How I found Him through the occult............unusual? Yes for sure but true none the less

During the war my mother took me to fortune-tellers. She wanted to know if my father would come back from Germany. If you wanted to know about the future, you went to a fortune-teller. I had been told that these people had a gift from God. I did not know if there was a God, but others believed it so?

The fortune-teller she was also a friend, was as all fortune-tellers are, a blabbermouth. When something came to pass, she was the first to say that she had been the one to predict it. If something that she had predicted did not come to pass, she did not like to be reminded of that fact. Fortune-tellers will also tell their friends what they have predicted about others often they are your friends also.

Because you know who they are, it can become very uncomfortable.
I was shocked to find out that if a woman would ask Janet to read the tarot cards, and Janet knew that she would like to get rid of her husband, she would be told that the cards revealed that he would die of cancer, or be in a car accident.

This came to pass in one case that I know of, the man was cheating on his wife and was told that his wife would die of cancer, and when she really did, he felt so guilt ridden that he could not marry his lover.

And If you are still in doubt if these people have a gift from God, I tell you this story.
Janet told us that we should take out accident insurance, like the thing she had said about the people, was a done deal.

If you have never been involved with fortune-tellers, you must be shaking your heads in disbelief and I can't blame you, it is different once you are involved. You can't see straight, you are confused and guess why? Satan is behind these things. He wants to keep you under his control and will promise you anything he thinks you want.

He knows your secret desires very well and will work through them, to get you ensnared.The lord works through people, but so does Satan! Please don't be curious.

Stay away from anything that tells your future! It’s not from God. It’s satanic!I had now come to the point that I did not want to go to fortune-tellers anymore.

A friend came to see me he wanted me to take him to my friend the fortune-teller. He still did not have his dentist license, and he was anxious to find out from the tarot cards, if he soon would. I told him that I did not want to go anymore, that it made me now uncomfortable, but he insisted, so we went.

While we were watching her arranging the cards, I all of a sudden I remembered what she had said about his wife, that she would die in a car accident. Of course I had never told him this.

I asked to talk to her for a minute, and pleaded with her not to tell him anything bad. She answered that whatever she saw, she would tell.

In desperation I prayed to God that He would not let her say what she had told me, about his wife.
I will never ever, forget that day, as the cards were laid out, she kept saying; “ahum, ahum, hum.”It was fascinating, as I had never experienced this before from her.

She finally looked at my friend and told him that he had to be a very confused person that day, because she couldn’t read those cards. It was amazing!

It was then, that a little light went off in my head, what is this about praying?
first the Ouija board did not work when I prayed and now the tarot cards did not work because I had prayed.............
I now believed there was a God there had to be, but what did Jesus have to do with it all?
Remember I was not brought up with religion at all, I had to find it all out by myself.
I started asking questions driving some people bonkers. It took me several years but I did find my answers and today I am a believer.

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The experience creates the thought, the human being attributes its meaning to the experience, the knowledge experiences...

My experience in this case is highly unusual. but it is how it happened.
The importance is the end result...............
My friend dragged me to a fortune teller once. She wanted to go, but didn't want to go alone .
Anyway, instead of telling my fortune, she gave me the telephone number of her cousin. She said we were perfect for each other laugh

I wonder what would have happened if I had rung it
You will wonder about this for the rest of your life Molly. what if.....................wave
You should be a writer, britishcolumbian!
Your writting style is good
thumbs up
Thank you Rose, well I am a writer really, owner of one book.
It is really my autobiography, sounds so high highfalutin lol
It is on the web and totally free.
A lot of people have read it but only ONE has told me what she thought of it.
So my conclusion is that it must have been not very good reading ha ha wave
My Ouji board said the same thing. rolling on the floor laughing
You see Ken that confirms it all ..........I knew it...........wave ......................Jenny
Where are my manners.............Ken I am sorry not to welcome you as a brother rolling on the floor laughing

wave I loved your story.Others will enjoy it too.hug
HI Ash, glad you enjoyed this story, another one told the way it really happened...........
Are you sharing this one with your daughter too?
Yep, He does work in strange ways.............

wave ........................Jenny
Ash where are you?............................wave

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