way north.

At that time, the river was really low and you could walk for miles along the river's edge, and with the sunny weather, perfect for photo ops.

Cycling back the other way, I crossed the train tracks and saw a huge old stone building that looks like there was a fire in it at some point. After doing some research, I found that it was the old mill, and despite no trespassing signs, kids were inside the building, letting off some kind of pink smoke bombs. At first I was a bit peeved that the photo I wanted would have this pink smoke in it. But, thanks to photoshop, I was able to take the colour out of it, and end up with a rather (imo) spooky looking building.

Considering we have abandoned buildings as an assignment next year, it'll be perfect for that, unless I find another cool abandoned building on my travels.

I had forgotten about this bike ride, and it seems it may be time to revisit it, unless, of course, I find a new one to check out.

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Morning Imp
What a gorgeous array of photos. It is obvious to me that you are an accomplished photographer
I love those Blue Birds and what a pity they only stay a very short while. That building, a family home?
I wish it could talk. The otters are one of my favourite mammal and to catch one trying to get out of the
hole in the Ice was a lucky break for a photographer.

Thanks for the lovely photos and also the documentary, I actually felt I was there. I can see you have a
particularly good Camera.
Have a good daydaisy
Good Morning LadyImp, wave Nice Pics thumbs up Enjoyed those. You mentioned abandoned buildings, I ve seen pics of the older historic homestead homes , enlarged and made into posters. The enlargements showed off the workmanship, and pride that went into those older homes. (landmarks). Those pics sure captured a lot of memories.
I love your wildlife pics, they sure bring back a lot of memories of me working up north, and seeing all kinds of animals, Thanks.
Good morning, GG!

Thank you very much. The building is the old log mill where they'd mill the logs before sending them by barge down the river towards the city.

That's the other benefit of photography - you learn so much! Not just about photography, but about the area you're in and what you're photographing.

My camera is 'decent' but it's definitely not top of the line. grin
Good morning, 1to1! wave

I love the workmanship in some of these old buildings, it's absolutely fantastic. When I went down to Snohomish in the US, the masonry in the old brick buildings is phenomenal. Thanks for the reminder, I need to go back there and take more photos, now that I have a wide angle lens.

Thanks for the compliment on my wildlife pics - the problem with wildlife is that they stay hidden and you don't get many photos. I'm glad they brought back some good memories for you! thumbs up
Imp ~ Am just back from Sea. It is quite cold even though sky is blue. I forgot my Camera with the rush.
I think where you live is really beautiful, so many different wildlife species within cycling distance.

I love the otters head... I love otters period. Your camera is particularly sharp and you are no novice, I can see the way you focus, use the lens when photographing a bird. [hard thing to do ].

Keep sending the photos.

GG - oh that's too bad about the camera! I would have loved to see pics of your area.

As for taking sharp photos, I've had to really work on that! lol. And yes, birds are exceptionally difficult to photograph, as they're so darn quick. When you get a really clear shot, it's like winning the lotto. laugh
GG - and one more thing in photographing birds - a zoom lens is an absolute necessity. grin

You are a very good photographer!thumbs up thumbs up
Gentlejim - thank you! I wish I could figure out what size to make my photos so they showed a bit bigger.

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