4 white lies

Smokes Trying To Quit
spiritual but not religious
no children but love my grandchildren
drinks socially


trying to quit hooked through the bag

spiritual but not religious too scared to make a stand so covering both bases

no children but love my grandchildren i have no concept of how human biology works

drinks socially i drink where and when i want in any quantity i want and when im fully loaded im very sociable

uh oh

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Well I don't smoke, and seldom drink, and don't have grandkids. I am spiritual but certainly not religious. What's the difference? Spiritual you follow your own guiding light, Religion you follow others guiding light.
If you country still produce cigarette or tobacco, then what you try may be just a dream.
If you country only import, then it must increase the price till only the rich or million persons can buy.

People who use religion as a weapon must consider as evil.

Drinking without disturb other personal right, then who's care?

Keep searching and approach your wish!
I’m not religious at all and am not covering any bases either.

I know I’m going to hell for sure. Just hope the WiFi connection is strong and the a/c is on full blast help
i'm not trying to quit. had 2 head injuries, escaped breast lumps and childhood bullies, a few threats to my life by men. them cigarettes are my friends. even the doc said, both are the same, the antidepressants and smokes. the latter being the cheaper and in the US, without health insurance, much more affordable. if i stink? don't stand so close. i like my protective bubble anyways. self harm, sure. so is a bunch of other stuff, like working a job that sucks or being in a relationship that sucks. at least i finally know who i am.
Only 4?
There are many others filed under "decent behavior". smile
Surfer man. Here are a few,----works every time with women in bars, but only after 3 am and last drink closing times, with the hotties long scooped up and gone on to better places. -----The check's in the mail, I'm almost separated, I had a vasectomy.
Miss K. Have to remember that one about religion.
Love number 3 laugh
Spartacus2012: "I Write"(meet us in the poems)

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