this from a woman's mouth.

I had to correct her by saying, not all women. lol She tells me, are you going to tip me for my dance? I said, I already have when you were on stage. Then she goes on by saying, I am a woman, all women are greedy.

What do you think of her statement? Are women greedy?

Comments (43)

She working IT!! rolling on the floor laughing
Accomplice...rolling on the floor laughing
Being a a woman myself I would have to say Yes cause I have them in my family.giggle
Am where did u meet this woman again???? uh oh

Say hi to Bert..rolling on the floor laughing
Yes Ash, Bert and I got a wild idea last night. laugh
Bear....that is interesting. conversing laugh
Sla, she was doing some dancing. laugh
Her: "Are you going to tip me for my dance?"
Him: "Yes, undress"
It's not burlesque.
Bet when you hear those songs later you fish around for that dollar.
Mr Deep Pockets.
Subliminal messaging.rolling on the floor laughing
She may have already been undressed Zar, it was part of her job description when she signed up for the job. Believe it or not Zar, some of those women have some great dancing talents.
If I sold a million Cedar posts Ash, I would have deep pockets. I am just rubbing sticks together right now. laugh More interesting, I thought, than seeing the ladies...was that statement she made.
It's a GREEDY place,eh.The economy and the trickle down effects might bore every one.
You could try and sell her cedar poles.laugh
Think about that when you're doing the stripping.Do you have to oil cedar?
M' be not a good marketing strategy.
Aren't bars usually made out of cedar.thumbs up
Of course, Johnny.

That sounds like the kind of dancing establishment that you could believe everything that comes out of a woman's mouth innocent
Not all women.......laugh
Hi Johnny, you ask a hard question, laugh .

I think maybe all are not greedy.

cheers my freind
Are all men h*rny all the time? dunno

Not ALL men are the same and not ALL women are. wine
Very clever Ash....the next time I will be stripping the poles, I will be thinking very more clearly. laugh
Molly...very true....about men believing everything from a woman's mouth from a place like that. I tend to still keep my rational mind still in tact though. ....don't know if that is good or bad. laugh
M4....I do agree. All is such an all inclusive word...there has to be one woman out there not greedy? laugh tongue
Yes Wen, I agree. That is why I had to correct her. Shame on her for categorizing all women as greedy. uh oh laugh
KN, my friend last night told me a joke he heard from Ron White. Now, if I can remember it exactly. It goes something like this, He is a good dog with a petting once in awhile. Without that petting once in awhile, he may have to stray off the porch.

In other words, if a woman is not providing sex to her husband....let us men not get greedy here....say sex once every three months....a man has his biological needs. your question of men being h*rny all of the time. I would say, given the proper circumstances, he could very well be. But, if he is locked up and being guarded closely and being treated like shit...most likely not.

I think that could also describe a woman as well. dunno
A black comedian I like said something the other night which reminded me of you. He said white people are considered individuals, but every time someone black does something wrong, it is counted against all blacks.

I thought hmm, Johnny does that, men are all individuals but any woman does something bad, it just proves to you that all women are bad.

And then you go posting a blog like this saying you don't think all women are greedy laugh
Johnny, that was simply pointing out that not all men are the same and neither are all women. rollers

It is up to you who you pick as a partner and a lot is also up to you to make a relationship work. wine
No Johnny, it's not really true. Almost everyone in this world is greedy. Most people want more than what they need. It's just a matter of how much more they want than what they need.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed.

Now I made your blog more reasonable, relevant and not gender biased.

I have to be your press secretary not running mate. doh

But to stay on your topic, I am a woman. I want, not need, only one man. So I am not greedy. laugh

Here you go Usha.
I got the dollar.rolling on the floor laughing
Usha did you?




Gotcha!Johnny, he has a greasy pole.

viking67 long as you give them all they want, their not greedy at all....innocent
Too tired to shop around eh?rolling on the floor laughing
I don't shop until I drop ash. I drop out of shopping itself when I can't handle the baggage.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Well, it goes with the company you keep. violin laugh
Legs....I am not all bad. laugh
So true KN. These blogs have taught me a lot about stereotyping all people into certain categories. However, it seems as some women out there need the same perspectives added to their lives.
Usha, I would take you as my press secretary and also as my mate. laugh Oops, running mate. grin I can imagine, men may have greedy tendencies too. Great words by Ghandi. thumbs up

Ash....just lovely.

Viking....yes. I think you are starting to help us all figure it out. laugh

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