The difficulty with finding someone online

Is it really that difficult? How many long-term relationships have formed due to this site? I have been here a few years now and I know of maybe 2 relationships that have formed. My friend who introduced me to this site found his wife on this site. And, Daniel. I didn't know him, he was sorta of leaving as I was getting on. But, I remember him posting a blog about becoming involved in a relationship. How many other do you know of?

How can one improve their chances?

My number one and two improvements seem to be a better profile and pictures of just me...and no females.

Maybe I should write a profile with a bunch of demands? For example, don't tell me I need a different profile. Or, shut your face about my pictures. rolling on the floor laughing tongue Okay, a little dramatic here at the end.

Just a little bored here tonight....isn't that something, as soon as I get done working for like 12 hours...the moment after I eat, I am bored. Sounds like I need a woman. :)


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you are bored so a woman is required? that sounds funny to me. do you have a TV?
Stuff is boring on TV.

Actually....I just seen something on it that was very interesting....watching American Pickers. They were at a guy's house that had about 10 pictures of Whipped Cream Girl, that Robert loves sharing on his blogs. laugh
If there was a woman here, I could tickle her pits. thumbs up
BTW....sitting in front of a is like one is just wasting away....waiting to take a crap or something.
it must be consensual
You can go out and do something with a take some back road trips. Used to do that back in the day....when I smoked weed....put some music on and just go down wooded roads, look at the sky....was actually fun.
and a woman will make you not feel like you have to take a crap?
Tickling pits doesn't have to be Palm. roll eyes laugh
Well, as long as the drama level is low at the moment Palm, my bowels should be okay.
a pit fetish. strangely, i new 1 other guy with such a fetish.
The pit tickling was suppose to be in good fun, excitement....get some giggles and laughs. I never linked it to sex....but, I suppose.

You knew a guy that liked his pits tickled and it aroused him?
Or a good ole fashion game of Yahtzee....or naked twister. laugh
no, he was the tickler. he confessed to me. i generally am on a fact finding mission when i interview men

....go out to get a bite to eat

....take a walk
How did that make you feel...when you found out that?

I like interviewing the interviewer. laugh
i'm sort of intuitive and i joked about it. then he told me he liked pits. it happens all the time. i know stuff without asking sometimes. i know stuff i don't want to know sometimes.
Palm, you know of anyone who got in a relationship because of this site?
What do you know about me Palm....I am curious. You are a woman, you are suppose to have that 6th sense.
it only works in person. i blurt out stuff that happens to be accurate
That kinda wreaks person only. Okay, did you let him tickle your pits? laugh What about your fetishes? It sounds like handling mattress turns you on. conversing
ok Johnny, it's not my fault my life is more exciting. you reap what you sow. i'm tired. have a good night.
Thanks Palm. Have a good night. Looks like I need to start reaping more. wave

snooty I Think That! You Should Order A Mail Order Bride.

PS. At Least Think About It?!
wave ...... Just Saying!
Hello Pepps,

I might have, dine, fine.....until her naturalized citizenship comes minute, she disappears like a cockroach in the light.

At least, that is a story I heard about with this Russian lady.
Johnny get out and shake your toosh on the dance floor dance
Merc, I just got out and wasted some money in the slot machines. laugh Does that count?
Actually Merc, I have had good luck with dancing in the past....even though I am not much of a dancer.
Haven't played poker machines for what seems forever but I do like the Cleopatra machine slapping $5 a hit.

You don't have to be a good dancer to have fun and mingle Johnny hug
I am more of a 25 cent a spin person.

Okay, I will remember that the next time some dancing is in order. thumbs up
It's more fun when guys can't dance thumbs up
Now, I have never heard that one before.
Australia knows best laugh
Yeah....I am starting to think that they just may. You never hear about them involved in any global drama. Not to mention, the women love poor male dancers. laugh
Some things work really well on the internet, like buying cheap car parts and finding obscure things outside business hours.

Dating is very subjective, 2 different people describe themselves in the most glowing terms, leaving out anything they feel might slow things down. At the first argument or disagreement, your replacement is only a click away. It seems to work fine- for those that were going to find a partner by hook or by crook anyway.
Pat, I suppose the old adage is you get out what you put in. But that would mean, not many are putting in much on this site.
Replace by a click giggle
Hey I'm as unrealistic as the next guy, and to be honest I dont make any effort at all here. Leaving aside, there are only something like 4 and a half Australian women on here...
Well there are a zillion Aussie guys on this site.

Majority in Queensland.
What's half an Australian woman?

Flat chested?
seashanty: "ARE YOU MY MAN"(meet us in the quizzes)

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