The perfect gift for a fellow CSer

This first one is for Mimi (Art, are you taking note? devil )

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Lucky MMi. Me Ma made me a house cake with smoke out chimney and car in driveway for 21st cake. I'll find photo
Tourists queuing in the vain hope of booking a room in the recently-refurbished Biffville very happy

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pic upload
I want oneeeeeee!!!! Nooooo!!! I want two, threeeeeee!!!!!

yay yay applause

Molly! reunion
Mimi! reunion

Now post a nice, suitable, gift for another member

Pay it forward grin
Especially for you, Molly kiss

I present you the best in Chinese cuisine! wow

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Why you no like??? blues moping

Awright awright.....

Zis one for Zman for zipping in and out the coastal road applause Molly can jump in too when she's in Spain! applause

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Oh, I think Z will be very happy with that gift wink

My gift...meh mumbling

OK Molly, I guarantee you'll find something you'd like in this video! wink cheering

Classic funny first pic MimiA. Come on Molly. She's clever funny
Love it, Mimi laugh

It might be no harm to have a human version of it too...control our eating, stop the snacking idea
For Crazy grin

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Molly, I'd desperately need one of those
See now Mimi, you will have to just give more gifts to people if you want to receive more gifts roll eyes
For Mapmaker, only the most expensive coffee for the coffee connoisseur coffee

I'll take the first one if Biff doesn't want it heart beating
For Still_not_a_doctor:

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Pic too big...sorry help
Aaahhhhhh......this one for my loverboy...blushing to keep him company when I have to do overtime at workplace shimmy

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P.S Honey, if you don't like the lipstick colour, they can have it changed for you wink
Must take a break from all these shopping! Be right back! wave
Mimi, that poor doll would have to work overtime to keep up with you laugh
Wow, thanks Map!

Those are indeed worth gifts gift gift gift

Now, I will have to think of something to give you playball
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for quite a few CS ladies devil
You're a bad man, Boban! laugh

Here is my gift to you bouquet

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oh,lovely heart wings
For JJ bouquet

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Ms mollybaby, thinking of you......
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Thanks Sea bouquet

Or are you saying I'm a hoarder? uh oh

A zen student wished to present a gift to his master.
He gave him an empty box.
The master received it and said, "Emptiness wrapped in nothing? It is thoughtless of you to give me such a meaningless gift."
The student thanked his master for the compliment. please

wave Dani
For Pat, a bus ticket in case his car ever breaks down:

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Geez, I'd have preferred a picture of a car instead, just in case I ever get a car that kind of runs. Lofty dreams, I know.
Sorry. I thought you said before that you loved public transport
Public transport works quite well in London and Sydney. It kind of works in places like Brisbane and Adelaide, if you dont mind waiting ages. In places like Cairns, maybe it works if you live near a bus stop and plan your life around the one or two busses that might or might not come. Where I am, there's maybe 3 busses some days (2 of which are school busses) none on weekends or public holidays, and the timetable at the bus stop is completely unrelated to if or when busses come. Its great.
To avoid you having to explain why you are on the school bus with 16 year old girls bouquet

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Jeez, just take the car and shut up

you cliquey troll smoking
Shuddup, zionist infidel.
Well lets go to Egypt for a holiday together, see if you can exchange me for some goats. Then we'll see how many goats I can get for you, before lunch time. And I dont even like goats that much really.
Hi guys, nice blog. conversing
The goat-off is on thumbs up
Thanks Keepers handshake
hope you cooked yourself and don't forget the custard is nice after this a smile will work
Thanks for the stethoscope Molly. IOU one free physical.
Still not a Doctor, but glad to have a look wow
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