Are we eating ourselves to death

Fast food
Junk food
Energy drinks
Sugar and addatives

Are we digging ourselves into an early grave with a knife and fork ?

Everwhere I look I see may I dare use the "F" word, fat people

Children as young as 9 having hip replacements

Camps and special schools for obese teenagers

American fast food has lots to answer for in the this epidemic


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I love food too much to stop
When I was young there were no fast food outlets and no one could afford to buy it anyway
Maybe fish and chips as a special treat
Never any fizzy drink or sweets

Birthday wish was a shop bought pizza

Everyone walked everywhere or if you were lucky you were given or built yourself a bike from scavenged or donated parts.

Kids played
They ran
Jumped ,climbed
Fell down broke bones ,got cuts and had fun

Now it's eat
Play video or online games
And have a cell phone in one hand and are stuffing food in their faces with the other...
True dat.

While I was growing up in a small town, there wasn't a single fast-food joint until I turned 13. It was KFC. Didn't have Pizza Hut until 15 years later. McDonald's came to this town in 2007 only.

We used to get our McD's fix whenever we went to the bigger cities.

Anyway, I've been struggling with weight issues since I was in my late teens. Think I've lost the battle sad flower
I grew up thinking the only fat Asians were "sumo "

No offence


Now they have embraced the American lifestyle they are just as obese as every other nationality sad flower
I think Malaysia has a high rate of obesity coz our food is too yummy!! snooty


Bucket list :- Try fish & chips in NZ. applause
to be fat was to say to the world i am very rich i can afford to eat more food than i need

many famous people in the past were fat and proud

now it is cheap to get fat it is no longer a reason to be proud

now to be thin is to say to the world i can afford a high protein diet and a personal trainer and plastic surgery

Or I'm too poor to afford junk food or a car and have to walk grin
Are we drinking and smoking ourselves to death? ...The evidence is in, nobody would question these things are generally bad for health. Do we blame these things (Booze, ciggies) themselves for the outcome, NO. We say everything in moderation, tax the heck out of it on humanitarian grounds, and blame the person overindulging for having a weak will or defective personality.

Fast forward to junk food, sugar, energy drinks etc., and we inverse the cause to being the product itself, and those that serve it. We must avoid anything that will make people feel bad about their choices, and blame maccas etc. as the villains for simply being there the same way some biblical people blame Eve for the apple incident.

Harsh reality- if you're fat, its because you're taking in more energy and nutrients than you expend through metabolism and exercise. No more bullshit thyroid excuses, no more- I've tried everything and nothing works (until you've tried eating less). And personally, I think mobility scooters should not be granted to those who are basically just too fat. And stop blaming fast food outlets, just go there less often.
pasnips thumbs up

Moderation is a good answer to everything.
My first Mcdonald is three hours drive in one direction.laugh

Now, that's sad. blues
Well..............almost to everything.
Here are oly a few fat people on the mountain simply because we eat healthy mostly organic food. Even the food at the restaurants is mostly healthy and balanced. The only thing you can maybe call junk food is pizzas. They work in their gardens and walk a lot so they are all happy and healthy.
I'm probably in the minority but I believe there is "pill" that mitigates almost entirely the 'fast food' factor as it relates to gaining or losing weight. It's called 'exercise' and it starts when one gets off his/her a** and does something physical that makes one sweat.

You say, ah, I'm too old to jog. Push ups are too hard for me. Exercise hurts and is uncomfortable.

Yeah, it's hard.

If it were easy everyone would be lean and trim and fit and beautiful. It takes effort. Lots of it. It takes commitment. You got to want it more than you want the second piece of chocolate cake.

Don't blame your waistline on food. Blame it on what it truly is: You're too damn lazy to stick to a strenuous exercise routine and push yourself away from the table.

When you accept that fact you have taken the very first step to having a better and healthier body.


I love junk food, but I also know my limits
Schools now try to serve healthy stuff now oh and you can be healthy and still have a heart attack so let’s not blame food
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