Would you?

Would you tell a woman that you know has a boyfriend and you have heard her complain about him in the past..."If you are ever looking for a new man, I think you are a nice, responsible, pretty woman, and I am single."

The old me would never want to interfere in anyone's relationship in any way. However, the way things are going in this world, I am starting to think that might be the only way of beginning a relationship.


Most of the single women I know, are single for a reason....and I don't want anything to do with that.

It is something else, I have not drank to get drunk for nearly a year now. But, I do still hang out at bars. It is beautiful living life sober. A lot of the people I know who use drugs and drink frequently are just bombarded with issues in their lives. legal...financial...relationships...personal....physical.....you name it, it is there.

Anyway, just a little side note there.

Of course, if I don't want to meet a lady who drinks or is on drugs, don't hang out at a bar. Well, I am perhaps stuck trying to pick up ladies who are in relationships otherwise...it would seem.

A friend of mine recently told me....you need to make yourself vulnerable to women. He said that, us men see it as being vulnerable, where women see it as having emotions. I wonder if he didn't read Daniel's blog?


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Personally, I don't think you are serious about finding a relationship. laugh Too many ifs and buts and what your friends have to say. I would never begin a relationship with a whiner about her current lover, or if it involved competing with chemical addictions.
I am looking for a serious relationship Keepers. Indeed, it might be that I don't get in one ever again. But...(if,ands,buts)...laugh ....if (lol) the right woman comes around...I am game in a moments notice.

laugh wave
I don't believe you Johnny. On the other hand I'm willing to take the plunge, moreso I want to live in two countries, somewhere in the EU most likely because europeans love visiting Africa, and naturally my home with the best energy ever. daisy

Would you not be a little confused if the man who cheated on you still loved you?

I mean, if they love you, how can they cheat on you?

And....if there is any understanding to the answer to that question, how would that make you feel when it came time to find a new man?

You gave your heart and soul to that man.

Would you be willing to want to jump into another relationship like nothing ever happened?

You are ready to give your heart and soul to another man....the same heart and soul that has been torn from you...from the previous man who stomped on it....who still loved you.

Would that not be a little confusing to you?

....just saying hypothetically here.
Why are you allowing cheating to consume you so much, are you a cheater yourself? confused
No....I would never cheat on the one I love. That just don't make any sense to me.
The only way it makes sense...is if we as a society place too much meaning in sex. dunno
Well you often talk about sex. So there's your answer. bouquet
When I had concrete proof that my best girlfriends guy of 11 years was cheating on her because he was dialling he's slags number from my landline I had no hesitation in telling her.
One isn't expected to want sex all the time, but making love takes automatic care of that. happy place
If I read this thread wrong I have an excuse.
You should be reminded Johnny that the older you get the harder it becomes to live alone. Talk to those in old age homes to get a better perspective. Most things that we fear turn out to be nothing after we've put our minds to it. If it makes you feel more comfortable with an American gal, then start now, the clock is marching on and one day you won't be as marketable as you see yourself now.
You hang out here and you have yet to put on display the new you.
* Maybe you could ditch your picture with a woman,and even if Bert happened to be Roberta
the new Johnny has to be main attraction.
Otherwise the question you are proposing is a reflection of how
your potential lady might view things.
How can any woman interested in knowing you better get around these two people.( Old Johnny lifestyle).

Some of the input on profile reviews
are seriously great suggestions.

The local romance vs a relocator,
you have also only had a year of change under your belt.
You are essentially the new kid on
the block.Don't spend it in dark
bars.Also, with all the changes
happening simultaneously one
might need a temporary,more
dating or even platonic status to
start with.The settled in Johnny
could also be seeking out a less opportunistic woman or at least recognize and avoid Co-dependent women.You need time to know your strengths and her weaknesses.
(Equally yoked and sobriety based).

If all else fails you can travel to another
country and see how much they care
for Americans,then move back with
your new found perspective about
what they want from your lifestyle.
rolling on the floor laughing Think of it as a dating course;
international networking and contract negotiating.M'be even a tax write off.
Fearmongering should be avoided but I understand it's an American thing.

I missed that, there's nothing wrong with meeting friends in a pub if you don't drink. I do it, otherwise I wouldn't have any friends. wine
By getting out of the dark bars,
I am not suggesting you
platonically date...

the " fearless American gals"
in nursing homes.
On second thought a cute single
nurse there might find you,uh,
desperate,I mean,darn what is the
right word.Subliminal,no,oh well.
rolling on the floor laughing
Would you? ...as far as I go.rolling on the floor laughing DM.
Johnny, you have to sort your head out about women before even considering going into a relationship. I have said it to you (many times laugh ) that you have a skewed view of women.
You think they are all going to cheat, want too much sex from you, want too little sex from you, want a bigger p*nis than you can offer, etc., etc.
If you go into a relationship expecting that, then that is probably what you will get.
Try starting to see women as people, fellow human beings. Slightly different to men, yes. But not all that different.
You will find women who want all of the above. Absolutely. But why go into a relationship with them, unless you want to be an eternal victim.

Single women you know are single for a reason? I am sure they are.
Probably because they are not bouncing from one relationship directly to another without taking time to contemplate what they are doing.

If the women are in a relationship but complaining about their partner to others, they have a problem. Either they should deal with the problem and mend their relationship, or else get out and give themselves time to see where they are going wrong in relationships.

Johnny, choose well, or don't choose at all. Singledom is better than a shite relationship any day.
"Would you tell a woman that you know has a boyfriend and you have heard her complain about him in the past..."If you are ever looking for a new man, I think you are a nice, responsible, pretty woman, and I am single."

I'll always be your Number 2, your Plan B, Your Doormat, your Bottom of the Barrel? That is a wish that often comes true.
I think I've got it. Now I know what is troubling you. lightbulb It will be addressed in tomorrow's blog (MiMis Arty inspired it) if you read in between the lines. peace
I'm glad that Molly came up with her comment as I just couldn't be bothered to say all that.

She in fact says it all and it's also my opinion on your situation Johnny.
Heyy hey Johnny! head banger

Heck yes! Get in there and get some action, any way you can. After all, we all only live twice.

Now, I also want to add, you be the guy you are. Don't go changing and trying to be who you're not. Because you won't be happy trying to be someone else. You be yourself, and someday, maybe real soon, you will find a lady who likes you the way you are, and you'll like her the way she is.

We've all seen old friends who we thought needed to change something or another, only to find them later having great success with marriage, family and business... etc.

When you find the right love, the right happiness, your heart and thoughts will change somewhat anyways. Love and true happiness does that to people.

Don't worry, be happy, be your comfortable self and enjoy each day. cheers
Robert, Johnny mustn't change who he is, he must just go to finishing school. rolling on the floor laughing comfort

My Sister Always Say!
If A person Is Looking For A Men Or A Women; Put A Sign In The Yard!

Stating! Looking For A Men/Women.
And Under That! Add What Type of A Person That You Are Looking For......rolling on the floor laughing
Angel, is CS not a virtual yard? laugh

To Me! Yes; To My Sister! No. She Feel That The Sign Should Go Directly In A Person Front Yard.

Once you pass 36 or so your options as a single man greatly diminish. If you wish sex with a young woman you must lure them while they are drunk or high because when sober they are usually chasing boys and younger than 36 year old men instead. So for that weekly Friday night sex hanging out in clubs and bars works quite well IME. Noting also I have never drank for the purpose of getting drunk. It is just that bar owners take a dim view of people who sit in their establishment but purchase nothing. So I sip my Budweiser.

Getting back to the question, it depends on how often the woman comes to you to tell you she is unhappy and of course if you are interested in her. Sometimes this or that one arouses no interest at all. But if she is of pleasing appearance, nice personality, etc. and you like her and she makes a bee line for you as soon as he comes in the door, well then sure after maybe the 3rd time she is telling you of how her current man does her wrong, beats her, burns the kids or her with branding irons, cut off her hair while she slept, etc. yes, it is permissible to finally tell her you are single, think she is very good looking and how you would never do such things to someone you loved. Then buy her another drink. wine
Footnote: My mother had a saying which is appro to the situation.

Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.

.......................................rolling on the floor laughing
It sounds like you're hanging round bars, trying to meet a girl from church...
Very observant Pat. cheers
Or going to the after church socials and picnics where alcohol is often permissible. Of course then you risk winding up with a partner who calls out the name Jesus and screams thank you Jesus every time she o*gasm.
Or watches porn Ken. laugh

Got dog!................................................rolling on the floor laughing
I would willingly thank any deity for that grin
Fact: the Bible Belt watches more pornography than anywhere else in the world. Hypocrites. devil Each to their own, I understand the need to believe in something bigger than themselves.
" I Better Get Off This Blog! Before Johnny Get Mad @ Me "

PS. Will Someone Delete My Laughing Before Johnny look At His Blog?....giggle
As a tactic, showing a bible belt woman a channel such as xnxx.com while she is drunk so she can initially discuss how evil porn is while you refill her wine glass as needed sometimes works quite well. laugh
Hey, if you can't do it, you might as well watch it laugh

Maybe I should take up watching porn moping
......................rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
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