Just looking at my hair, it's got long and scraggy with the sun. So am sick of going to my hairdressers and having to listen to drivel from the hairdresser laugh
Then as she take only a few minutes to cut my hair at is is fine, I have to pay 70euro and a tip.

So, got my Scissors out, [professional one] today, and cut my hair in to a short Bob. It grows quickly.
Oh it feel great in the heat.
It took about 7 minutes using a Mirror for the back, and a hand mirror for the front.

Let's put it this way, I have often come out from the Hairdresser looking worse.

Going out to get myself something nice instead. rose
Anyone else cut their own hair ?

Comments (45)

Yep ~ Sh-t selfie and a sunburnt face and neck does not help. Cut is better in real life. Very humid here.
I used to cut my X s hair, I did a good job too. I also trimmed his grey/white beard, He was handsome.
cared about his appearance.
I cut my friends hair [he is Gay] and very particular. I have the proper equipment and also proper hair cutting
scissors/etc., Oh and I travel if the price is right.motorcycle rollers
GG, I wish I were near you and I would have done it myself. lol...I would have tried to do my best.

I never go to any salon for cutting my hair although one of my daughters is a professional beautician and has her own booth. She lives 4 hours away.

But anyways, my hair has never been done by others except one time in Coolangatta. I grow it long and leave it as is. Never die or color it. I only grab the ends every 5 months to cut the ends.

You make me laugh with the drivel. I don't want to hear any of them either.hug
Lindsy ~ You are from a country where women have glossy thick hair for the weather, mine is very shiny and has always been fine, it grows quickly and sometimes I just say to hell, I am not going over there to listen to all the talk about boyfriends and my hair takes so little time to cut but they draw out the time. 70euro is a lot to me, now that I have retired.

So, I decided to do it myself, your hair is very very thick and you are so lucky, it is glorious.

Thanks for replying. i am going to enjoy the sun today for a while. Take care lovely lady.

Enjoy it GG and I will see you when you come back.

Take care.teddybear
I have no clue about your currency but years ago I was charged $27 for one inch trim at the back.

I swing it to my front do a snip snip myself and I trim my own fringe.
Lindsy ~ Thanks alot take care hug
Mercedes ~ 70euro is a lot of money for anyone. It is not that different from the dollar, if that helps? It is the EU currency. Good for you, your hair is long and thick .

I find Hairdressers are a rip off. they use things like conditioner and then charge extra few bob for a tiny squirt of conditioning creme from a cheapish brand.... women are conned so easily.
I know some people who have highlights and who have very thick hair DO need to go to the Hair salon but for me, the fringe cut, and doing it myself is fine [most of the time], it will grow in a week.

Very few people of a certain age look well with long hair straight down with a middle parting, it is very ageing and pulls the face down.... My grandma used to call it 'Mutton dressed as lamb.

Have a good weekend Mercedes. Thanks for reply.hug
I understand what your saying..If I was to have colour or foils and shit like that in my hair well of course I would attend a hair dresser..It's not the money for me it's the fact I'm able to do what they do for nothing laugh

It's not like they washed my hair or anything just a few tiny snips at the back not my fringe.

If your able to do it yourself keep on keeping on teddybear
Hi, goldengloss:

I am the one have haircut myself. laugh I do it for more than 10 years cos I don't like go to the barber shop. waiting for a long time sitting there like a fool. Someday after I read a book teaching how to cut hair self, I never go to barber shop again. So now my hair is always in a certain long for easier to cut off at home. Just with one hair scissors ,standing before mirror... all is done then. grin
Have a nice day! hug
Get yourself a flowbee GG.

I have my hair dyed, cut, washed, blow-dry....all for under £20

70 Euro....


...equals....82.47 USD / 108.47 AUD...?!?! shock


O.K. gg.
Here's the deal. Get you & a few friends on the same haircut schedule.
I'll fly to Ireland, do the cuts & save you a few Euros grin
I mean - DAYUM!!!

I might be behind the curve.
I haven't paid for a haircut since some time in the 20th Century.

Course, cutting one's hair is less of a challenge for some of us than others.

Judging by your pics, merc, you don't need a scissors - you need a hedge trimmer...wow....love

Hi golden I've been cutting my own hair for some time and have saved myself lots of money.All I do is trim my ends some.
Mick rolling on the floor laughing

Speaking of pics...
Pics, gg! WE WANNA SEE PICS!! love

Trim Comb...

My folks got one of these gizmos about fifty years ago.
Still use it.
Still works every bit as well & simply as shown in the vid thumbs up
It uses standard double edge razor blades...
One blade/haircut = about $0.25 per haircut grin

Note '60s prices in the ad...
The $2.99 (2.54 eur) price of a Trim Comb is only slightly more than the price of ONE haircut!
Yeah. I wish...and gg REALLY wishes!! daydream


@ $82 / haircut - Someone oughta start making those gizmos again...
There's money to be made!

I never cut my own scold

I just burn it off instead laugh

Actually that's not funny sad
Hey Witch...

Did you know...
Real Men never shave? scold
We hammer the beard into our faces & bite it off flex

Or get it hammered in laugh

Now you're just being silly, Witch!
Why, for Pete's sake, would I pay good money to have it hammered when I can do a perfectly good job myself with a 20 oz. Dead Blow Ball Peen? scold

What? You think I'm made of money?!
I WISH! sigh

I've never cut my own hair. It's also very fine, so any mistakes are magnified. I've known my hairdresser for about 25 years, and she always does a great job (and a good rate). I'd probably look like some two year old took scissors to me if I cut my own! help
Imp ~ That cut would have to be professionally done with the lovely layers, and colour. Hairdressers here
seem to move about a lot and when they get good, they open up places themselves and charge even
Your style really suits you, and it is a wash and go one too. thumbs up
Itchy ~ I used to burn the ends [split ends] when I had very long hair, [at school] . Your hair looks very Salon done and wel cut. I do think the Hairdresser has that edge at the end of the day.

July ~ Aren't you the clever lady, watching how to do it on utube. Think of all the money you're saving. Well done, No barbers anymore .Loooks good too.wave
Miwage ~ That thing looks like a torture implement, no thanks. I think you mad a comment and i did not reply about my photo of me in the bath? That was a pose, about 2 years ago. My X was/is an Artist and wanted to do a head neck shoulders and back painting, I had pains in my arms and the water was cold, by the time he had taken enough pics. Not sexy at all, Just a bit different.blushing
My goodness! Here they charge about 10 euros for a haircut.

I don't have mine cut as I don't trust hairdressers.scold

I also do what Mercedes does..just cut the ends once in a while..and also the front.

I also have good professional scissors and used to cut all my boys hair.
Now I do my friends' when they ask me.
Thanks everyone for your comments, I was out all day.
I wrote Miwage, miclee , MiMi, July and others replies and the whole thing went whoooosh in to the nether regions... So am too tired to write the replies again.

Thanks alot everyone.
Miwage ~ that is too dangerous, it looks like a machine you'd find in Guantanoma Bay uh oh
miclee ~ You don't have to worry any more about cutting your ginger hair, it suits you too.
Be grateful you have the colouring that allow you look well, with less hair. grin
July ~ Good for you, clever woman, you went and learnt online how to cut hair. Great, so
no more Barbers.

String~ You have a song for everything, I've never met anyone like you.

Bear ~ You have a great mane of thick thick hair, what a crowning glory, it only needs a trim,
from you. Great, no Hairdresser.

Daniela ~ Again you have a great thick head of hair, it is curly too, so you only need trim it now and

MiMi ~ Your hair always looks like you've come out of the Hairdressers, beautifully coiffed, and
sleek and a beautiful colour.

Thanks everyone, more people that I had guessed, cut their own hair. No doubt Harbal gets Nora Batty to do his .laugh
miclee ~ That is the picture, my new profile one, a rather sunburnt me, with newly cut hair, better in real life.
It is very muggy and humid here. good luck
Well gg, the saying goes that the best haircut is one that doesn't look like you just had your hair cut.

By that criteria -
Great Job! love

Coloration to look good with less hair.
Less is more.
Thank you for than wonderful compliment, gg hug

I think uh oh

GG. 70 Euro's for a haircut? On my never, never!
I pay less than $15 dollars, senior prize. wave ....................Jenny
miclee ~ I meant it, it suits you, you look well.thumbs up

BritishColumbia ~ I'm a senior too, and I am going to go and look for a cheaper Hairdresser but not in
Where I live because it is a rich area where all the Salons are expensive, I am not rich,, so I shall have to source the wonderful Chinese women and men who give a dry cut, that is extremely well done , in the poorer parts of Dublin. For about 10euro. wave
Bear ~ You have a great mane of thick thick hair, what a crowning glory, it only needs a trim,
from you. Great, no Hairdresser.

@golden My hair is baby fine and always has been.

Only once I went to a salon and got a perm wave and my hair came out way way too curly and haven't been to a salon since then.So when the my hair begins to get too long I trim it.
Its been over 20 years since I had a normal hair cut with scissors. I have learned how to do it myself with the clippers, totally be feel and persistence.
wave Gg. just about to hit the sack but just to let you know you done a grand job with your hair and your new profile picture is lovely bouquet

25/35 euro for a wash cut & blow dry here in Galway, 70 in Dublin doh
I shaved my head a few times.
Bloodyawful, so did I. Once was after my heart got broken, I think it was a statement. I didn't shave it like a man, but I cout it in layers right into my head, I was younger then so features and face thinner, and it was bloody great,in to the shower, wash it and go....

I feel I was saying 'f*ck you all ' I don't give a damn about anyone.laugh
gg did you really shave your head because a guy broke your heart?

My ex hacked at my hair when it was to my waist..My hair is the length it is like me saying feck you.
I shaved my head too .....

Not only did I make a bad job of it .....
it done nowth for me looks mumbling

So I shan't be doing that again snooty

Who would go to a hairdresser that charges €10 - €15 for a woman´s haircut??? What do they do, get the cleaner to cut it???
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