Mattis Warns Of "Consequences" If Beijing Continues Weaponizing The South China Sea

Mattis is a wise man. We should weigh up carefully what he says.

The South China Sea is part of the Pacific Ocean.

China is a communist nation. Communists are liars and cheats who set out to subjugate ordinary people and deny them any political party choice and one vote per person, thus... democracy! The No.1 tenet of communists, is that power comes through the barrel of a gun. (Karl Marx).

That said, it cannot be denied that China and indeed Korea, have been devastated by past invasions. The free West should remember this as a guilty party.

The free West has developed rules of conduct upon the high seas and oceans. The Chinese communists are giving the free West and the United Nations the finger (raised in a vigorous up & down motion) on this.

Here's a link for an interesting, but not comprehensive read....

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Please. rolling on the floor laughing We'll just hear the usual bully tactics that don't work anyway. blah laugh
The Chinese communist invasion and annexation of the independent country of Tibet seems to have worked out well for China.

Moral of the story insofar Chines communists.... bullying pays.
Tibet was not taken by force only. Invade, settle and breed work a lot better even though it takes longer. Their increasing numbers in Africa is maybe more dangerous than the amount of weapons. Democracy depends on numbers so if you breed enough voters you can take over a country without weapons.
That's right Ekself, and let's not forget the "armies of ants" that never seem to end. America would lose, much the same as they have lost in African wars.
Mattis has been blowing hot air for quite a while.
however there is two sides to a coin, I've tried to post interesting news items links relating to wider picture, hope you find interesting wave

Han Chinese been pulling the wool over their eyes by feeding greedy persons of interest whatever they want. Turnbull who identifies with his son in-law in Singapore who already owned or has owned a gold mine in china, along with labor members like Bob Carr among others, been pro china for years, I thought Abbott was one politician who had Australia's best interest at heart until MH370.
John Howard opened dialog with China conditioned upon an understanding if it comes to push and shove Australia will blindly follows America.
Today it appears UK, France, America and Australia gunner push back against Chinese silk road initiative and its Defence allegiances / arrangements while following the link i previously posted Kissinger clearly gave lip service support for Chinese control of the South China sea way back in 1974. (its in there)

Australian ports are leased to the chinese, and chinese constitution states its defence forces must defend any chinese persons interest anywhere. Australian government were clearly advised long time ago, however the un-fretted-greed was in my observation applied long long time ago and a lot of very stupid moves been made disarming Australia's ability to defend its self, i do look just north of Australia and other mentions within the thread i posted a link to.

12 June Trump hope to start building a meaningful relationship with NK however i see at least five other moves Russia and China have made that leads me to believe we haven't got a buckles nor has Moriori-land

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