The Cheapest most nutritious Fast food on earth

Nothing exciting about this Blog, Atheists and Christians alike can read without arguing.
Simply, so much money is going on junk food nowadays with disastrous effects.

A boiled egg, brought to work, or a softly boiled Egg if you are at home, is full of nutritional goodness
and with a tiny bit of salt, is nutritious.

The Protein is high quality, it contains B2, Ribofavin, Vit.B12, Folic Acid, Biotin, and Antioxidants that
are good for Eye health.
Iron, and I nearly forgot Selenium which is a great anti oxidant and good for Thyroid.
Iodine .

Cheap, nutritious and fast.
easter egg chicken

Not a cut and past, done from memory, so maybe some vitamins left out.
Your fast food is just full of sugar, Gluten, flavour enhancers, binders, colourants, Sugar, and more
Sugar, ~~ The Cholesterol is NOT bad cholesterol so have no worries there.chicken chicken chicken

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Eat and be merry. teddybear Now I must go, tennis is on soon and the washing machine needs filling. wave
I agree..Vegemite is very healthy.too
Oh Shit ! I meant to press the picture of a Hen and look what I got !!!rolling on the floor laughing
Mercedes ~ Vegemite, We probably have that here but under a different name. thumbs up
A hen laugh
Mercedes ~ laugh I thought, hey, this may not be blog of the year, but nobody can argue surely?chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken Squawk Squawk

Or a Ducks Egg ~ Quack quack.
Quails Egg ~ yuck !

A Banana is another thing I keep in my bag when i know I will get hungry. Trying to give up sugarbanana
Last point, the morning crowd is so much nicer and kinder than the evening crowd. hug wave
Keepers ~ You're not talking about a basket of eggs?chicken chicken Do you mean on a bus, train?
People are tired and little cranky in the evening. wink
I eat four bananas a day I'm addicted.smitten
Mercedes ~ Because I don't smoke and am missing the sugar hit from giving up Sugar, I eat a whole bunch of them. Magnesium and potassium. I will cut down as the body gets used to the lack of sugar hits.
banana banana
When I get the munchies and need a hit of something at home, I have hard boiled eggs with a bit of Mayonaise dressing. chicken
Off topic, I am refering to the crowd on CS. wine
The evening crowd are control freaks. very happy And I love eggs too, usually in an omelette. Yum
Keepers ~ Aw, now I get you. Yes, I find it strange when people are all get up and have a go on the blogs and then I have to remember, that a large part of C.S. bloggers day time is my night time.

It is going on for 11am in the morning here. So going out soon.
Enjoy your Tennis..playball No tennis rackets here on emoticons.
Keepers ~ Omelette or scrambled eggs on Toast with butter, heaven , quick, easy, nutritions and good for slimming .
I was just about to say, delete the blog if you want. .... and poof, it was gone. laugh
Keepers ~ I did, not in to sharing that much intimacy and trauma as it can be used against you.
Just felt it was also denigrating my mother, who after all, carried me for 9months. So I am here because
of her. See, I am healing, and I have prayed that I could forgive her, Forgiveness works !heart beating
But we mustn't eat too many of them scold
The cholesterol will kill you! sad flower
Right? dunno

I never bothered with checking cholesterol until just a few years ago when I got on a health plan.
A yearly physical was required and it included a cholesterol check.
The docs were pleased; it was quite low very happy
I was a bit alarmed; it seemed almost TOO low to my way of thinking uh oh
But I digress.

I figured it was low enough I could afford to try an experiment.
After a couple years of low readings, what would happen if I loaded up on eggs prior to the next scheduled physical? confused

Long story short -
I ate a half dozen eggs a day for ten days and then let them check the cholesterol.
Result? It went DOWN grin Technically, the change was miniscule; for practical purposes there was no change.

It's hardly a controlled clinical study, but I found the results interesting.

Disclaimer - This comment is not intended to diagnose, prevent or treat any ailment or malady.

Now if y'all load up on eggs & get a heart attack, I've covered my @ss with the standard lawyer stuff.
Neither you nor your survivors sad flower can sue said @ss off tongue

Thanks for that tidbit Mic. peace
"...mustn't eat too many of them."

I was referring to eggs, of course.
NOT mothers scold

Miclee ~ laugh I never took you for a Hannibal Lector. I meant to say that Eggs are full of the good
Cholesterol so eat your heart out, I put 3 in an omelette. wave chicken chicken chicken
Hey, gg!
Remember awhile back, BC had a food blog going...
we said we liked brown rice...
then Dani informed us we were killing ourselves on account of rice having arsenic in it?

Well, I've been doing some experimenting trying to find a non-lethal carbohydrate.
One was masa.

Wasn't quite sure what it was but it was cheap grin so I got some to experiment with.
My research has proven most(!) successful.
It's normally used in Mexican cuisine for making tortillas & such.
I've been trying it for a carbohydrate in lots of difference ways.
Worked great! thumbs up


Then I figured anything that good must have something wrong with it...
probably more toxic than rice even blues

BUT NO! scold

It's real healthy stuff!

And especially for y'all women!

I mentioned that it was cheap.
Let me clarify - IT'S CHEAPER THAN DIRT! grin
I mean that literally. I think potting soil costs more. SERIOUSLY!

Sorry for the hijack but since I was saving you from imminent excruciating death from arsenic poisoning I figured you wouldn't mind.

Hey! GG.
My favorite item for breakfast is eggs.
I always add cilantro, flax seed mill, pepper and salt to it!.....thumbs up
wave angel

Huevos Ranchero Burrito....

Eggs & Masa! applause

Hey Mic, how nice that you remember my advice about the arsenic in rice. wink

Goldie, I do like eggs - all kinds! - but, unfortunately, I am only supposed to have no more than 2 a week.. with no butter nor salt!

As for bananas, good for you but... not more than one a day - they are fattening!!!!!!!

I have also more or less given up sugar but I eat a lot of fruit.

If and when I need some sweetener for something, then I use pure Stevia. (I have a plant in the garden and use the leaves).

applause Heyyyy! You.

........................................... Make All Your Dreams Come True To You!..........................................angel2
Miclee ~ Thanks alot for that good news. I have not touched rice since the arsenic scare.
This stuff sounds terrific, MASA,? I wonder do they have it here in Ireland, if it is dirt cheap, all the better.
Again thanks and I will go on a hunt for it in various shops and stores. gotta go
Daniela crying Wow, this all makes sense now. Don't laugh [well if you want to do ] I gave up all sugar and yes Stevia works but I need a sort of 'hit' a 'buzz' that I miss from bad stuff like chocolate and the like

Anyway I read about Bananas being very very healthy, I have been eating about 6 a day, to 7. I was wondering why I could not lose weight. Oh holy shit, this is the answer.......

I honestly thought t hey were only 90cals and much much the same as a slice of b read, rich in magnesium. I think I will have another cry ::crying: So it is one Banana a day, with a piece of Masa.

miclee and Daniela you have changed my life, my profile will soon read, SLIM green eyed blonde.flirty banana
Angel ~ you are my kind of woman, I love flaxseed too, and some sea salt. The salt thing is a now found to be wrong. We need salt especially in hot weather. I have high cholesterol and am allowed eat eggs.
Yipee , something I like that is not Fattening, bad for me or Sinful. laugh foot in mouth pizza pizza
Bananas are not known to be high in magnesium but they are in potassium. The best food sources for magnesium are nuts and seeds, green leafy vegetables, beans and whole grains. Bananas do have some magnesium but it isn't a source that is recommended.

20-25 raw almonds per day will give you your daily quotient. However, that being said, one cup of coffee can deplete your magnesium for the day.

Eggs are an excellent source of protein, and I love that they have so many uses. I usually have at least two eggs a day, and studies have found that eggs do not contribute to high cholesterol as previously thought. Unfortunately, the medical profession is very slow in admitting they're wrong, and many doctors still hold that misinformation that eggs are bad for you.

One of my favourite comfort meals is one my mother used to make, hard cooked eggs in mushroom soup over toast. Slice up eggs into mushroom soup and serve over toast. That was one of my favourite dinners as a kid.

Sometimes we'd have a soft-boiled egg with a spot of butter and salt.. yum!

Yes, gg. We can miss simple sinful chocolate.

I'm switching to crack cocaine as a more healthful substitute smoking
True. It's not the same as chocolate. But it's something. And it helps.

wave angel

Dark chocolate is very high in magnesium, so a little bit of it isn't bad for you. grin
Masa is chickpea flour, Rosie, gluten free, you will get it in the big stores, health food store or Indian, I use it regularly, along with banana flour, rice flour etc. You can also buy gluten flour which you use to make seitan (meat alternative)
It really isn't good to eat eggs at all & I will preach to you now (as I don't?? in messages to you) You need to stop all meat & dairy from your diet & go on a plant based raw food diet especially now with all your ailments. You will find your health improves dramatically you will lose weight & your general libido will improve. All your aches & pins will lessen with almost immediate effect, especially as you already use Curcuma (Turmeric) You should make a drink of Golden Milk, plant milk with a spoon of curcuma in it & honey or agave syrup, it is excellent as an analgesic, antioxidant & helps you sleep.
Use Pînterest for vegan recipe ideas, you will love them & you won't ever miss meat, I made Broccoli & Seitan stir fry for dinner, it was gorgeous.
I might also send you some horror stories about the way animals are treated & slaughtered but I need to make sure have eaten first & it will put you off eating meat for life wink smile xx
oh, I forgot, you can use cauliflower to make 'rice', simply chop it very fine or put in the blender. You use it as rice or pizza crusts etc - superb alternative to rice if you're still afraid, but eating rice in normal quantities won't really have much effect on your health. xx
gg I smoke three cigarettes outside three times a day..I woulkd hate to think how many banana's I would eat if I stopped altogether laugh
tilla - I use cauliflower to make 'potato' salad. Yum!!
Hi Impwave The more I read, the less I know and more confused I become. I get these emails about various health foods. I always thought the magnesium was good but obviously not. so it is not that good.
preferable than sweets and milk chocolate. thanks.

That Mushroom soup sounds delicious with hard boiled eggs and over toast. yummy !
I was told to eat Eggs for my hair loss as the Biotin in it would help. Thanks for reply.chicken chicken
miclee ~ Great !head banger I think some blogs written while you are on crack cocaine could be, well..
different, explosive......uh oh and being a Ginger, you could become quite 'the targer'hole
I would stick to a stiff glass of whiskey. Dark, 70% Cocoa Chocolate is lovely, just a few squares.

You will not be one of the chosen ones if you start doing crack cocaine [remember you are of the superior ginger race, extra terrestial, extra sensitive, extra intelligent, make your own D3, mix that with Crack and you got a woeful combination.laugh
Imp ~ I do eat Almonds daily and also walnuts with vegetables raw done in the Nutribullet, mixed up to a liquid. Delicious.

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