What are friends for

What good a friend are you for if in the direst of needs you aren't there?

Can you share what your beliefs are on friendship? Or better yet, who are your friends?

Here is my story. I have only three friends, I mean real good friends. One is going on for the last 45 years, met her in College. Still going on very strong. She lives in another State but we see each other at least twice a year. Call each other every now and then.

The other is 40 years, met her right after I landed my first job as a University professor. She lives in Switzerland and see each other once every two years. She comes here in the US while I go to Europe alternately. She is rich and just travels but very accommodating. (she introduced me here at CS, she writes poetry and almost forced me to be a member here, long story) Anyways, the third one is about 15 years now. All I can say is that these friends are ready to offer their lives if it is needed. At least that is how I feel and do the same on my part if I am needed.

I can't see nor feel the comepleteness of life without them friends.

Share your expectations and experiences with friends if you want to. Otherwise thanks for reading this blog.

I will be away for a while but will get back later.

Question: Are you there when your friends need you?bouquet

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I feel very lucky to have some good friends. I met two on CS and they are still very good friends, one live in France and the other in the US besides my three long time friends.
A trusted friend is someone who knows where in your woods the spare keys the house and vehicles are stashed. An absolutely best friend is the person who knows the combinations to the different safes and who also knows of the secret entrance to your (literal) cave and what supplies are stored in there.
Definitely Ken, maybe even the combination to your vault and the password just in case it is needed?


Thanks for sharing Ken.

I did have a very jealous friend. Backstabber even. Wheeww it took me a long time to get rid of that one.
I have no friends. peace wave
Lindsy ~ firstly, I think you have to be a friend to make a friend. I have many many aquaintances, and people whom I chat with when we meet , or meet now and again.
Real friends, well a handful of people who I would trust, and who I can really connect with.

REAL FRIENDSHIP ~ Realising that nobody is perfect, and that we will not always agree.
That I respect their beliefs and non beliefs and they respect mine.
Same would go for political opinions, live and let live and agree to differ

Somebody whom you trust with your deepest emotions
Somebody whom you would never use or abuse or dump on.
As in, if you need to see a counsellor or therapist or doc.... go see them
but don't use your friend as a psycotherapist 24/7

Somebody you can have great fun with simply watching a movie at home
Somebody who you don't have to tidy up your apartment of house for.

Somebody who makes your heart lift when you hear their voice.
Somebody who has the power to hurt you a lot because you love your friends.

I could go on lyndsy, Somebody who is loyal, who is at your back, and can just listen.
Ken ~ you put that very well. thumbs up
On my break...real life friends,I wish we could be there.Take care ,y'all.hug
Hi Ash ~ enjoy your break. foot in mouth pizza
LoL, I have had folks visit, or spend a few nights here who never knew there was a key stash somewhere outside, and who never even realized safes or vaults even exist. I call them casual friends.

Trusted friends are for those days when you get in a car accident 70+ miles from home, go to a hospital there, but need someone to go in your house and feed your pets. The kind of folks you know won't disturb your stamp collection. You probably have a key to their house too.
Ken ~ If you have one friend who would go out of their way to do that, you are blessed. I hope you have.
If i lived nearby i would only be too happy to feed and play and walk with your pets, but since I don't drive,
you 'd have to camp there until another friend was at hand. cats meow dancing dog

Goldies PET MINDING SERVICE free to good friends.
Otherwise you pay, decent rates. Lots of love and TLC given to pets.
Can travel. Can sleep over. Great with Cats,
maybe friends should not be used to much as they might soon tire of
I'd give the shirt off my back kinda of friend.rolling on the floor laughing they really need a female friendly version.
I would lend you my brand new dress if you asked!
(that I hadn't a chance to wear yet.)
With men substitute : new car.
rolling on the floor laughing
Real friends are a rare commodity. I've had a few in my life, unfortunately you
reach an age wheren you start losing them. and I'm at that point now. But I believe
that it is better to have had good friends and lost them than not to have had them
at all.
wave Ms Jones, sounds like a nice circle of friends you've got there...
I don't do friends and unless you've grown up with them and stayed in touch through out the years I honestly don't think a sincere genuine one can be found in later years and that's alright... I don't need a friend anymore then I need be one with/to someone, If I have a few nice people in my life (which I have) that makes it easy to be nice to them, then that's all I need... wine

Now having said that, I do have one long outstanding friend, Billy Boy, I know him since I was fifteen .. So happens he's a catholic priest wink
Some of my friends are in the 40+ years of knowing them, but a few are newer than that with one only being of 7 years and another of 20. I think friendship is not only about how long, but also about how well you both understand each other and knowing you agree on most things and have each other's back.
I have been lucky in my friends, on the whole. Some are just for fun, a few I have known most of my life but that's all we really have in common now - shared memories. My life has changed so much and so often and it is the friends who have stayed valid during those changes that I hope will last forever.

I try to be as good a friend. One can but try.
I have wonderful friends we're all so different on many levels but we gel perfectly.

Have many crazy hilarious memories very sad memories too but we're a very strong supportive bunch,
Itchy ,Johnny and Robert are looking for those Gilmore girls.
Is Billy one of the Baldwin Boys.head banger
I have a few good friends that have been there for me good friends are hard to come by.

Just saying..steak knives.thumbs up
I've had 2 online buddies for some time now.

One only talks about himself and never listens...mumbling
He's in a silent mode at the moment.

The other one actually LISTENS but doesn't talk much.

I suppose it restores the balance in a way.dunno

As for the real world...I've had 2 good friends..one woman and a man...both young and spiritual..whom I've known for years.
They both listen and are only a phone call away if I need them.
confused confused Ash ....
but my Billy is a hero wink

Keepers, I can't for the life of me, understand why you don't have friends. You are not eccentric to me, you are not a normal human being. But then I might not be normal either calling you that. So you be who you are and if it works for you, that is all that matters.

In College we had an essay about the theme: "No man is an island".

Your very strong judgment on so many people including Trump makes me feel you are weird. That is just my opinion and I know I can be wrong.
Absolutely GG.

Yes to all that you have said. To me life is way too dull without them friends.

I value my friends so much because they make my life worth living. I love them and I know they love me, too.
JJ I will never use my friends and neither would I ever expect them to use me. But there is a good feeling I have when they need me and I can respond to that need.
Ash, I want to borrow your unworn dress. lol. just kidding. I do give gifts to my friends without expecting any return other than the sublime feeling I have when they show their elation and big smile in their face.

I receive a lot of gifts from my friends, specially the one from Switzerland and I told her, I am not expecting all these showers but she always does, give me so much. It makes her feel good giving and she thanks me for being her friend. I am more thankful than she ever does.
Absolutely Oldie. Rare commodity is a very good description. I feel very lucky to have them and I lack no time in letting them know how I feel.
Elle, you seem very lucky to have them and I do feel you make them lucky to have you, too.

I would love to be a friend with people who are smart, funny, and good person. You seem to be the embodiment of all that is good as most of those whom we mingle on this site.

We definitely feel lucky to have them. I do.
Mercedez, if we were close to each other, I would love to join you in the gym and be my buddy. You seem to inspire others and would love to have a chance to meet up with you.

When I live for a few but memorable months there in Sydney, I used to go to the Elora, I am not sure of the name anymore but it is equivalent to the College Y here in the US. It is a facility provided for the native Australians but also welcome transients and anyone who wants to avail for their services with a very reasonable fee.
Blue, yes, friends are good to have. I can't ever imagine my life without them friends.
Daniela, you made me laugh reading your description of your friends. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

You seem to be one so good a spirit and soul that anyone who can claim to be your friends are LUCKY.

I would love to have one like you as my friend Daniela. You seem to heal the wound of this world.teddybear
Good Morning Lindsey wave

I am thankful for the old fashioned ladies friendship that we've shared-
Like sisters and I know you understand
the "Love yous " are such blessings
between friends whether it's a good
day you make it brighter or an off
day you make it lighter.hug

Every friend has their own beautiful
soul and warmth,expression to offer us,
For you Linds

Ditto Ash. Your presence emit such a beautiful sunny feeling and I am grateful to be your friend.

Love is a very good feeling that comes out of those friendship Ash. I am lucky to have known you and one day, I hope we will meet.teddybear
Glad I made you laugh Lindsy.wink

However...my comment wasn't meant to be Funny. Sad story really.. As those online buddies don't seem to appreciate me.

Fortunately...my friends in the real world DO.

So...my way to look at it...as long as there's a balance..giving and taking isn't always from the same person.

As it is said.."we reap what we sow" regardless whether it's from the same source or not.

Thanks anyway for your kind words lady..bouquet
I didn't mean to make it like funny Daniela however it brought smile onto my face and made me feel so glorious because I have had such an encounter with two friends like yours. One is always talking, she would never care if I have something to say and one is always a listener that I sometimes wonder if she is taking in all that I am blabbing. But yes, those friends, I love them as they are.

You are most welcome good soothing soul Daniela. I am at peace just reading and being on your posts.

You make me calm and feel the positive energy flowing. Imagine how lucky those people are around you.teddybear
Friendships is like a balm that soothes the soul.....its to be cherished and never taken for granted.....bouquet
friends are for .... themselves.

Exactly M4, they are gems for me and worth more than gold or what money can buy. Precious is what I can think of to describe them. I went through some rough times and they were there always when I needed them. I am reciprocating the same and when I am needed, I run to them and find a way to make their loads easier. I am very lucky to have these good friends.hug
Yes Ms. Witch. They are..bouquet
Hi Lindsyjones, yes I am there when my friends need me, and have found that some have been there for me too. I walk away from one sided friendships I don't like selfish people. I have a high school friend who lives in the US now and we message every now and then, I have another good friend I have known since my early twenties we met online and in person and we keep in touch and meet when we can. He flew down to attend my sibling's funeral which meant a lot to me. I have two former colleagues who are now good friends, one moved back here and the other one has moved to Canada. I am in still in touch with her, but with skype and other video and voice calls being blocked its hard to catch up so we usually text or I call her once in a while. She is my best friend and gave me a job when I needed one, she introduced me to prospective employers also, she even offered her home to stay with her and her family when I lost my sibling.Another friend did the same also. I had surgery about two months ago and a friend I met at an event last year who I hang out with every month visited me and offered to stay in the hospital. She always helps with anything and I would do the same for her. She is a close friend now. I have friends that have gone out of their way to help even when they had limited resources. I consider those friends like family. I always have friends telling me I am a good friend and I think I am. I think its good to support one another through good times and bad. If I am friends with someone and they need my support or help I would hope they would do the same for me. I have a few close friends and I have a few friends that I met over a few months that I am getting to know. I don't mind just having friends to hang out with but at the end of the day when I just want someone that gets me without even having to explain anything, I call my closest friends. They know me well. They also tell me when I'm making a mistake or don't agree on something, so it works coz we are all blunt with each other. I have had friends come and go but am glad I can count on my close friends. When a few friendships went sour because of betrayal etc by the other person I just said what I needed to and walked away. They always came back apologizing and I accepted, but I did not give another go at the friendship when they requested it, because sometimes certain actions by the other person is too hurtful and the trust is gone. I did wish them well. I prefer to have a couple of close friends than hundreds of friends for the heck of it. Quality over quantity. I would say people like us are blessed to have good friends. hug
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