I Have A "HUGE" Problem!

Sometimes I do certain things in the middle of the night - or early morning - and wake up with sudden urges... then... I can´t remember if I actually DID those things or not??? dunno hmmm hole ...................................................
NO........................ Not what you were thinking of!!!! scold

For example: I might suddenly wake up with a thought, or idea, and I need to get up and write it down so I don´t forget...writing

Ok, that´s not so bad I suppose....

But.... the worst is when I send texts to certain people - could be anything like "Hi, what are you doing, I miss you"...
Or, some apology for something.... also to ask them their thoughts about something...or whatever...

Then... in the morning, on waking, I have to check my phone to see if I had really sent those messages or not? confused

If I did, then I have some serious explaining to do, especially when the wrong messages were sent to the wrong person, in the wrong language! flirty hole grin

Has this ever happened to anyone? help

Btw. This is not about insomnia but insights in the night which is POSITIVE.smitten

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Hi Daniela,

I've had an insomnia problem since I was a kid. I still take sleeping pills to this day despite being healthy in every other way. It a big part of why I post on this website quite a lot despite having a full time job and and almost full time Uni.

But after taking sleeping pills( eg. Stillnoct / Ambien) I could cook a full meal or something at 4am and have no recollection the next day at all.

I just wish I exercised or something at night, so I wouldn't have to during my waking life hole
Hey Doc..long time no see..wave

I see you also have that problem..hmmm..

I don't cook at night though and don't have the physical energy for such activities.

And I don't take sleeping pills either.

The fact that you can't remember it the next day could it be that you're sleep walking ?dunno
Hi Daniela ~ Like Still not a Doctor, I was put on sleeping tabs years ago, and still have to take them.I am a complete insomniac. I sometimes get up and don't know if I am awake or asleep and come in to the blogs, then try go back to sleep.

I know you are going through some transit and it will pass. Meditate about 8pm each evening and first thing in the morning, it does help with the sleep. and good luck.sleep
Moral of the story is DO NOT send out texts when you’re groggy giggle

Daniela applause
Hello Goldie..wave

I appreciate your comment But...I have NO insomnia...and do NOT take sleeping pills.

My waking up in the night is usually after a dream and for something creative.smitten

And that's including writing texts.laugh

The only thing that bothers me is that I don't remember if the messages I sent were real or not..and what I said to whom? uh oh
Hola Mimi..hug

Yeah...the sending texts is what bothers me..wink

But...I am not groggy..it's just my subconscious working overtime grin
Hi Daniela, no I haven't experienced this in many years, but when I was a drinker I would wake always wondering or worried about what I done or said. It was really a terrible feeling and so glad those days are far gone.

Hope you overcome this and can sleep and wake in peace. hug
Hi Wen..hug

But I DO sleep in peace...only a bit confused when I wake up that's all.

I don't really want to overcome it either as the writing is very inspiring and are messages from the universe somehow.

Sometimes they're answers to some questions I've asked..
Other times...just ideas..

And my dreams are also very vivid at times...more like lucid dreams.smitten
Daniela. thumbs up

Dream on hug
wave Dani
can't you just view your sent messages on your phone?
When I was a kid I could sit up and have a whole conversation with my mother and have no recollection of what I said and had to ask when I fully snapped out of it.....laugh
Hiya Itchy girl wave

Of course I view my messages ...and also send them from whatsapp on my phone.

What is your question ? confused

Yes...a bit like what's happening to me in a way..

During the night I'm half asleep or in an altered state of consciousness.

As for late in the evening..before I go to bed..it also happens when I chat with some people as if I'm in a trance.
Sometimes it sounds as if I'm talking non sense grin
It kind of is I think....its like you're going through the motions but at the same time its like you're not there....the convos I had with my mother weren't even true..i have no clue where they came from....one time I told her my brother did something he wasn't suppose to...when nothing like that had even happened....maybe you've been travelling aren't quite back where you belong yet....bouquet
Travelling ? Hmmm...

Yes..it seems that although my body is here my mind has gone somewhere else???

Also as if someone..or something is taking over..like some kind of channelling.angel
I feel like you and I are on the same wavelength here? bouquet
I make lists of the things I need to do when I'm awake at night and then when I wake up I often lose the list and forget who and what I called.giggle

I must be dreaming when I make up the lists.
Although he uses Twitter instead of text it sounds like you and Donald Trump share the same malady.

Just be careful keeping naked pictures of yourself on your phone.laugh
It sounds like a form of sleepwalking.

Whatever is the cause or cure of that is beyond my scope, but the only way to ensure you don't send texts is to turn your phone completely off, and keep it in a different room.

If you use the alarm on it to wake you, just buy an old fashioned alarm clock instead. Don't have electronics in your bedroom.
Ken...and what Malady would that be??? uh oh
Molly..as usual you give very good advice but...

My phone is my life saver...I need it for emergencies!
Never mind ken, Daniela, what does Miwagi know that the rest of us don't?
Daniela, could you install a landline?
It might be worth it.
Sorry Molly...can't install one here. I went through all that several times.grin
Miwagi...I told you to keep it secret. roll eyes blushing
Herb...me thinks that Miwagi likes to show off..grin
So do you, Daniela, if what Miwagi says is true. wink
Molly...I don't have electronics in my bedroom.

But I don't want to cure anything as what I do in the night I enjoy...very important information.smitten
I believe molly has a wide selection of electronics in her bedroom.
And since when do you believe anything that Miwagi says Herb ?roll eyes
Good point, Daniela. Fake news.
You took the words out of my mouth Herby...about Molly.laugh
I was going to add that I prefect manual things to electronics.cool
Some keep you awake....Some put you to sleep cool
Oh shite...I meant I prefer....not perfect ..Damn phone doh
Sorry BW...I've left you out..wave

Shopping lists hey ? I never thought of that.
.sometimes dreams seem so real you cannot tell them apart from reality.
Daniela....that's happened to me even when I have been awake.....same thing its like I went somewhere for a few seconds and don't remember what I was doing....the scary part is its happened while I was driving too.....bouquet
Good morning M4. wave

Yes, it can be quite scary at times - especially if it happens when you´re driving!! doh

As for myself, if can also happen during the day when I´m talking to someone for example. Suddenly, I feel I am not there at all and come back a minute later, and people asking me if I´ve been listening? grin
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