question that has baffled only men for centuries and decades

I am sure that most, if not all, men have pondered this thought and question...and many have most likely shed a tear or two over it. Living alone. All by yourself. No woman as company. crying Just you. That is it. The question is...when you cannot share and pass gas by it a waste or a relief?



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rolling on the floor laughing
rolling on the floor laughing My ex used to fart and then pull the covers over our heads and held me tight so I couldn't get out of bed. It's uncouth, if I can hold it in out of respect so can he. mumbling
Suppose to be for men you two. scold laugh
When lit it is the flame that illuminates the path to rightusness blushing
My neighbours applaud my efforts, so not wasted, they are quite far away so I must be doing well.
Ash and know I was just teasing you two. grin
rolling on the floor laughing Onthe.
Map, it sounds like you might be up for an award nomination. rolling on the floor laughing
I have a neighbour who believes in share & share alike, on his own or in company he shares it with everyone very mad mumbling what can I say.......he's German rolling on the floor laughing
Z....don't tell me Map is your neighbor. rolling on the floor laughing
.....actually looking, you two are from the same place. laugh
By the way ladies, do you once in awhile care to share your personal admiration of the achievements of your bottlely functions?conversing
Judging from his description it's just as well he lives 200km to the north.........and we have a prevailing southern breeze rolling on the floor laughing
rolling on the floor laughing Z....and probably line of mysterious death? rolling on the floor laughing
If the EU was anything like efficient they would by now have published maps of the blast radius round his house, dependent on wind speed & direction professor with circles for kill zone, threat to life or serious injury & finally one for respiratory problems rolling on the floor laughing
Hello Johnny,wave It is definitely a waste. A person needs some one to share the humor that comes along with farting.. Aren t those embarrassing, humoress , moments better when they re shared,rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Don t those loud smelly noises, carry more impact , when they sneak up on an unsuspecting signifcent other person,rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
We Interrupt this blog for an important public announcement.Wait for it.

The onus is on you.

laugh Z....nice. Once the map is out, I bet the property value drops a little bit around there.
1-2....rolling on the floor laughing yes, the silent but deadly ones can be a sure gag at times. rolling on the floor laughing
Thanks Ash for adding a touch of class to this classless blog. laugh
The Silent ones are known as the Ninjas, silent but deadly
Ninjas....that might be a useful term to use down the road. It sounds so a Jeffrey. laugh

hmmm hmm! Well! I Be Chuck Truck. The Things You Read On The Net.
Pepps....this has baffled man for so long. You wouldn't understand, you are woe-man. rolling on the floor laughing tongue

scold Y'all Men's Just Need A Pillow Back There
Maybe one of Robert's custom silk-screen pillows? laugh I bet if Robert was around, he could explain to you the importance that the natural body of man is able to achieve with such little a greasy a greasy gas station burger....drink a glass of water. laugh
Just get you a my pillow. And sit on it! when you have to do that...... conversing

Dogs baffle me.rolling on the floor laughing
There are about 15 videos of dogs
responding the same.Are man's best
friend showing their support.tongue

*my Reminder to Ask Robert rolling on the floor laughing
Of the female persuasion perhaps...

rolling on the floor laughing are just trying to be a party pooper...and trying to muffle the fun. laugh tongue
Ash, you might be on to some sort of scientific discovery here. laugh
good gas must be smelt,lol.
You can always do a quick breeze through the grocery store if their being underappreciated......professor
The best way, is to get into the elevator and act cool, dont give any sign something really bad is about to happen. Then when you're at your floor, wait till the door is nearly ready to close, then release the gas as you leave. Even better if you get the chance to push all the other floor buttons, so the stinky express has to stop at all floors.
Have Crop dusted or
cupped a muffin..laugh
Are these terms part of your vernacular? tongue
Reb....I think many men would agree with that. laugh

M4...that is clever...but, not sure it will yield the same results. laugh

Pat....that is just outright torture. rolling on the floor laughing
wave wave wave
Cupped a muffin sounds delightful Ash...even eating one sounds good too. laugh

Vernacu-what? You lost me Ash there. grin wave
It must be a gas.
Thank you Bear. I shouldn't be so lazy and look it up, I could learn something today.
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