Shouting or SHOUTING at someone in cyberspace or typing in capital''s is often used by people.
In my opinion it is rude and pointless as is writing in a different font or colours or color to our American bloggers...

Now reaching through the computer screen and giving someone a wake up b*tch slap

rolling on the floor laughing

That would be priceless

As usual just my humble opinion
No one was hurt or actually b*tch-slapped in the creation of this blog

Comments (10)

YES!! rolling on the floor laughing
Ash is that YES YES or YES NO I'm so confused today
iT was SO Worth iT
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing a b*tch slap is in the head,maybe that's leaving you
a little uncertain.

sad flower
A kick in the nuts on the other hand sorts it out for both heads rather quickly.
If you're a ninja in the sheets.rolling on the floor laughing
Where I'm from a butch slap is foreplay

You stand toe to toe and take turns until one calls uncle


Then you are 100% sure who the b*tch is...
Ash I prefer
"At Times?"............................The Shouting Waves ................Can Bend The Head"

Humble should not have an opinion.
Now, you deserve a slap. laugh

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