not seeing the full picture

if we don't know all the facts and even then we can only make a guess using our own values and life experience to guide us

yet so many here are judge, jury ,and if they could would happily be the executioner

what you see and what i see may in fact not be the real picture
the truth is often hidden


Comments (20)

feel free to guess what this is a picture of
rotten bananas
colder than an Eskimos bare buttocks johnny
rolling on the floor laughing landscaping? Or manscaping.
Either way,ggrroosss!
Wheki, might think.tongue
"As Ole... "Gentle Jim"............ Would Say"

"You Hit The Nail"

"Right On The Head!!"....................detective
It looks like the trunk of a tree fern, or palm.
Dead cobra conversing
Palm tree hairs on its trunk.
and this ?

I got this!!

Mutated sperm!!
Wind waves in the sand? conversing
Limestone formation.
... low tide at Rarawa
Maybe organic fertilize dunno roll eyes
A fossilised splash.
This proves I should NOT guess,,,,moping laugh
It's a rare thing to see the whole picture...not because we are deprived of the right to have a good, long look at it but because we see with our thoughts, we see what we think we want or have to see...
Well all I can do is guess, looks likes Banana peels being thrown in grassmoping

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