The fastest way to lose a woman's interest ~

You see you Inbox is lit up with lots of messages. Yipee. Happy Days.
Alas you see one photo, a very far off photo of what could be a man, in dark shades, indiscernible.

You say to yourself, maybe he wants to stay incognito for business reasons so you open the message.

Hi Sexy

Another is a Soldier of high rank in the U.S. Army, handsome beyond my wildest dreams,
'Hello Dear' I look for God fearing submissive woman that have marriage with me I work in engineering
in Afghanistan your beauty make me weak ~ Delete, report as Scammer

Wow, this guy is faceless but to heck couldn't be worse could it ? I open up the message ~banana

At this stage my enthusiasm is somewhere down past my knees and I feel a familiar need for a piece of
Banana Bread and a cup of Tea [comfort food] banana coffee Cat looks bored and paws laptopcats meow

Message ~ Hi there, how was your day?

Finally ~ last one, you open the inbox message ~ Hi sexy, you are beautiful, I really would like to get to know you more, I am looking for a soulmate please get back to me on yahoo xxxxxx xxxxxxx
Delete, another scammer.

~~Possibly the most common one is 'Tell me more about yourself' FFS my profile is longer than the
Epistle of St.Paul to the Corinthians.

frustrated I am not Einstein,but isn't there a more charming, interesting way to start some form of rapport when you wish to get a womans attention, is it just me ? These are genuine by the way.uh oh

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Hi GG, yes we all get some very strange and not welcome email. But you are very attractive and should expect emails good and bad. Sorry if it is that way but it just is and I am sure you know how to handle it. hug hug
Wenever ~ I do get nice inbox messages too, just so many, if they really want to get to know me, seem to be very bland, with nothing more to say, this is a light hearted blog. Good to see you Wenever.hug
Hello Goldie..wave

Same messages I get all the time.laugh

When They want to know more..I refer them to the 175 blogs I wrote ...then I never hear from them again! rolling on the floor laughing
GG, thumbs up

You are spot on! Example: one lady sent me - upon my requests - photos of herself, but always taken from afar! And when I asked for a facial close-up photo, she sent me a profile. Obviously these persons have something to hide; cheating spouses, scammers, unattractiveness, etc. One lady even has a dog as her profile photo! LOL!
I'm not personally on the market right now, but I use the blogs and forums as a means of identifying real people vs. fake scammers. There could be exceptions, but most scammers are not going to engage in these type of discussions IMO. And if I was looking I would only be looking for someone close to my own age and with whom I have a lot in common. Giving your honest opinion on various subjects may chase away some potential suitors in the short term, but could also be beneficial in finding a good long term match. Of course if you stick to just people who post you limiting the size of the number of people to chose from.

So bottom line I will reply to anyone I recognize as a frequent poster, but don't bother if they are obvious scammers.
GG: I agree n I m waiting on some imaginative opening lines too that make me go "Wow"!!I think blog reading is an ideal way to get to know what a person is like but not many go to the trouble of reading them if they aren't regular bloggers themselves. I'm impressed by any man who's willing to make that effort....

I've had a few who have really impressed me with their first email and made me go wow

I've also had a few who have read some of my blogs and commented on them! wow
I don't even open my mail, usually. lol. My profile says I'm not looking, and I'm not, so I don't bother. Most of them are a 'How are you dear?' - which is either a scammer or very unimaginative person. sleep
Daniela ~ you ask them to read all those blogs ?rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Imp, I am kind of on the fence. If it happened it would be nice. I am not bothered just now. That is being truthful but when somebody really nice comes along, I would know.

Isn't the Dear so funny? better not say too much or the scammers will cop on. thanks for replying.wave
Poitin ~ Don't hold your breath. I don't mind the first message being a non starter, but when the second one says 'tell me all about yourself'......yawn sleep
Miwagi ~ Thanks for reply, yes, people who insist on writing 'age does not matter' I believe it does.
I am certainly a different person than I was in my 40s and my interests and what I want in a partner, the relationship would be different, should it arise. Right now I just enjoy the blogs and other features on CS.
Autumnleaf ~ she could have had a heart of gold and obviously loved dogs ?
I think it is that would be partners, dates, can be so demanding in asking for more photos and
then the scammers who want your email now. laugh
No I don't ask them to read ALL my blogs laugh

But...just to look at some titles and read one ..then come back to me with something I wrote so we can discuss.
scold GOSH ~ I just got a very good inbox mail from a gentleman [I won't say who ] but he was quite irate about this blog. He made a lot of decent comments about why men and women can be shy or hesitant, especially when broken or hurt.

I have apologised and I really meant this to be light hearted [if true] and not in any way sexist or cruel.

So you know who you are and, once again, I am sorry if I seemed cruel, it was not my intention.sad flower
GG....I do

I was chatting to a seemingly "normal" chap from way yonder.....he read a blog I had up at the time....and bolted pronto....laugh
Berry ~ nice to see you, wave Gosh, I hope it's not the same guy. He was kind of annoyed.
Harmless fun ? but true nonetheless.
Just a little bit of imagination is all I ask or banter, anything but Hi sexy or 'tell me more ' frustrated
is hard to know what women want ... sure these kinda mails don't matter is just codology ..and you can block countries to so wheres the problem ..
Hello JJ ~ Just a lighthearted Blog for a change. Some of them are very funny. The Scammers are very funny, you get to know them. I know there are women scammers too. Hope you are enjoying the sun, isn't it great?cool
yeah its great weather but watering flowers is a pain their thirsty divils 50 different boxes full maybe im going mental and to hot to walk in day so I goes when it cools down

It's rare to receive mail from a stranger who has put a little effort in.

...aside from our regular lot here, in which case....anything goes....laugh
JJ ~ That's the downside, yep, I have hanging baskets and lots of pots also Oriental poppies, even they are crying out for water. How come with so much rain, all it takes is a few days of sun in Ireland and our soil is totally dried out.
Not moaning, just saying.daisy
I'm actually pretty good at opening gambits with messages.
The ladies are so mesmerised by my charisma that they literally never respond.
Berry ~ our lot here are seasoned writers and know us well. I suppose a lot of men don't quite know how to start.. Same with women but Hi Sexy is just the pits. laugh Better than nothing in the inbox wink
I answered back to a simple "Hello" once...the best thing I've done for the six years on this site...
StillnotaDoctor ~ so you literally 'knock them out ' without anaesthesia.... you have the bedside manner [in your writing ] heart beating
I stated in my profile that I'm not looking.It's obvious that men don't really read my profile at all.

I did receive a mail from a man who had bad mouthed a lady blogger to me so I banned them.I'm not involving myself into personal issues that someone may have with another person on here.I didn't start whatever the problem is and I'm not finishing it either.Not entering into He said She said junk.
pKrema ~ yes, hello is nice, simple, not pretentious. Glad it worked out for you lovely lady. hug
Bear ~ you are wise Bearwoman. I've learnt a lot on these blogs and I am still learning. You did the wise thing. teddybear Wisdom is earnt, and you have it in spades. wave
Wisdom is earned. Typho
Some time ago, I got this message roll eyes


He and I still get a kick once awhile over the fuss of some people ( some are still here but I can see few have taken a hike grin ) have about my state of ‘undress’.
Wow MiMi Two people who love each other and a bit of cleavage,If you have a look at the women I can assure you there is much much worse.
Wow, that's nasty. Thanks alot for the chair today, sorry I am hopeless with Computers and could not upload some chanel bags for you. hug
I dream daydream of someone coming up with an imaginative original message - best I've had was a flower referring to something in my profile and although his profile didn't look promising (too far away, for starters) I was charmed and replied and that sparked off an interesting year.

One message (when I'd just started blogging) warning me against a smarmy troll started what has become a really important friendship

Been an awful lot of messages that were just delete, or delete-and-block, and some that fizzled out through mutual lack of anything to say, but also some interesting ones - not romantically interesting, just people with interesting stuff, so yay, bring on the messages laugh

I also received one with flowers! snooty

rolling on the floor laughing
Biff ~ Thanks for your interesting replies. That's a coincidence, i got a message today from somebody from U.S. with a nice Rose, it was nice and we messaged but LDRs are difficult .Not for me ....I think.

Yes, what is just friendship can turn in to sparks and chemistry.
In the meantime it's hard to get anyone [very few] who float my boat when I get a message and how was your day is probably the most common , next to 'hi gorgeous' sleep

We have your weather over here as you no doubt heard. Gorgeous to have sun. Thanks for reply Biff.wave
It’s the thought that counts, GG. It’s all good thumbs up

I do love Chanel bags though smitten
GG we have 4 days of fiesta coming up and although tomorrow is 27 degrees the rest of the week looks a very pleasant 23 (in the shade)

Enjoy your sunshine!
Biff very humid which Ifind saps me of energy ~ real problem was that we were so used to rain and morer rain and wind and cold and snow and then whoooooosh, we get this lovely sunshine.
Not complaining, just the humidity. 'To be a respectable 19 - 20c in Dublin and along East coast but Galway and Cork will be much hotter for your friend Molly. I could imagine i would gete climatized, if that is the word to this type of weather, I have a shiny face though hate, it.doh
"Though He Has Not The Picture"

"Have You Heard From"

"Good Looking Steve?"..................detective
"Leaving an Abusive Relationship"(meet us in the articles)

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