Women and the men folk.....The Hymen...

Ah, yes, the hymen. Now how different is THAT little perforated (usually) piece of dense connective tissue betwen the sexes? I won't bore CS bloggers and forum afficianados with too many of the medical details, as so often. But I do think poetically and wax philosophic on the topic. Some consider it to be one more functional "organ", and sure, there is limited evidence for such. Slower release of cleansing menses, added protection against nasty retrograde urethrovaginal bacterial flow. Lot's more for imaginative minds. But only a tiny percentage of us DON'T think of it as serving primarily as evidence of youthful chastity---also with only marginal evidence. Men who have thought they actually did, or are led into thinking such by various subterfuges, performed the all cherished husband pop, my depest sympathies. And one hears that among Muslims, plastic Hymen repair is second only to...well, use your imaginations. Deep male security isn't exactly behind keeping the little creatures chaperoned, from driving, and covered up like so many onions, no? Don't look for it in the Holy Khoran. It's a man thing. But teleologically speaking, who isn't captured by these myths of Divine purpose? Goddess, she put it there for good reasons. Right! Humans. Aa-V.

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Vierk ~ The operation to replace said Hymen is quite popular in Eastern countries especially, but more recently in the West.
The other option is, to get a Bottle of Tomato Kethcup [tomato sauce] and be nifty with it....under the bedclothes. It is not an urban myth, it has been done. Talk about starting off life together being totally honest

Yes medically it has it's uses as you have described perfectly and does sheild a woman from various bacteria but I think it is also like a Cats claws, made for a function.

Incest and paedophilia always existed, but was hushed up and rarely spoken of, same as Rape, as it made the woman not quite saleable, less in value as a chattel.

Of course women who horse ride, and other persuits can tear the hymen.

Sad really that women are seen as as a commodity and how dare they have had any previous experience sexually with men, whilst their partners for life are lauded for having been 'great lads' and sown their wild oats.
Mileage under the Bonnet of a car is ok with a man, but a lot of mileage under the Car of a woman is still seen as a slut by many men. So much for Equalism [I hate the word feminism].

PS nothing wrong with virginity, but don't you think it is akin to prostitution ? selling ones virginity in return for love and marriage? just a thought.dunno
Thanks, GG. All the usual thoughtful postings. Just remember, incest is really only relative. And to really do it up right, and start things running with an honest bang, so to speak, a small snip from a non latex Skin French letter goes nicely in the catsup on the sheets, methinks, mehears. Aa-V. V-AA.
Vierk ~ Quite.uh oh wave
I wouldn't know. Living here in America I have never encountered one even though I have visited many places where if they existed you would expect to see one. I am pretty sure it is a European myth, like King Arthur or Beowulf. laugh
Funny, all, the interactions between the sexes, and the profound trutfulness, and sometimes the other. The poets have much to say on all this. My favorite is THE BARD. V-Aa.
if i had one, i don't know where it went. maybe the bicycle took it. probably why they design girls' bikes differently. very painful crashing a boy's bike in youth.
Yep, all the urban myths regarding bicycle frame design. But this one may actually be true. V-Aa.
Yep that's the creepiest thing I ever read .
banality to the nth degree
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