Well I wrote a Blog about a Dog, just a day or two ago. Basically it involved a rescue dog and one of the huge problems was, despite opening the door and leaving his access to the garden, taking him for walks, he pooped /pee d all over my tiny cottage.

So, Today, Sunday, my emails, and When I sign in, I am beseiged with PUPPY TRAINING ADS. a co incidence? nope.
I have bee writing about an Exhibition I am putting up [my Artwork] soon, and low and behold I am getting emails and ads. for Tuition and Framing.

This may seem petty but it goes to show, everything we write, is being watched. It's getting to me.
Am I paranoid?uh oh

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Nobody is watching you. It's an algorithm storing information, in your case to send you adverts. Different algorithms do different jobs. That's all, nothing to panic over. wine
GG. It is based off written word that a computer program for marketing the relative advertisements,called Adsense.
You can interact with it by the > in corner and tell it you are not interested.
And at the bottom of CS site read the whitelist information.

It happened to me, GG. In my case it was adverts for dehumidifiers.
Thanks, it does seem weird though, but I get what you are saying. It is frightening though because as soon as you email about any subject, be that weight problems, or trying to cut out a certain food, you are besieged with emails and ads. I do understand but it gives one the feeling of being watched. laugh hole
"Whitelisting is a method by which you add our email address to a list of approved senders. This lets your email provider or software know that you do know who we are, and that you do want to get our messages."
In case you are linking CS to Facebook or approved CS email notifications.

About Cornwall,he is awesome!(Mod).
Or forum/thread ask CS
i too feel the same..........thumbs up

i am very sure........our smart phones are being watched........

true caller.....option is a proof......we are helplesshug wine
Harbal ~ Dehumidifiers?sigh So you are telling me gently that your one bed apartment in Yorkshire, is damp and dusky.
I think you should move to Istanbul.... wonderful place, ,beautiful in every way, Make sure doggie has a dry bed.dancing dog
Seriously harb, It still is annoying that you can't write or discuss anything without a deluge of ads appearing, regardless of ad . companies . It annoys me. frustrated
It is everywhere you go online.
Harbal, in your case they got it wrong.
It should have been hiking shoes or
Men's briefs.rolling on the floor laughing
Dimplesimple ~ Smartphones are the same, worse infact. I had a smartphone and got rid of it.
The constant dingly dingly sounds and notification of texts drove me demented, so I closed my facebook
and bought an ordinary OAP [that's old age pensioner ] Brick phone, that makes and takes calls, texts, and is simple and I only turn it on a few times a day. p e a c e.happy place

Thanks for writing Dimples.hug
Ashlander ~ You have the wrong opinion of Harbal, Harbal has a whole sliding wardrobe [bespoke of course] of Gucci, Armani, and only wears Rolex. Discreet mind you. Don't let the yorkshire accent fool you.

GG it is Google which is basically has a monopoly over advertisement and mining data.It is why Zuckerberg formally apologized to Britain and the U.S. for overstepping by the usage applications.Google,Youtube and Facebook has access to zillions of private and public email addresses,photos and correspondence.
The fine print says they can use all.
Ash ~ his underpants are boxers ~ Calvin Klein of course. rose
What Patti said.

You bet we're being watched...uh oh

It's effective & efficient.
Awhile back Google demonstrated this by identifying cold/flu outbreaks well before the U.S. Center For Disease Control.
They did so simply by recording searches for cold remedies, chicken soup recipes, company sick leave policies & the like.

Trust #1 tinfoil hat

Ashlander ~ that is sickening, and yet they allow child porn and other stuff to get through their net.
Also jihad priming young people? Selective type of monitoring . They are making zillions out of us.

I am going off the grid. Wish I could.
Google search has provided me the wardrobe details already.
Harbal and Google Earth had their car drive past your house.The newspaper is still on the mailbox.
Miclee ~ Google are the culprits, it just seems unfair that this is not explained in simple to understand language to us.
I did become aware that anything I wrote was followed by a similar number of ads. some months ago. I thought it was me being paranoid.
EG your example is perfect. Our private lives, [emails in particular] are being hacked [well that is the proper name ?] and used for money purposes.

I am glad to be gone from FB as that was really
Ashlander ~rolling on the floor laughing Harbal would be driving in Thunder and tropical rain, and me thinks he was on his way south. wink Harbal likes the scenery in the south and West of Ireland better than dirty old Dublin.sad flower
I experienced the same too grin albeit with other adverts.

Maybe it has something to do with ‘cookies’?!? dunno
Goldie, the laws are changing in the EU as we speak. I saw Zuckerberg address the EU and he said FB is being changed to only request your name and email address, nothing else. He also agrees the laws should be changed to protect subscribers on platforms. The EU is much further ahead than the States with this. Eventually the laws will protect everyone. Don't allow anyone to frighten you, we are lucky to have social media and other conveniences that the internet brings us. Of course one can always fall of the grid but that won't change advancements, it just means you get left behind. Now I must go. wave
You can escape it.
Search -

Google search alternatives

Google will send you lots of ads for search engines that avoid Google.
Yes. Really!


ThanksKeepers, yep they are really coming down hard on this type of thing.
It really is an intrusion of our private lives. It is also annoying to keep getting ads for Dog training,
I mentioned in an email recently that I would love to be a better cook.... and I was bombed with lots of adverts from all over the world books, courses etc., so it is time it was checked. Thanks alot for replying.wave
Oh and thank you for your test on my blog, will do it tomorrow, I was lazy today. daisy
Mimi ~ I know you get annoyed like me, but you have Arty to calm you down and snuggle you, In the meantime hopefully if you read Ashlanders reply and keepers reply you will see it will improve , hopefully.
Keepers ~ it's a good few years since I went to that class, but wow I was gobsmacked it was so correct.
Of course some things I did not like, but had to admit they were true and start working on myself. but it is a great way to get some self awareness as to how we can improve our lives and our relationships etc.,

Wait till you are in the mood to do it. You need to be 100% honest, I hated that part. I had to admit things I 'd rather not.laugh
Harbal ~ if you have not left the building, there are boxes you can buy, they are really effective, cost very little and they can be left in closets, and places where damp and mould is, they collect the water and you simply pour it out. Great little inventions. I got two in the Dealz shop [like a pound shop] I am sure you have them over there in yonder Yorkshire.hug
@gg, you're not alone feeling like this. After all, the internet is really a wide world and who knows one, two or a lot of our neighbors are on this site too. or that the blog is being shared somewhere and is trending without our knowledge. And I feel not just being watched but literally being visited in my own apt in my absence. Quite scary but I've learned to be at peace yet alert. hug
Puppy training Harbal.rolling on the floor laughing
There seems to be much misinformation (fake news) circulating about me. I would like it known that any supposed knowledge about the nature of my underwear is nothing more than speculation. But, just for the record, if they don't sell them at M&S, I don't wear them.
Harbal ~ I apologise indeed, I was alas surmising as I felt with your eloquence of pen,, or laptop you would go for the finer things in life. Glad you are down to earth like me. Good old M @ S.
I hope you don't feed doggie that cheap old Tinned food though, ?
rolling on the floor laughing
Tatami ~ I know how you feel. If you are alone, it's worse. I have a friend and herself and her boyfriend were discussing getting a Cat. A Maine Coon , next thing, a few mins later, the Smartphone, laptop was awash with ads from breeders and also Sanctuaries, now that is eerie don't you think, regardless of the explanation?wave Thanks for your input and glad I am not the only one who finds it intrusive.
My X watches a bit of porn. One evening he got this scammer downloaded a warning if he did not pay approx 350$ that he would have his laptop hacked. Being my X he is not told what to do, it was a pathetic 'ad' and it purported to be the FBI FFS !laugh

He typed back 'f*ck off' and his computer was completely messed up and hacked.
It cost him about 100euro to have it fixed and all his art photos were gone and family photos as well.
So that is the serious side of being online. He felt a lot of men would have panicked and paid up.
Hiya Goldie..wave

All this is old news for me as I have already informed people many times (incl. You..young lady wink ) and have written several blogs about this but...

People just think I'm crazy or just plain paranoid!

What's happened to you about the ads also happens to me.

But...there's nothing we can do I'm afraid Unless we go off grid completely. devil
remove google or Firefox as your browser & use Vivaldi instead, it is far more private.
Also if you do come back to FB only ever use it on one browser & log out when going offline, they cannot track your movement so much that way.
Wow Tilla ~ I did not know that, you seem to be up to speed with computer technology, I will change my server, thanks alot, hope sun is shining over here. thunder and rain all night and day. hug
Daniela laugh I am forgetful at times, and yes, I would love to go off the grid. I sincerely mean that.
Just have a basic mobile phone like I do. Even smart T.V.s can photograph us and they do.

The internet is addictive and I guess great for acessing information, but a lot of it is a waste of time too.

I have thought seriously of going off the grid. Especially now as the Banks, financial institutions, Electricity, Gas, you name it, want us to pay online, make it easy for them and do away with staff.

I hate the way things are going. Maybe it is a sign I am getting old but I honestly think that people are living lonely lives [younger crowd] on various apps and Instagram and posing for photos. Narcissistic.

thanks for replying, and for the reminder.wink

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